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語群 (noun) sufficiency (adjective) sufficient ≠ insufficient (verb) suffice (adverb) sufficiently ≠ insufficiently

ロングマン現代英英辞典よりsufficientsuf‧fi‧cient /səˈfɪʃənt/ ●●○W2AWL adjective formalENOUGHas much as is needed for a particular purpose類義語 enoughOPP insufficientWe can only prosecute if there is sufficient evidence.Unauthorized absence is sufficient reason for dismissal.We need sufficient time to deal with the problem.sufficient to do somethingThe money is not sufficient to cover everything that needs doing.sufficient forThe recipe is sufficient for six people.► 詳細は シソーラスの 参照 enough —sufficiently adverbStudents must reach a sufficiently high standard to pass.コーパスの例sufficient• However, with endowments and Isas, there is always the risk that investment returns will not be sufficient.• This is not true of all goods, but that it is true of a substantial part is sufficient.• It was decided that there was sufficientevidence to convict Marconi.• The money should be sufficient for one month's travel.• In fact, sufficientnuclei are always present in the atmosphere.• Macleod was attacked by both liberals and conservatives in the Legco for failing to provide sufficienttaxconcessions to middleincomeearners.• Give yourself sufficient time to get really stuck into your subject-matter.• Given sufficient time with other things remaining unchanged, prices and wages would eventually be adjusted and full employment may be restored.sufficient to do something• He added that rental income was sufficient to cover interest payments.• That would have been sufficient todepriveJohnMajor of a majority and bring down his government.• I do not read these passages as stating that an unlawfuldemand which is enforceable is perse sufficient to found recovery.• Or will it be sufficient to include backgroundmaterial as appropriate?• It was sufficient tooutweigh Mr Field's 165 to 113 second-round victory in the individual members' section.• Three orientations by size of the collectivity may be sufficient toovercome this limitation.• Weight on the nose or in the cockpit will be sufficient toprevent the gliderlifting.• Three open sprinklers were found to be sufficient to stop even the most rapidly developing fire.語源sufficient(1300-1400)Latin present participle of sufficere; → SUFFICE

英語での sufficient の意味

An original paper should not include an extensive review of the literature, but only sufficient references to indicate the purpose and relevance of the investigation.

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Because my research started out by locating sufficient conditions for stability in heterogeneous capital goods models, and that problem still fascinates me to this day.

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My argument is that if this is to happen, the total number of practitioners needs to be sufficient.

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They are assumed to save during working periods to ensure they have sufficient income when not working.

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If phase transition occurs during sample loading, a high postshock temperature will have a sufficient influence upon a new phase.

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Thus, an assumption is manifest ' if the environment provides sufficient evidence for its adoption ' (p. 324).

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Consequently, possessing an abundance of records is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the selfrecognition of a ' collector'.

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One of the major stumbling blocks may be the availability of sufficient capital to fund the company's start up operations.

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Translation of "is a sufficient" in Chinese

His present indigence is a sufficient punishment for former folly.


This does not suggest that such a continuation of efforts is a sufficient response.


Add complexity only when there is a sufficient performance justification for it based on testing.


Ensure that there is a sufficient number of trained teachers in rural and conflict-affected areas;


Typically, notation on a title certificate is a sufficient method for obtaining third-party effectiveness of a security right in a tangible asset subject to the system.


There is a sufficient stock of pharmaceutical-grade CFCs for the manufacturing of MDIs in 2009 and 2010.


We are of the belief that the Shannon mandate is a sufficient basis for raising this issue in the context of negotiations.


The Office analyses the report and supporting evidence and determines whether there is a sufficient basis for charging the staff member with misconduct.


Until such time as there is a sufficient number of qualified national staff available, the programme will require outside expertise.


The mounting module can now be simply checked, for example as to whether there is a sufficient electrical connection between the contact areas 62 and the connecting strands 54 or the ultrasonic transducer 52.


whether there is a sufficient customer interest for your product, service, or brand.


In his opinion, there is a sufficient constitutional and legal framework in most European countries to challenge the legality of racial profiling against people of African descent.


This is a sufficient basis to include the distinction between completed and continuing wrongful acts as an element of Chapter III.


however, this shall apply only where the articles of incorporation at the time of subscription expressly provide that there is a sufficient number of shares to be made available for subscription.


Ensure that there is a sufficient number of available extents to expand to the capacity that you request, and resubmit the task.


It finds that there is a sufficient number of serious applications of the results to justify such a convulsion.


At the regional level, the members of MERCOSUR and Bolivia, Chile and Peru consider that the Convention is a sufficient tool to fight the proliferation of chemical weapons.


This, in my view, is a sufficient examination of the facts by the reviewing court to satisfy the requirements of article 14, paragraph 5.


The Council can impose sanctions under Article 41 only if it has established, under Article 39, that there is a sufficient danger to international peace and security to justify them.



Translation of "is not a sufficient" in Chinese






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Furthermore, the mere statement of the general principle of non-discrimination in a constitution is not a sufficient response to the requirements of human rights law.


Realizing that the transfer of funds is not a sufficient representation of implementation timeliness, the CERF secretariat has worked closely with agencies to understand their internal sub-granting processes to better capture how they link with programme implementation.


Financial compensation is not a sufficient remedy.


The number of statements, however, is not a sufficient indicator of quality.


Consistency within national statistical systems is not a sufficient condition.


This suggests that bacterial chemosynthesis is not a sufficient source of nutrition for these creatures.


The imposition of global non-proliferation is not a sufficient answer to avoiding a nuclear nightmare.


In addition, growth in labour productivity is not a sufficient condition for poverty eradication.


While market access is necessary it is not a sufficient condition for women entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.


In the view of the Commission, however, this is not a sufficient reason not to consider such reactions as true objections.

(8) 委员会认为,这理由不足以将此种反应视为真正的反对。

The Palava Hut mechanism is not a sufficient basis for dealing with the competing historical narratives either.


Fragmentation alone is not a sufficient reason to reorganize or rebuild an index.


We believe that while a bilateral dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir is essential it is not a sufficient condition to resolve the dispute.


It has been held in a number of seminal cases that the mere fact that a criminal suspect will otherwise get away is not a sufficient justification to shoot.


It is not a sufficient contraindication to operation that the adenoids tend to atrophy at puberty.


In the Special Representative's view it is not a sufficient response to the latter to say that there are no legal prohibitions involved.


Being a woman is not a sufficient condition for being a princess.


A presidential election alone is not a sufficient criterion, however, to measure the degree of success of democracy in a country.


Participation in the social security scheme for waged workers is not a sufficient condition for entitlement to unemployment benefits.


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An introduction to the concept of a sufficient statistic


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