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The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 46): Marcus Wai0

Aug 17,

If you're a member of Comic Art Fans, then you know the name "Marcus Wai". What you didn't know, though, is that Marcus has quietly put together a secret collection that will simply blow your mind. Learn more about your favorite CAF commenter and how he built his collection on the latest episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast!

And check out our YouTube channel for his Show and Tell video!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 45): Dinesh Shamdasani0

Jul 14,

Many years ago, I predicted Dinesh Shamdasani would make an impact in the comic art hobby. It took longer than I expected, but the impact has also been far greater. Hear his story now, how he became the "first appearance" guyand what really went down with the ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 cover. All that and more on the latest episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast! Thanks, Dinesh!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 44): The State of the Comic Art Market with Gene Park, Andy Robbins, and Lambert Sheng0

Jun 28,

I told you the schedule would be sporadiconly this time, you didn't have to wait months for a fix. The latest episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast is up! With popular show guests GENE PARK, ANDY ROBBINS, and LAMBERT SHENG! Our topic: The state of the comic art market!

We recorded the episode two weekends ago, right as the lastest Signature comic art auction from Heritage Auctions had concluded. The timing was right, because I've been wanting to talk to these guys for a while about the unprecedented rise in values over the past year or so. If you've been wondering, too, then this one's for you. Plus all the usual hobby insights from some of the sharpest collectors around. Thanks to my pals for joining me! And now enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 43): Andy Beall / Tradd Moore / Bill Cox0

Jun 14,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast returns for June with a special guest: Pixar animator and art collector, Andy Beall.

Andy is a veteran animator who got his start on the beloved classic, THE IRON GIANT. He was then recruited by the Charles Schulz estate to direct the PEANUTS special, HAPPINESS IS A WARM BLANKET, CHARLIE BROWN, as well as write and draw the original comic THE BEAGLE HAS LANDED, CHARLIE BROWN! But the bulk of his career has been at Pixar, where he was worked on countless favorites, starting with THE INCREDIBLES..

Besides being a guest on the show, though, Andy has done something special for fans and collectors: He has created a series of drawings featuring all of the iconic characters he’s been associated with. Including an absolutely gorgeous cover-quality piece for THE IRON GIANT. All of these will be available soon. But even more impressively, Andy has donated all of this art to benefit our charity, the Lu Family Fund. % of all proceeds from this sale will support cancer patients and their families via our fund. My gratitude to Andy for his incredible generosity. Please sign up for the newsletter on our site to get all the details. Again, we will be making the drop announcement soon.

Oh, and here’s a spoiler: Andy is one of the most prolific commenters on Comic Art Fans. If you don’t recognize his name, it’s because he posts under the pseudonym, “Kent Mansley”. If you have a CAF gallery, then you probably have a comment from Kent Mansley on one of your pieces. Whether he goes by Andy or Kent, I’m proud to call him a friend. Thank you, Andy!

BONUS: For those of you who missed my talk with TRADD MOORE at Comic Art LIVE! a few months ago, we've added it at the end so you can enjoy this VERY rare appearance by Tradd! And as an added bonus, we close out this episode with a chat I had with CAF's Bill Cox! Our longest episode to date, enjoy!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 42): S. Craig Zahler0

May 5,

The first episode of is here! Finally! Featuring filmmaker S. Craig Zahler, writer/director of BONE TOMAHAWK, BRAWL IN CELLBLOCK 99, and DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE. And now writer/artist of the graphic novel THE FORBIDDEN SURGERIES OF THE HIDEOUS DR. DIVINUS. And, as it happens, a dedicated original comic art collector! We cover it all. Thanks to Zahler for the chat!

Our website is Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive announcements and opportunities, including awesome giveaways! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to see and discover the best in modern comic art. Leave a rating/review for the show on iTuneswe'll read it on the next episode! Thanks and enjoy the show!


Dec 21,

Happy Holidays everyone from the Felix Comic Art Podcast. We’ve got a surprise for you: It’s the very first episode of our premium edition show, which we call SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART.


SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART is our fundraiser for The Lu Family Fund and has been available as exclusive content for donors. In partnership with, The Lu Family Fund provides direct financial assistance to cancer patients to help them receive specialized care. Our goal is to improve survivorship and help redefine standard of care treatment.


I’ll have more to share later, but for now, I want to express my gratitude to all our friends and listeners who have donated to our charity. In just a few short months, The Lu Family Fund has become far and away the largest single contributor to Paltown’s overall mission. Our first episode of SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART features our most popular guest ever, Albert Moy. If you enjoy our show, please consider making a tax-deductible donation on our page at Any amount is greatly appreciated. And if you’re interested in hearing the rest of this series, write me for more details. Thanks everyone. And now…the return of Albert Moy. Like you’ve never heard him before.

(Please note: This episode will only be up for a limited time, per our agreement with Albert.)

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 41): Cristian Casares0

Dec 1,

What happens when you build a world-class collection in record timeand then have to dismantle it just as quickly? Our guest for this episode is Cristian Casares, who besides having experienced a lifetime's worth of collecting in a few short years, is also the fan behind the epic DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 recreation project. And if you want to hear all about Tradd Moore's SILVER SURFER: BLACK, Cristian played a major role in how that art got sold, too. All that and moreit's almost two hours of solid original art talk!

Our website is Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive announcements and opportunities, including awesome giveaways! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to see and discover the best in modern comics art. Leave a rating/review for the show on iTuneswe'll read it on the next episode! Thanks and enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 40): The Craigslist Story0

Jul 15,

Surprise everyone, we’re back. I bet none of you were expecting another episode so soon.

Well, this one’s not a regular episode. This one’s more of a sneak preview. To introduce a special edition of the show that we’re calling SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART. 


SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART is the Felix Comic Art Podcast unleashed. I’ve recruited some of the biggest names in the hobby to assist with this project. If you’ve enjoyed the stories we’ve shared on the Felix Comic Art Podcast, then our SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART series will share the stories that we couldn’t discuss publicly before. Until now. A few samples of what you'll hear:


- Did a well-known collector once deprive himself of water for 24 hours prior to a notorious dealer coming to his home, because he was afraid he'd get ripped off if he had to go to the bathroom during the meeting?


- Did a publisher once try to extort Frank Frazetta for a painting, and if he didn't get it, he would publish some of Frank's secret pornographic art he'd gotten his hands on?


- What happens when the son of billionaire tries to buy $K worth of art from you at a show with a checkbut you don't know he's the son of a billionaire?


- How about the first (and last?) ever interview with the mysterious megacollector known as "The Vacuum"?


- And a whole lot more!


So why are so many willing to share these private collecting and hobby stories now? Because SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART is my fundraiser to benefit the cancer charity organization, PALTOWN. I want to thank my friends for helping me with this, and for opening up like never before to provide the best content possible. 


The SECRET STORIES OF COMIC ART series will only be available for those who have donated to PALTOWN. If you've already donated, you will be given access to everything. Every single episode. We already have five full-length episodes in the can, and are working on more! If you haven't donated, yet, it's not too late. We are offering multiple tiers, so you can have access to as many episodes, or as few, as you like. Please write me for more details. Our goal is to raise as much as we can for PALTOWN, so know that your tax deductible donations, at any tier, are greatly appreciated.


For now, this one’s available for all listeners…it's "The Craigslist Story".


Thanks everyone, talk soon.


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 39): My Family0

Jul 8,

Podcast fans, we've got good news and bad news. Good news isnew episode is up! Bad newsit's got nothing to do with comic art. But it's about something important to me.

This one's about my family. And what we've been through the last few years. It will, at the very least, answer any questions you may have had about why we went off our regular schedule.

But mostly, I hope it might help someone out there who finds themselves in a similar siuation. Or if anyone is dealing with cancer now, feel free to reach out to me. You are not alone!

The organization Paltown was extremely critical to me during our family journey. And it's so crucial for other patients and caregivers now. If you're a fan of the show and appreciate what we do, then please consider making a donation that will assist so many:

Please dedicate the donation to my wife ("In Memory of Dianna Lu") and notify me via e-mail ([email protected]).

We have a lot planned for the show, and it starts with this fundraiser for Paltown. Thanks everyone, talk soon.




The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 38): Jason Kim / SDCC Roundtable0

Jan 29,

It's been a while, but The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back! And to make up for our extended break, we're bringing you a double episode!

Part 1 features a chat with a new collector in the hobby, Jason Kim. For those who have asked for new blood, I offer you Jason! Part 2 features a roundtable from SDCC , put together by the intrepid Yams. He managed to rope in artist Daniel Warren Johnson, as well as fan favorite Andy Robbins, and soon-to-be fan favorite, Satya Chetri. Comic collecting stories galore in both parts, enjoy!

Our website is Sign up for the mailing list to stay on top of all announcements, new art, and exclusives! Follow us in Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 37): Heritage Auction Report with Ron Sonenthal0

Jul 9,

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Heritage Auctions? The Felix Comic Art Podcast reports on Heritage's Comics and Comic Art Signature Auction from May, which featured Frank Frazetta's record-shattering "Egyptian Queen". With a first-hand account is our long-time friend, and brand-new field reporter, Ron Sonenthal! Along with, of course, plenty of the hardcore comic art talk you love!

Our website is Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive announcements and opportunities, including awesome giveaways! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to see and discover the best in modern comics art. Leave a rating/review for the show on iTuneswe'll read it on the next episode! Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 36): Dr. Stephen Ferzoco0

May 7,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back to our monthly schedule for May !

And it's a big month for our hobby as Frank Frazetta's "Egyptian Queen" is up for auction at Heritage, and is expected to set new records for comic/fantasy art. So the time is right to welcome Frank Frazetta's former art rep, Dr. Stephen Ferzoco, to the show!

Steve and I talk about "Egyptian Queen" (including Steve's prediction for the hammer price), Frazetta's market, and his legacy. And more. A lot more. Frazetta fans, especially, enjoy!

Our website is Sign up for the mailing list to stay on top of all announcements, new art, and exclusives! Follow us in Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 35): Daniel Warren Johnson, Ryan Ottley, & Stephen Green Roundtable0

Apr 8,

It's the return of your favorite irregularly released show all about original comic art: The Felix Comic Art Podcast!

Join artists Daniel Warren Johnson, Ryan Ottley, and Stephen Green as they lead a roundtable discussion sharing their views on original art, including how they collect, what they look for when they buy, commissions, their grails, and just geeking out on their favorite fellow artists! Featuring cameo appearances from Paul Pope, Geoff Shaw, and James Harren!

Check out our website,, and be sure to sign up for the newsletter. Exclusives every month just for subscribers! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Leave a rating/review for the show on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy this all-artist roundtable!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 34): Chuck Costas0

Jan 21,


The first episode of for The Felix Comic Art Podcast has arrived!


Our guest this month is Chuck Costas. Chuck is a long-time collector who's known in the hobby as "the Mike Zeck guy". Listen and find out why! Listen as well to hear about Chuck's early start in collecting original art, his efforts throughout the years in bringing fans and collectors together (culminating in his new role as organizer of the L.A. Ultimate Comic Art and Collectibles show), and perhaps most impressively, reuniting all five of Zeck's iconic PUNISHER Limited Series covers in his collection!


And when you're done, check out his Show and Tell video on our YouTube channel:


Maybe not just the Mike Zeck guy after all!


Our website is Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 33): Gene Park0

Nov 27,

This episode of the Felix Comic Art Podcast was originally set to be an exclusive bonus to our loyal listeners who have left reviews for us on iTunes. I've decided that, in the spirit of the holidays, and as thanks to EVERYONE for a record year for Felix Comic Art, to make this episode available to all.

Special thanks to Gene Park for his long-awaited return appearance, hope you enjoy the chat!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 32): Todd Hignite0

Oct 23,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back!


Thanks to all who wrote in during our hiatus. We know you missed the show, and we missed doing it, too. Although we're only planning to resume a semi-regular schedule going forward, know that we'll get these out as often as we can. Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement.


My guest for our return show is Todd Hignite. Todd is Vice-President of Heritage Auctions, as well as an art rep for such important comics creators as Daniel Clowes, Jaime Hernandez, and Adrian Tomine. I've been looking forward to talking to Todd for a long time and he doesn't disappoint. We cover his career, the art market, Todd McFarlane-era collectors, as well as the many treasures that have been offered by Heritage, including the latest, Bernie Krigstein's classic EC story, "Master Race". We pack a lot into this hour, hope you enjoy!


Our website is Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. We'll have a bonus episode out very soon just for iTunes reviewers with the inimitable Gene Park. We're glad to be back, thanks for listening!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 31): Skottie Young & Paul Pope0

Jun 19,

The hiatus was short-lived! The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back!

Or, at least, a new version of it. I'll no longer be hosting every episode. But friends have offered to keep the show alive in my absence, by providing content for future episodes. I'm so very grateful for their helpthanks guys.

This episode features the intrepid Yams moderating a chat between two of our superstar talents, Skottie Young and Paul Pope. Hear what artists look for in art they collect, who they count amongst their influences, their grail pieces, and more! Original art appreciation and collecting from the perspective of artistslisten and learn!

Our website is Sign up for the mailing list to get the scoop on the best in modern comic art. Leave a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 30): C2E2 Roundtable1

May 16,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back! With a brand-new edition of our C2E2 roundtable!

Joining us again are returning Chicagoans, Ron Sonenthal and Chris Killackey. Chris Caira was unable to join us, and we wish him the best. In his place is newcomer Corey Harrison.

Last year's roundtable was one of our most downloaded episodes ever. We tackle another wide range of topics in the original comic art hobby this time around, too, so hope you get a kick out of this one, too!

And with this episode, I am announcing that the show will go on hiatus for now. We still have some great chats lined up, and we plan on getting to them down the line, but real life comes first. Felix Comic Art will continue to bring you the best in modern comic art, though, so please do continue to visit us there. Thanks to all who have followed the show these past three years. We'll be back! Until then, happy collecting everyone!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 29): Mark Landis and Comic Art Forgeries0

Apr 12,

Welcome to The Felix Comic Art Podcast, where we always keep it real! Even when we discuss fake artwhich brings us to

Those who follow us on social media saw that I recently had a homework assignment for podcast listeners: To watch the documentary ART AND CRAFT (now streaming on Amazon Prime). It's about the most notorious art forger of the last 30 years, Mark Landis.

The documentary shows Mark duping museums and institutions all over the US with his forged fine art. What the documentary doesn't address is how Mark got his start over 30 years ago: By forging original comic art.

In this episode, we get to talk to Mark directly about his comic art forgeries, and what resulted in the biggest fake art scandal in the history of the original comic art hobby.

Part two features former CFA-APA editor Benno Rothschild to share the other side of the story: The collectors who were duped in the scam. Benno also provides the inside scoop of what went down, as well as shares his thoughts on how we can avoid something similar again.

We close the show with a quick segment on my buddy Yams, who puts these shows together, and has become quite popular in his own right amongst our artists and guests. You'll hear more from Yams down the line.

Our website is Sign up for the mailing list to stay on top of all announcements, new art, and exclusives! Follow us in Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 28): Rob Salkowitz / Andy Robbins0

Mar 14,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast is back for March , straight from Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle!

My guest this episode is Rob Salkowitz. Rob is a columnist for Forbes Magazine, as well as the author of COMIC CON AND THE BUSINESS OF POP CULTURE. Rob is a longtime observer and commentator on the business of comics, and he’s also a comic art collector. We discuss the evolution of comics, as an art form and as a business, and how that impacts the original art market. Joining us is my permanent co-host whenever I’m in Seattle, Andy Robbins. Thanks to Rob and Andy for sitting down with me at the show!


In part 2, I catch up with Andy to see what he’s been up to.


This month is the fourth anniversary of Felix Comic Art. To celebrate, we have updated and upgraded our website. Go check out our new look at! I'm very excited about our new chat feature. We will hold regularly scheduled chats where you can ask anything on the topic of original art. We'll also be joined on occasion by collectors you've heard on the show, as well as our artists. It'll be a great way to learn more about the hobby, stay connected with fellow collectors, and get to know our talented crew of artists! if you're not able to participate, no worries, we will archive chat transcripts which you can read at your leisure.


Our website again is Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!



The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 27): Bob Chapman / Tribute to Seth Fisher0

Feb 12,

The February episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast is here!

It's a two-parter this month, with part one featuring Graphitti Designs founder/owner Bob Chapman! We cover the history of Graphitti, but focus mostly on original art (of course!) with special attention paid to their Gallery Edition line of books (similar to IDW's Artist's Editions). Hear the inside scoop on how these amazing volumes happen! Also, what about a Gallery Edition for David Mazzucchelli's BATMAN: YEAR ONE? Or the most influential manga of all time? Bob reveals all! Thanks Bob!

Thanks to Bob as well for his contribution to our Original Art Show & Tell series on YouTube!:

Part two is a tribute to the late, great Seth Fisher. Seth was a standout talent, on his way to becoming a superstar comics artist, when he left us far too soon. Joining me for this tribute are his brother Asa Wentzel-Fisher, artist Nick Pitarra, and artist (and Seth's best friend) Langdon Foss. Thanks to all three gents for sharing their insights about Seth and his art.

Which leads me to this announcement: Felix Comic Art is honored to assist the family of Seth Fisher in the sale of his original art. Seth's originals have never been easily accessible before; now his family has decided they are ready to share it with his fans. Most importantly, ALL proceeds from the sale of this art will be for the benefit of Seth's wife and son. Please sign up for the mailing list at www.felixcomicart to find out when this special art becomes available.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!

The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 26): Kyle K. / Double Page Spread Ep.

Jan 8,

Happy ! And welcome to the 26th edition of The Felix Comic Art Podcast!

This episode we review Batman art. Specifically modern Batman art. And most specifically, the Greg Capullo BATMAN #1 cover which sold for an astonishing $50K over the summer! Who better to discuss all this than premier modern Batman art collector, Kyle K.! Who also happens to be the buyer of that Greg Capullo cover.

We examine Batman art, old and new, as well as the state of the market and collecting in general. Kyle is one of the young collectors of comic art. If you want an idea of what the future of the hobby may look like, hear what Kyle has to say!

Part two of this edition is an episode of the Double Page Spread Podcast. I was invited on that show by host Wendi Freeman. We talk about art repping, Artist's Editions, emerging young artists, and more! Thanks to Wendi for having me on her showcheck out her other episodes!

Sign up for our mailing list at Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating/review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 25): Rose City Comic Con Roundtable2

Dec 7,

Happy Holidays from Felix Comic Art! Which means it’s time for our December episode!


It’s a two-parter this month, with Part 1 being a roundtable from Rose City Comic Con Joining me is recurring guest Andy Robbins, along with returning guests, artists Nick Pitarra and Daniel Warren Johnson. We recap topics from previous episodes, as well as discuss current events in the hobby. And we also reveal the story behind the stolen David Mazzucchelli BORN AGAIN art from the David Mandel episode last year. You don’t want to miss this! This one is, as Nick Pitarra calls it, a spicy episode.


Part 2, then, features a visit with David Mandel, and his reaction to the resolution of his BORN AGAIN art saga. We also talk about a variety of other topics, including his thoughts on the explosive George Perez market, sketchbook commissions, and more. Please note, Part 2 is an exclusive for our VIP listeners who have been kind enough to leave a review for us on iTunes. If you’ve done so already, check your e-mail for the invite link. Everyone else, leave a review so you don’t miss out on future exclusive content!


Sign up for our mailing list at Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating/review on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 24): Dan Pottick / Audience Q&A with Matt Todd0

Nov 6,


Your NYCC experience continues with the November episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast!

It's a two-parter this month, leading off with returning guest, Dan Pottick. You'll remember Dan from last year's NYCC roundtable, and by popular demand, he's back for his encore. Our second segment sees the return of our audience call-in feature, this time with collector Matt Todd. Matt has a lot of questions and comments about the show and the hobby. New collectors, especially, will want to tune in.

Our latest video has also just been added to our YouTube channel, featuring Daniel Warren Johnson! Check it out!

Sign up for our mailing list at Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Support the show by leaving a rating/review on iTunes. We reward those who do both. Thanks and enjoy the show!


The Felix Comic Art Podcast (Episode 23): Cliff Chiang0

Oct 16,

The Felix Comic Art Podcast returns from NYCC with a brand new show for October ! Better late than never!

We recorded multiple shows in New York and we're excited to lead off with multi-Eisner Award winning artist, Cliff Chiang! Want to hear Cliff share his thoughts about his career, his art, his adventures with fellow comics superstars like Brian K. Vaughan? Well, too bad! You'll find none of that here! We only care about original comic art, and that's all Cliff wanted to talk about anyway! It was a lot of fun chatting with Cliff (one of the smartest guys in comics!) and I hope you enjoy it, too.

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10 top comic art resources

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to dabble in comic art. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked five top resources to help you really get to grips with it.


OFF LIFE is the UK's only street press comic magazine. Each issue collates comic stories from today’s best indie talent, compiling them in a bi-monthly magazine and then leaving them around bars, coffee houses, shops and galleries for you to pick-up - free of charge. They also host #QuickDraw on Twitter, where any budding comic artist or illustrator can get involved!

Bleeding Cool

BleedingCool is the new blogsite written by Rich Johnston, Brendon Connelly and friends for Avatar Press. As well as news, rumours and gossip, there will be reviews, previews, features, interviews, videos, columns and a place for comic book readers and artists to call their own. This is a real community-led website.

Comics Alliance

ComicsAlliance is where comic books and pop culture collide, superheroes battle through movies and video games, and graphic novels steal the headlines. You'll also be able to receive news on Marvel, DC, movies, downloads and digital comic art. A great source of new and exclusive inspiration.

Imagine FX

Our sister site, ImagineFX had a little make-over a few months ago and boy, don't they look great? You might not think this is a particularly comic-art focused site but you may be pleasantly surprised. Just type in 'comic' in the search bar and get all of your comic art inspiration all in one place.

Comic Book Artwork

We're big fans of Tumblr here at Creative Bloq. The array of blogs found on the site can often offer some of the most surprising and inspirational creative content from across the internet. Comic Book Artwork collects some of the best images and illustrations from across all comics to bring you one of the best comic art resources.

Comic art fans

If it's inspiring comic art you're after then, with over , pieces of orginal comic art in its gallery, Comic Art Fans is a fantastic place to start! It's not surprising that the each page of this site is very busy, considering the amount of work they have to fit in. But the gallery section is nicely organised in alphabetic order so you can easily search for different artists. Or, if you'd prefer, click at random and see which inspiring images pop up!

Creative Comic Art

For those of you who are looking to get started in the world of comic art, then you should definitely check out Creative Comic Art. This helpful website is full of tips, tricks and training for beginners to the medium. Features include a brilliant step-by-step section on various different disciplines, including comic lettering and pencil sketches. And as it doesn't have a dedicated gallery section, the site also points you in the direction of other comic art resources that do.

Comic Art Community contains thousands of original works from professional comic artists. So, if you're looking for sketches to inspire you, look no further. The site is organised by artist, in alphabetical order, so if you have a few favourites, you easily find them here. There is also an informative news section.

Deviant Art

As always, online creative community site Deviant Art is a brilliant resource for any kind of artwork, including comic art. If you just want look at page upon page of beautifully crafted images, then this is the site to visit. You can also give your opinion on the artwork here, as well as read others' tips and feedback.

Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources is dedicated to the coverage of comic book related news and discussions. While it's not actually aimed at directly at artists and designers, the site is literally full of gorgeous comic-inspired images to inspire you. If you want to know what is going on in the comic book world, this is the site to visit.

You'll find more training resources here:

Comic Art LIVE: Episode #53 with CAF Collector Michael Finn

Welcome to Anthony's Comic Book Art

Hello fellow collectors and welcome to Anthony's Comic Book Art! Here you will find one of the largest selections of comic book art on the Web. Just follow the links to your favorite artist or use the search option to search for your favorite hero or character & view what we currently have available. There's something here for everyone so look around & let me know if you have any questions. All art pictured are one of kind originals done for published comics unless otherwise stated.

I pride myself on repeat business so be confident that you will be pleased with your purchase and delivery. I have been selling art professionally for over 13 years so buy with confidence.I am always buying and trading so let me know what you have to work with !

I am always BUYING and TRADING ART from all eras, 40's to present.

Cant be at the latest convention? Follow along w/ us in the "Show Schedule" Section!



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