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I recently discovered that I had a big stockpile of links to various softie patterns. Apparently they attract my attention…A LOT.

I often include stuffed critters in my Friday Favorites, and sometimes in my newsletter, but this particular collection was getting a bit out of control. That means it’s time to share! Here are a bunch of my favorite softie patterns out there:

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I’m glad some of these patterns come in sets, because there’s no way I could pick a favorite from these cute buddies by Gingermelon.

Pocket Pets from Gingermelon

I’m pretty sure I had a doll that flipped over into another (or maybe one of my sisters did) like this one from Shiny Happy World.

Topsy Turvy Doll from Shiny Happy World

I love everything about these mermaids from Petra’s Wonderland, right down to the shape at the end of their tails.

Mermaid Dolls from Petra's Wonderland

One of my son’s favorite toys when he was small was a sword. This pattern from You Made my Day might come in handy for the next generation.

Soft Sword from You Made my Day

If you have a sword, a shield only makes sense, like this one from Simply Notable.

Pillow Shield from Simply Notable
Unicorn from Precious Patterns

You probably don’t have to guess why Imagine Gnats called this one her peanut baby.

Peanut Baby from Imagine Gnats

I’ve been a fan of Little Dear for a while now (remember the crib mobile?), and this set feels perfect for the sunny weather.

Tropical Felt Animals from Little Dear

I’m starting to think there’s nothing Craft Passion can’t make from a sock, and they’re all just as cute as these pugs.

Sock Pug from Craft Passion
Jack and Jill Dolls from Dear Sweet Darlings

This bear’s only job is to sit in your window and wave at the neighborhood. You’ll find the instructions right here on Crafty Staci.

Neighborhood Bear from Crafty Staci

This pattern from Gathered is probably the softest robot ever.

Robot Softies from Gathered.png

One of the great things about handmade softies is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. This sweet elephant from Retro Mama is perfect just the way she is.

Stuffed Elephant from Retro Mama

I’ll bet you didn’t know you wanted to make a stuffed otter, like this one from Fluffmonger, until right this minute.

Squeakers the Otter from Fluffmonger

These little ones from Nata Patterns are the cutest scrap buster project!

Rag Dolls from Nata Patterns
Shoulder Parrot from Little Button Diaries

I can imagine this cute dog from Hobbycraft in SO many different fabrics.

Patchwork Dog from Hobby Craft

I’d love to see this cow from Annie’s Craft Store in some other color combinations - maybe a whole herd!

Cow from Annie's Craft Store

My little granddaughter would love playing with this ball from eSheep Patterns. So many places to grab!

Puzzle Ball from eSheep Designs

I had to include this pattern from Ricrac Sews because A, they’re adorable, and B, how often do you see a pattern to make starfish?

Sea Stars from RicRac Sews

This ice cream cone from Sew Kate Sew won’t melt in the summer sun.

Ice Cream Cone from See Kate Sew

Check out the delicate legs on these deer from Teacup Lion.

Deer from Teacup Lion

This frog from Sew a Softie makes me want to just sit with him a while.

Frog Softie from Sew a Softie

I kinda love how Choly Knight went with chunky arms instead of gigantic feet here.

Bigfoot and Yeti from Choly Knight

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Free patterns for making softies! What could be better?355 Pins 2y
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How to hand sew a chain stitch and a whipped chain stitch.


Hi, I’m Trixi Symonds.

I’ve been teaching sewing to children for close on thirty years and I’m the founder of Sew a Softie, a global initiative to inspire adults around the world to sew with the kids in their lives.

I’m also a softie designer and the author of The Zenki Way: A Guide to Designing & Enjoying Your Own Creative Softies, Sew Together Grow Together, and I  co-authored Sewing Simple Softies with Deborah Fisher.

Trixi Symonds in Japan

My books

Sewing Simple Softies with 17 Amazing Designers, brings together seventeen Sew a Softie participants who show you how to create a variety of wonderful softies ranging from tacos to ballerinas.

 The Zenki Way: A Guide to Designing and Enjoying your own Creative Softies  is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make a whole new kind of softie, which I call a zenki. You are  carefully guided from the very simplest zenkis to more evolved ones and given all you need to know to bring your own zenki-style softies to life. Sewing zenki-style softies is simplicity itself. They are ideal for teachers, librarians, people running workshops and parents to make with their kids and of course, for young kids themselves.

Sew Together Grow Together offers 20 hand-sewing projects that bring parents and children together through sewing.

I’ve been featured in

My projects have been featured in Simply Sewing Magazine, Country Living, Homespun, Handmade, Casa Creativa, Patchwork and Quilting, Love Sewing, Embellish, Little U from Uppercase, and Australian newspapers including The Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph. Sew a Softie has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Parade and Uppercase magazine. I was asked to design a simple-to-sew Ugly Doll by the promoters of the UK release of the Ugly Dolls movie and I designed a piranha softie for Aaron Blabey’s book Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas.

I’ve held workshops in

I’ve held workshops in Kyoto, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, and in venues all over my home city of Sydney, including the Art Gallery of NSW, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Design Centre and the Australia Museum.

monster softiesThe never-ending Sew a Softie story

Back in 2015 I had this idea: I wanted to spread a love of sewing and to teach children all around the world how to sew. The first step I took, towards what seemed an impossible goal, was to create Sew a Softie.

Sew a Softie began life as a single day in July on which people from all over the world could post a softie tutorial and share their sewing skills with others. The initial response was overwhelming. My one-day event quickly filled up the whole month…and a bit more. I soon changed the name to Sew a Softie in July. And it wasn’t long before Kid Ambassadors were getting in on the act and posting the softies they had made with their friends, often in Sew a Softie parties that they organised.

How to join Sew a Softie in July

Sew your softie and tag me on instagram and hashtag #sewasoftie. You can follow the daily softie tutorials on instagram or in the Sew a Softie facebook group. And if your kids would like to be a Sew a Softie kid ambassador register here.

Important note: it’s not a problem if you can’t sew

The Sew a Softie in July tutorials are made for newbies. Really simple, with step by step photos and/or a video to show you what to do. Also, you can have a look at my videos on how to sew basic stitches.

Sew a Softie Global Kids Sewing Party

The next step came in 2019. The Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York City was running a civic values programme. I proposed partnering with them and created the Global Kids’ Sewing Party to raise children’s awareness of community by getting them to sew a softie and gift it to someone or some group in their community. The museum loved the idea and once again the response was overwhelming. Over 140 groups, including schools, scout groups, museums, libraries and sewing groups took part in over 25 countries. And I was constantly being asked by groups who had been unable to participate if they could join in for the following year.

And that’s how the Global Kids’ Sewing Party, which now takes place every March, became an annual event. Sew a Softie events seem to have a life of their own. They never cease to surprise me.

Registration for the GKSP 2022 will open in January 2022.

Sewing emoji softies at a Sew a Softie workshopThe Sew a Softie facebook group

The Sew a Softie facebook group is a flourishing supportive community where you can ask questions, help others and share experiences.

Looking back, I really do think that Sew a Softie is a case of dreaming the impossible dream. I am very humbled by the enthusiasm and creativity that all these people and children show. And I know that I have received as much from Sew a Softie as anyone else.


Softies sewing

Free Softie Patterns that are Simple to Sew

Are you looking for some free softie patterns? Do you want to learn how to sew a softie, a plushie or a stuffie? Are you looking to make a softie toy that doesn’t require cutting out lots of fiddly pattern pieces or have instructions that have to be read over and over again?

Well, Sew a Softie is coming again this July 1st – 31st. It’s a not to be missed month of amazing creative and loveable simple-to-sew free softie tutorials from bloggers around the world…and we also have more than 30 kid ambassadors who are helping spread the word that softies are ‘in’ and here to have their say. And they’ll all be teaching a friend how to sew a softie.

Meet some of our kid ambassadors. They come from Australia, the US, Canada, England, Spain, Denmark and South Africa.

If you’ve ever thought that sewing is not for little kids or that it’s too dangerous for little kids to use sharp needles, well then, I’m here to prove you wrong. I’ve been teaching hand sewing for more than 20 years and I know that little kids love to sew and that they’re good at it! And those small needles? Yes they’re perfect for little hands too!

If you want to have a sneak peak and see who’s joining in this year’s Sew a Softie tutorial hop, then pop on over to the Sew a Softie facebook page or if you’d like to get a head start on sewing some softies then have a look at this list of free softie tutorials.

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