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Looking for wire display stands? We have you covered.

Our metal display stands are commonly used in milk bars, convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail shops. They are perfect if you have exhausted all of your wall space but still need more room for your stock on your shop floor.

Wire displays stands are perfect for last minute impulse buys and add on sales. Even better, they have a relatively cheap price point, meaning you get great return on investment for your purchases.

Where can wire display stands be used?

  • Convenience Stores: from $2 shops to larger convenience stores, these wire retail fixtures suit any space that needs to sort and display stock for sale.
  • Petrol Stations: our wire displays work well in petrol stations to maximise small spaces and draw attention to products that are on sale.
  • Markets: market stall holders love our metal stands for displaying products in an easy to browse, attractive way. We have plenty of other display stands and shelving for market stalls too.
  • Supermarkets: our bread stand is a favourite in  both small and large supermarkets and grocery stores. It’s also perfect for add on sales at the counter, or to display promotional goods on aisle ends.
  • Newsagents: newsagencys use a combination of dump bins, bread and basket stands to merchandise and display retail stock with ease.

Which wire display stand is right for me?

Choosing a display stand can be tricky, so below we offer a guide to assist.wire display stand merchandising bread and biscuits in a retail shop

Dump binsare a cheap and convenient merchandising solution. They are commonly used for sale or promotional items. Or, those items that are tricky to merchandise. You can easily move them around your shop.

Our dump bins are made from a thick gauge steel so can hold a large volume of stock. The base is adjustable so you can move it lower or higher depending on your stock levels. Head to the product page for a full video to see our dump bins in action.

Don’t let the name of our bread standfool you! Although it is most commonly used for bread, we find this display stand used for everything from shoes to floor mats. The angled wire shelves are ideal for awkwardly shaped products.

Even better, it’s on wheels so can be easily manoeuvred around your store.

With 5 levels and an angled lip at the front to hold products securely, our bread stand is a must for anyone shopping for a wire display.

Our four-tier basket standis a cheaper alternative to the bread stand above. It can be used outside to entice customers inside, or on your shop floor.

It is perfect for smaller items and has metal castors so it easy to move around. Promotional signage can be placed on the top. It is available in black and white.

Head to the product page to see our metal basket stand in action.

Stacker baskets are a heavy duty option if you have larger, heavy items to merchandise. They come on wheels and can hold large amounts of stock.

Our grid mesh stands are super versatile and can be used in just about any retail application. They have a number of accessories to compliment it such as a wire basket, shelves, hooks and arms. One of our stands comes on wheels to make it easy to move around your store even when it is stocked.

The spinners are ideal for counter top merchandising, or displaying items that look best when hung. They are cheap and easy to put together.

Our wire shelving units are zinc coated, which offers protection against rust and corrosion. With height adjustable shelves, the option to add wheels and simple assembly, it’s an ideal cheap shelving system for basic needs. It can also be used as coolroom shelving.

How much do wire display stands cost?

Our display stands are very cost effective, starting at only $44 for the counter spinner. They increase in price from there, depending on the size and quality of the stand.

As a rough guide:

Dump bins start from $48 per unit.

Wire baskets stands start from $100 per unit

Bread stands start from $240.

Grid mesh stands start from $82, with individual panels starting from $44.

Wire shelving starting from $121. The final price will depend on the length, width, height and shelf levels you require.

Counter spinners starting from $44 per unit.

Please note the above prices do not include shipping costs – but don’t worry, we work with some fantastic freight providers and always get the best shipping deals for our customers.

Wire Display Stand Benefits

Cost Effective: if you are looking for a cheap, reliable product, wire stands are a great choice. They are built to last, and some are heavy duty. Speak to us about your individual needs if you need to know whether our wire stands will hold your product. Not all are made for heavy product and we can assist with advising what will work best for you.

Versatile: with some on wheels, adjustable levels, different colours and various weight loading per product, you are sure to find a wire product that suits your retail needs.

Easy Assembly: wire displays are some of our easiest products to put together. The majority can be put together by 1 person. Many of our products have easy instructional videos, or we’re always available on the phone to help (during business hours!).

Prefer to leave it to the experts? In some cases, we can assemble for a fee. Please speak to us if this is you.

Increased sales: one of the primary purposes of wire displays is to set them up in spaces that will increase add on sales and impulse buys. We recommend setting them up near the front door, close to the counter, on the counter or near your end bays to encourage purchases and return on investment.

Attractive: they may be cheap, but they still look super professional and stylish.

Still need more information? Feel free to contact us during business hours, we are always more than happy to help. If you can’t see what you need, we have plenty of custom display stands available too.

Call us on (03) 9793 3433, or come into our Dandenong showroom and see our range of wire display stands today.

Sours: https://shelves.com.au/wire-displays/

Choose our heavy duty wire shelving for clean looks, great strength, and trouble free storage and display.  The open shelf design minimises moisture and dust and the easy assembly means you can change things around as your storage needs evolve.  Wire shelving will provide years of robust and reliable service.

Perfect storage - Zinc + clear powder coated wire shelving.  

See the huge benefits of using our Zinc plated Wire Shelving over conventional chrome wire shelving or the very expensive Stainless Steel Shelving units:

Reduce costs – up to 60% less expensive than stainless steel.

Long life – lasts longer than chrome coating.

Fully adjustable - shelf heights every 25mm.

Strong & robust - Heavy Duty, up to 240kg shelf load capacity*.

Wire 'Air Deck' construction ensures free air-flow, reducing moisture and dust accumulation.

Quick and easy to assemble - bolt-free, no specialist tools required.

Innovative design - Reduce costs and improve access adding on to existing units

* Maximum of 240Kg shelf capacity (Uniformly Distributed Load). Note: Load capacity based on static units. Load capacities may vary according to design. Please contact us for accurate load bearings for your desired design

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Sours: https://www.shopfittingsstore.com.au/37-wire-shelving
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Metal Wire Instore Displays for Literature, Apparel, and Impulse Purchases

Customer browsing products next to a wire frame store fixture

What are some of the most versatile merchandising fixtures for your business? Wire display racks not only provide ample storage solutions, but they also feature flexible placement options for more targeted marketing. Manufactured from steel tube and wire in a dizzying array of available styles, these affordable instore displays come in tall floor-standing designs as well as smaller models for placement on checkout counters or showcases. Our wire display racks provide the means of getting your merchandise in front of customers. Whether located out on the sales floor or nestled next to the cash register, these point-of-purchase store fixtures are necessities for retail businesses of all sizes. Most wire racks are stocked for same day shipment in black, white, or silver finishes, so browse our sizeable inventory and get it fast - when you need it fast!

What types of wire display racks are available from Displays2go?

  • Literature stands that hold all kinds of periodicals do an excellent job of offering items for sale or organizing the waiting room. Floor stands, with multiple-level shelving or adjustable tiered pockets, showcase lots of magazines and/or folded brochures for easy recognition. Unlike wooden racks with pockets, the wire-frame construction aids visibility from all directions. Countertop styles are simply smaller versions of the floor varieties, and feature single as well as multi-pocket designs. Use tabletop fixtures for offering takeaway literature or for keeping service centers and doctor offices free of clutter. Rotating styles also come in both floor and countertop versions.
  • Merchandising displays are the go-to fixtures for many retailers. Thanks to their low cost and high durability, these commercial wire racks offer lots of designs to accommodate virtually any type of product. Rotating spinner stands, featuring up to 72 wire pockets, are excellent choices for offering postcards or greeting cards. On the other hand, bulk bins store and display merchandise that's difficult to put on shelves, such as stuffed animals, pillows, and beach balls. Racks with adjustable slant shelving accommodate bottles, bakery items, and much more. Most models come with rolling casters with makes moving the racks to and fro very easy. Countertop styles are ideal for holding smalls, including blister packs, keychains, souvenirs, and other trinkets normally associated with the "impulse buy". Located at or near point-of-purchase checkout stands, these enticing store fixtures often provide a considerable amount of revenue for the retailer. Many of these models are also rotating, and are great for postcards.
  • Gridwall fixtures are, along with industry standard slatwall, common retail store displays. They share the same designs as slatwall, but feature lower prices with much less weight. Available in black or white, our gridwall system offers floor placement or wall mounting options. Once you have chosen your fixture, shop from the many add-ons, hanging hooks, and baskets to fully customize your floor's layout and to take advantage of gridwall's ability to highlight LOTS of merchandise.
  • Art display panels are gridwall's cousins. Featuring a similar wire frame construction, these panels are much lighter and are the best choice for outdoor art festivals, trade shows, and galleries. Hang canvases, mirrors, or other artwork quickly and efficiently. The modular design allows for custom layouts, easily accomplished with simple cotter pins that lock panels together. Both affordable and portable, this art display system is compatible with our gridwall hanging accessories, available for sale separately.

With so many options to choose from, our metal rack inventory offers the most variety within a single web page. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for. Have a question or need help with an order? Our contact center is manned by knowledgable staff ready to connect with you via phone, email, or chat.

Sours: https://www.displays2go.com/S-4127/wire-displays
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