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Art Horses and Donkey Benches

Art horses, also frequently called donkey benches, are crafted specifically with the artist’s comfort in mind. Art horses pull double duty: not only are they used to hold easels, but also provide bench seating while the artist is working on a variety of projects.

The simple design of the art horses makes them extremely portable. Artists can transport the benches seamlessly between studios and classrooms. Despite their portability, art horses are not made from flimsy materials. Most often, art horses are erected using solid wood and laminate blends for optimal durability.

The low-profile designs are ideal for being able to see clearly any subject or instructional DVD the artist may be currently working on. The versatility of the art horse makes them a must for any studio.

Madison Art Shop carries a large selection of space-saving art horses and donkey benches to help organize classrooms and studios at affordable prices.


Richeson Caballitto Donkey Bench Easel

Richeson Caballitto Donkey Bench Easel

Richeson Caballitto Donkey Bench Easel

The traditional art school bench used by students for years and years, designed for comfort and easy storage to fit in any classroom. Art students can use the classic bench for long drawing studies with large drawing boards to quick sketch explorations with smaller art materials and sketch books. The Academy Caballitto bench combines simplicity and functionality providing a great durable workspace at a very low price. Made of solid oak and strong oak plywood. Base dimensions of 29" x 13.5" with a bench height of 17.25". Ships partially assembled with assembly instructions included.

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The Cornwall Art Bench

Drawing benches, also called donkeys or art horses, are designed to hold your art board/drawing pad at an angle, while you sit astride the bench. By having your board at an angle, it provides a more comfortable way to draw – you don’t need to be standing upright at an easel, nor hunched over a desk. It also facilitates viewing a setup, reference material, or a model. Donkeys can be hard to find for purchase although they are common in art studios. After some trouble locating them, we decided to make them. The Cornwall Art Bench is the result of a lot of thinking, tweaking, and perfecting – and is available for purchase.


– Rounded edges on the seat of the bench, to make sitting more comfortable

– Longer than most donkeys, to allow for taller people and more movement on the bench

– Very sturdy – Assembles in 5 minutes, no tools necessary

– Ships anywhere in the world

– Laminated birch for easy cleaning

– Made in Canada

Note: drawing board and pad not included.


Easel bench /Art Horse making part 2 from 2

Richeson CABALLITTO Art Donkey Bench

Product Description:
This Richeson CABALLITTO art donkey bench is a great choice for the classroom or studio. Constructed from solid oak and oak plywood, this bench is very sturdy and durable and built to withstand repeated use. This is based on the traditional donkey bench design that has been in use for several years. These benches are designed to be comfortable to work on and they can also be easily stored. These benches do not fold.

  • Base: 29” x 13 1/2”
  • Shipping weight: 18 lbs.
  • Seat height: 17 1/4”
  • Box dimensions: 49” x 12” x 4”
  • Assembly required
  • Ships by UPS

    Oversize shipping: $25.70
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