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5+ Fence Topper Ideas with Attractive Design

Fence topper is coming with a variety of model and materials that certainly add the perfectly fence appearance. Actually, it is designed to give the dress up for the fence. With applying the fence toppers, surely, your fence is getting the adorable and stunning design. There are so many materials provided for fence toppers including the wood, aluminum, trellis, lattice, spindle and others materials. Furthermore, you can choose the fence toppers color as you love. As you know that the fence topper appears the elegance and the beauty for any fence.

Well, if you are planning to build the fence topper for your fence, you have to choose the best one of the fence toppers depending on the design and the materials. To give recommended fence topper for you, of course, we show you the fence toppers ideas that probably you love. Here are some attractive the fence topper ideas for you.

Fence Topper Ideas

1. Trellis Fence Topper

The first fence topper, it comes with the trellis fence topper. You can apply this model for your fence and create the deep forest green. Actually, it is more suitable for you who have the house around the green garden. For applying this fence, you can set it up for 54″ high, 1×6 red cedar with a 18″ high x 1″ framed. Furthermore, the fence is set up using 5×5 posts with pyramid caps. For more interesting, you can place the bench or patio set near the fence.

2. Spindle Fence Topper

The second fence topper is mentioned as the spindle topper. Why? As you look at the pictures, the topper is designed as the spindle to give semi-privacy fence for the house owner. You can install it with 1×6 red cedar, 2×2 capped 16″ spindle topper. Actually, you can choose the color as you love, the green color is very recommended. It purposes to match the fence with the green leaves around your house.

3. Lattice Fence Topper

This one fence topper is set between the 6×6 posts with a 2″ x 18″, 1×6 red cedar framed tongue. But for you, you can choose the dimension based on the provided space or your desire. For building this type of spindle fence topper, certainly, not only the cedar wood but also you can use it for vinyl and aluminum material. Indeed, the cedar becomes the first choice generally. It is caused the wood more interesting in natural looks.

4. Scallop Fence Topper

The fence topper comes with pyramid post caps that are designed to get adorable looks. This design is suitable for any fence, especially wood. Moreover, you can design the topper for concave form for getting perfect appearance. For creating this fence topper, you can set it up for 54″ high with an 18″ high, 1×6 red cedar shadowbox fence and also 2×2 scallop topper. Certainly, the size is just as references, you can make the fence topper more interesting than one.

5. Railing Fence Topper

This fence model is indeed designed to adjust for any flat top fence panels including railing topper, concave, convex and level top panels. Actually, for getting great looks, you will install the fence topper on the top of fence. The fence topper is made from metal and polyester powder coated black with a variety of colors. For building this one, you have to know the specifications of this fence topper. The sizes are about 1830mm wide for railing topper panels, 450mm high for level top panels, 450mm for concave panels, and also 450mm foe convex panels. It is about 50 x 25mm for the bottom and the side rails. For the top rail is appropriately 50x6mm with 12mm vertical bars.

6. Vinyl Fence Topper

Vinyl is well-known as durable and long-lasting materials for any kind of home decor. As well as for fence topper, vinyl certainly is very good to be designed as the topper. For fitting this fence topper, certainly, the concrete fence is very required. It purposes to ease in installing the vinyl fence topper.   

7. Modern Lattice Fence Topper

The last model, it comes with modern lattice pattern where you can design the pattern as you love. The pattern is actually more than usual. The pattern is more attractive and good looking for a kind of topper. Commonly, this fence topper is made from wood to get more natural looks. You are not bored to look the fence topper while you are enjoying the hot tea in the backyard.

Sours: https://www.divesanddollar.com/fence-topper/

The steep site on which this residence is located dictated the use of a retaining wall to create a level grade. This retaining wall, or “the line”, became the driving element behind the parti of the home and serves to organize the program for the clients. The rituals of daily life fall into place along the line which is expressed as sandblasted exposed concrete and modular block. Three aspects of a house were seperated in this project: Thinking, Living, & Doing. ‘Thinking’ is done in the library, the main house is for ‘living’, and ‘doing’ is in the shop. While each space is separated by walls and windows they are nonetheless connected by “the line”. Sustainability is married in equal parts to the concept of The Line House. The residence is located along an east/west axis to maximize the benefits of daylighting and solar heat gain. Operable windows maximize natural cross ventilation and reduce the need for air conditioning. Photo Credit: Michael Robinson
Kind of our idea- door, surrounded by windows with clear-story. Like solid door. - zazu2

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/photos/fence-topper-phbr0lbl-bl~l_42036
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15 Super Easy DIY Garden Fence Ideas

Whether you are looking for some added privacy for your home, security for your family and pets, or a decorative element for your yard, fences are an excellent addition to any space.

While your space may be off-limits, no fence option is off-limits in this complete guide with 118 fence ideas! From functional to fabulous to fancy, we’ve included a fence idea for everyone!

Why Build a Fence?

Liverpool Landscaping Fence

While most people may think of fences as a privacy solution, they actually can be so much more.

Fences provide backdrops to garden beds, support planters, highlight ornamental pieces, and keep aggressive plants under control.

They can serve as stand-alone decorations that enhance or complement your outdoor living space. Fences come in all shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, so you can really match them to your outdoor aesthetic.

Can You Build Your Own Fence?

Absolutely! Building your own fence not only ensures that it will look EXACTLY the way you want it to, it’s also much more affordable than hiring a professional.

All you need is some wood, a quality nail gun, and the inspiring ideas in this guide and you’ll be ready to start building beautiful fences.

Wood Privacy Fence Designs

The great thing about wood is that it has a comforting and natural look which seems like it’s almost a continuation of natural landscapes. If your outdoor decor is rustic then a traditional wooden fence is a great option for you. Not to mention, wood fences are some of the simplest to build.

Rustic Split Fence

Rustic Split Fence

One of the most traditional fence designs is the split rail fence. This classic 3-slat design can be found throughout the world being used as boundary markers and large animal control.

Rustic split wood weathers over time to give your fence a unique look. Plant bright flowers along your wood fence for a delightful contrast.

Simple Boundaries

Simple Boundaries

Never have boundary lines looked so adorable! Boundary lines take a country cottage twist with these carved posts.

Consider lining your driveway or a pathway with this fence. For an added touch of charm, twine annual vines along the post throughout the spring and summer to welcome your guests for a visit.

Twining Togetherness

Twining Togetherness

It’s alive! Weathered split rails are bound together with live vines to create this living fencing option. Although this may take a few seasons to complete, it will be so worth it once this natural, elegant fence is complete.

Use quick-growing perennial vines, like grapes, trumpet vines, and wisteria, which can be trained to take on the shape of anything you desire.

Traditional Timber


These traditionally shaped slats form a well-manicured backdrop, while also working functionally by providing you with substantial privacy.

You can choose the height of the wood planks to fit your needs. The natural wood can also be painted to add the individual touch you crave. Another fun idea is adding hanging planters to the fence to expand your garden.

Pieced Together Posts

Piecing Together Posts

For a rustic, weathered-looking fence, piece together cut timber. It will provide the perfect support for climbing plants or you can use it as a primitive structure to hang planters, ornaments, and lighting from.

Weathered Wood

In the Details

All-natural wood will weather, even with the best of treatment, but that’s not a bad thing. Weathered wood, in my opinion, looks great with most outdoor aesthetics. Pair weathered wood with pops of color to enhance the charm of your fence.

Color Between the Lines

Color Between the Lines

You can make a playful, colorful fence using rounded posts. This unique fence’s creative curvature will complement whimsical garden spaces.

Paint the posts a rainbow of colors to add a touch of fabulous! You can also consider painting the posts to match your house, if your home has fun colors on it, for a put-together look.

Satisfyingly Clean Lines

Well Measured

Closely placed fencing materials create satisfyingly clean lines, which not only look great but also provide excellent privacy. Despite being more contemporary and acceptable in most neighborhoods, it still provides a provincial view.

Create Long Shadows

Long Shadows

Using a slatted fencing design doesn’t mean your materials have to be placed flush against each other. On the contrary, it can look gothic and rustic to have the slats be separate.

This design will create long shadows each afternoon by giving your fence materials room to breathe while still maintaining your fence’s functionality.

Brown Is Blegh

Stand Out Color

Just because you chose a wooden structure doesn’t mean it needs to stay its natural shade of brown. Consider muted bold tones that help highlight the colors of the vegetation you have planted near it.

Cedar Fence Ideas

Most popular wooden fences derive from pine due to availability. However, if you want to make a wooden fence that will last your lifetime, consider using cedar.

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks. It also comes in rich red and reddish-brown hues that add an extra decorative element to your fence.

Width Matters

Width Matters

A unique way to make your fence stand-out is to use wide planks. Wide planks create natural-looking separation and provide a simple backdrop to blooming flowers. Not to mention, the natural ability of cedar to repel insects can benefit your garden if the fence is near it.

Richly Red

Richly Red

One of the best things about cedar is its rich, red color! Cedar boards should keep their natural color with little to no maintenance required.

To brighten the color of cedar boards, wash off the accumulated dust and dirt that can build up due to element exposure.

Primitive Options

Primitive Options

As with any wooden fence option, split rails and shaped posts can add a primitive element to your yard, making it look more natural as a whole. Add a wildflower mix to the unmanicured side of one of these fences to give your yard a country cottage feel.

Contemporary Choices

Contemporary Choices

Wooden fences that can juggle incorporating rustic materials into a modern-looking design are truly works of art. Horizontal fences, fences with polished elements, and other modern designs look incredible when they use cedarwood.

Treated cedar boards keep their shape well throughout the years and warp very little in the elements to keep the contemporary look you crave up to date.

Fabulous Bamboo Screens

Bamboo is an inexpensive, readily available, and lightweight choice for privacy screens and fences. Resistant to rot, bamboo fences are durable and long-lasting. They add a modern, clean touch to conventional fence designs.

Layered Look

Layered Look

Layering bamboo posts doesn’t only strengthen your fence, it also adds a textured, detailed look to it. Bamboo inconsistencies can make layered posts look even more natural and interesting.

Perfectly Placed

Perfectly Placed

Evenly cut bamboo provides clean lines that are supremely satisfying. The height of a perfectly placed bamboo fence provides plenty of privacy.

You can also use a bamboo fence to divide one area from another in your yard. Bamboo is easy to trim to any height to hide unsightly parts of your yard while drawing eyes to what you want to highlight.

Narrow Spaces

Narrow Spaces

Bamboo can be purchased in a variety of widths. Smaller diameter canes, when placed together, create an interesting, unique design.

When used in conjunction with stronger post supports, heavy vining vegetation can be added for a pleasant touch of greenery.

Half the Height

Half the Height

As mentioned, fencing doesn’t need to be used just for privacy. Simple half walls serve well as borders for placement along garden beds and walkways. Plus, when they are small and simple like the design above, they are extremely easy to build.

Sleek and Modern

Sleek and Modern

Because of bamboo’s sleek, smooth aesthetic, it can easily be incorporated into outdoor spaces with both natural and modern aesthetics. Bamboo that has been sanded down and stained makes a very sleek design for a more up-to-date take on natural fencing.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences can be built from almost any material. They serve one main purpose: to block both sight and a certain degree of sound.

It’s also important to consider that a privacy fence often spans a shared property line, so it should be a visually pleasing boundary for both parties involved.

Living Heights

Living Heights

It doesn’t get more natural than using live hedges as a fence. Of course, you do need to have some patience to wait for the filling in that needs to occur. Once your hedges have grown in though, you’ll be overjoyed.

Evergreen vegetation, such as privets, thuja species, and holly are all popular choices and provide complete privacy once they have filled in gaps between plantings.

Solid Boundaries

Solid Boundaries

Vinyl walls make excellent privacy fences. They come in a wide variety of color choices are super easy and quick to install. Their smooth surfaces clean easily and survive well through all types of weather.

Long Lengths

Long Lengths

If you are considering a tall fence of considerable length, remember that fencing costs depend on each linear foot you put up in addition to post and material support.

Some of the most affordable materials are the most traditional, such as cured pine boards and strong wooden posts.

Durable Design

Durable Design

There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching your fencing materials! In fact, the unique look it creates will ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind fence.

You can mix and match materials that will make your fence more durable and long-lasting. Concrete kick walls and posts complement the stained wooden boards in this traditional design.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Not only can you mix and match materials, but also the directions of your boards! Both horizontal and vertical boards complete this tall fence that provides a breakup of sight through the use of half wooden ladder effects.

Upgrade With Canvas

Seasonal Choices

Upgrade existing fences or decking rails with the use of heavy canvas designed specifically to hold up to sun and wind.

This patterned design ties off with the use of heavy, metal-lined eyelets to keep the material from wearing in inclement weather. Just consider storing your materials for the winter which can more quickly break down the fabrics.

Lasting Vinyl Privacy Options

Vinyl is a synthetic polymer used in a variety of building projects. It provides great privacy, and because of how commonly it’s used, there are lots of vinyl designs available for an affordable cost.

White Panel Perfection

White Panel Perfection

Clean lines and durability define this contemporary look that fits basically any landscape well. Shaped posts lend traditional vibes without sacrificing surface texture to the inconsistencies found in wood.

Vinyl easily mimics the look of many other materials for fractions of the cost to provide the look you have envisioned.

Partial Halves

Partial Halves

Half walls have become more popular due to their “floating” appearance in a landscape that provides both secrecy and ornamental value to an outdoor living space. Tying these structures into tall hedges and boarded garden beds allows them to flow into the landscape seamlessly.

Wrought Iron Mimicry

Wrought Iron Mimicry

This fence idea is a great way to hide unsightly things in your yard, like an AC unit. The bright white decorative nature of this small fence will have guests appreciating it but not wondering what’s hidden behind it. Here, vinyl provides a touch of elegance that would otherwise be a garden bed eyesore.

White Picket Fences

White Picket Fences

No need to whitewash the picket fence anymore! Vinyl posts and boards create this traditional look with ease. It also requires less maintenance, giving you more time to appreciate your beautiful, fenced-in yard!

Clean Cut

Clean Cut

No matter how hard you try to match your wooden boards in the creation of wooden fences, you will have a certain amount of abnormalities since every board cut is unique. This is NOT a problem with vinyl.

If you want a wooden look, but prefer a more modern, even texture, vinyl is an excellent option for you!

Picket Fences Take 2

a white picket fence with trees and a house in the background

Since vinyl fences come as completed pieces, all you have to do is put together your fence either by snapping it into place or screwing together the preformed panels.

Once your posts have been secured into the ground, fencing usually slides right into preformed “beds” for added security. The easy assembly is one of the main advantages of vinyl!

Country Fencing

Like traditional wooden fencing, the 3-slat design can be easily accomplished using vinyl. Upgrade your current look with clean white lines without sacrificing the more old-fashioned appeal.

Metal Fencing

One of the most popular decorative fencing options is metal fences. Scrolling curves and delicate vining effects occasionally twine amongst this tried and true material that will last a lifetime and then some.

Used more for property boundaries and garden hedging, modern takes make iron a trendy and elegant choice. While it won’t provide much privacy, the sophistication and durability of metal fencing are ideal.

Intricate Details

Traditional Takes

Repetitive scrolls and inhibiting fencing tops are what I think of when someone mentions wrought iron. Somehow it always conjures up the image of old victorian manors that have untold secrets hidden beyond their fences.

Gleaming Gold

Gleaming Gold

Wrought iron takes paint well, as seen in this beautiful scrolling design that contrasts woven gold orbs and a black supportive frame.

Iron can take on the shape of almost anything you desire, but don’t ignore more traditional designs you can easily bring up-to-date with colorful new ideas.


Twist On

Simple, eclectic fencing gets a “twist” with well-placed curves to create a gorgeous, detailed fencing design. This “spin” on traditional fence designs proves that fences can simultaneously be functional and decorative.

Beautiful Designs

Intricate Detail

The careful curves and designs of this fence mimic the vegetation found behind and also provide a degree of privacy through their many different faces.

If you are in love with intricate metal fence designs but are in need of more privacy, consider highly decorated pieces such as this one.

Long-Lasting Color

Long Lasting Color

Not only does metal take on basically any shape, but it can also take on any color. Metal takes on color well with the correct paint, as seen in this brightly hued gate.

Heavy iron designs complete this piece, which, when painted red, draws the attention of passersby who can’t help but wonder what mysterious manor lays beyond.

Renew and Recolor

Renew and Recolor

Give existing fences a rustic upgrade with bursts of color that compliment your home. The teal accent doors and yellow siding are brought to attention with this simple, artistic flair.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Mixing mediums always results in unique, detailed designs! This rule proves to be true in the wonderful fence example above.

The plainness of the concrete juxtaposed with the gleaming iron gate, makes its black color and intricate design stand out. Pair them with bright green grass behind, and you have a visual masterpiece for anyone who passes your home to behold.

It’s All About the Details

In the Details 2

This stunning gate has a complex design that stands out. Its beautiful light purple color, golden accents, and patterned design mesh perfectly together. All of these details working together are what elevates this gate from pretty to beautiful.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel

Burnished steel provides a clean modern design in this cubic take on landscape privacy. Paired with green hedges, the sharp angles are softened by the curves of the vegetation behind.

Proper Pairing

Proper Pairing

In this classic design, iron tops a brick and mortar base for both height and style. The contrasting colors of the metal, brick, and evergreens behind work well together.

Consider tall plantings with your metalwork for both decor and to enhance the privacy your gate provides.

Stone and Brick Work Designs

Stones used to be the go-to building material in areas where timber wasn’t readily available. Bricks have been made for centuries from a variety of materials to provide shelter around the world.

These traditional building choices may have been upgraded for specific decor over the last few hundred years, but the purpose they serve is the same; to provide a separation between spaces.

Stone Boundary

Stone Boundary

The ancient look of this low stone wall with a weathered iron gate works wonderfully in large, rambling gardens. All who visit will feel like they’ve been blasted to the past.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar

I love everything brick. Brick walls, walkways, borders, you name it. The bright red color looks spectacular when juxtaposed with vibrant, green plants. Not to mention, flowers pop, and become all the more romantic, when positioned in front of a brick wall.

Brick Wall Contrasts

Brick Wall Contrasts

Half brick walls encompassing evergreen hedges are a traditional solution to privacy needs and provide a pretty contrast to the vegetation planted near and around it.

Mix and match the occasional red brick with other shades for a gorgeous, textured look.

Brick Walls With Frames

Primitive Placement

The only thing more beautiful than a brick wall is the doorway in the middle of it that offers a peek into your yard. Framed by brick, the view will be all the more dramatic, with a majestic aesthetic appeal. Whether it be mountainous terrain or a backyard pond, paint a picture of illusion with the frame you provide.

Brick Lines

Brick Lines

Well-aligned bricks still form unique shapes and spaces when stacked upon one another as this picture shows. The slightly mismatched vertical and horizontal lines create a unique look and serve well as a retaining wall for uneven landscaping.

Bricked Entryway

Bricked Entryway

Welcome your guests (or the UPS delivery guy) through a majestic bricked gateway.

You can go out of the box, or rather rectangle, by making curves and torrents with the bricks without sacrificing their durability.

Pair them with equally elegant iron and lighting options for a complete look!

White Brick Walls

White Brick Walls

Although a white brick wall may look washed out when on its own, pairing it with bright, clean, red bricks adds a new layer of aesthetic depth to it. Using this idea you can make a uniquely colored perimeter fence that protects while also being a crowd-pleaser.

Building Vista

Building Vista

Fencing ideas aren’t just for yard and decking purposes. Rooftop vistas need a little love as well, and nothing looks better than a brick and vinyl security wall topped with some helpful lighting.

Brick Outlook

Brick Outlook

Modern takes on brick include fun shapes, smooth surfaces, and new color combinations. A concrete brick wall is topped by patterned bricks to form a secluded backdrop for this outdoor retreat.

Landscaping Stone Simplicity

Landscaping Stone Simplicity

If you’re looking for a natural garden fence, this is one of the best ideas out there!

You don’t have to get busy digging through your backyard for enough rocks to complete a natural-looking fence; landscaping companies sell rock by the ton. Mark your territory AND make your mark!

Classic White Picket Fence Ideas

It doesn’t get more classic than a white picket fence!

Nothing paints a picture of home-sweet-home like white picket fences. These fences are not just for suburbia anymore; you’ll also find them in rural and urban settings, adding a touch of comfort to spaces.

Reinvent the traditional look with material choices, placement, and even decoration throughout the year.

Appealing Symbolism

Appealing Purpose

While they may seem simple, white picket fences can symbolize independence and financial freedoms. These classic fences are often included in people’s vision of what the American Dream is. No wonder it’s still a popular fencing choice throughout the country.

Welcoming Views

Welcoming Views

Keep your view looking beautiful and appreciate it too by using a short white picket fence to declare it “off-limits.” On this property, the overlooking forest view can be appreciated and isn’t marred by large posts or chained fences.

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decor

A white backdrop provides a perfect canvas for holiday decoration. Hang ribbons, wreaths, garlands, and other festive decorations on your white picket fence when the holidays roll around.

Don’t want to stop celebrating? Hang Mardi Gras beads on your white picket fence in February, cobwebs on it in October, and flag decorations in July.

Pretty Purpose

Pretty Purpose

Feeling bummed because you love all of these fencing ideas but rationally have no need for fences on your property?

No worries, you can still use decorative fencing in your landscape!

Try using partial panels to hold back unruly flowers, or to add height as a backdrop to brightly colored blooms.

Blooming Vibrancy

Blooming Vibrancy

Plant brightly colored vegetation around your fence to really make it POP!

On this property vibrant rhododendron and crepe myrtle make a stunning statement against the bright white of the picket fence.

Cutting Figure

Cutting Figure

This idea is perfect for contemporary design lovers who want to blend traditional and modern designs Creating a landscaping edge with this clean-cut fence, this idea is simple and striking. Cascading sections of the fence draw your eye towards the house to create a welcoming entryway.

Adding Depth

Adding Depth

It’s ALL about the details.

This fencing design that wraps around this vibrant garden. Provide a foreground of gracefully drooping lilies or iris to your fence to give the illusion of added depth.

Add an Entryway

In the Details 3

Finish off your picket fencing with an elegant arbor entryway. Brilliantly colored flowers make a stunning contrast against the white, and you can consider planting perennial climbers, such as roses, and climbing hydrangea with the added vertical support. The curb appeal is incredible!

Children’s Play

Children’s Play

Fencing options can be easily extended to your children’s play area such as in this lovely design. The playhouse is incorporated into it, instead of being worked around. Genius!

Garden Fence Designs

Garden fences are some of the most beautifully designed fences in the world!

The whimsical, playful, and eclectic elements they incorporate work flawlessly with the gorgeous vegetation they encapsulate.

Mix and match your wooden hues, shapes, and sizes to provide visually appealing structures amongst your beds with the help of these fencing ideas.

Wooden Lattices

Wooden Lattices

Latticework can be created using a variety of materials. It lends both support to your vegetation and visual appeal to your garden landscape. You can also hide unsightly walls with delicate latticework to create extra depth in your garden.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match 2

Textures and mixed media are a part of your garden already, so why would they not be a part of your fencing design? Wood, concrete, iron, and brick all round out this eclectic fence and gateway into a country garden.

Blended Beauty

Blended Beauty

In this design, well-manicured garden beds and stone pathways are enclosed by a rustic and weathered barricade of wooden posts that add country cottage appeal. Not only does this fence look great, but it also provides support for other garden ornamentals.

Living Color

Living Color

Fences don’t have to be built of wood or stone, they can also be grown, such as this hedge of colorful hydrangea.

Mix and match your vegetation to include evergreen varieties for year-round color.

Best Borders

Best Borders

The best garden fencing options, in my opinion, are those intertwined with long stems and plenty of blooms. Coreopsis is always a beautiful choice with its spreading growth and long-lasting blooms that last all summer and fall.

Covered Beauty

Covered Beauty

If it’s a garden fence you seek, why not use it to extend your vegetative footprint?

Use your fence to support a wide variety of climbers, hanging planters, and trailing varieties of blooming flowers.

Japanese Inspired Fences

Combining simple, basic elements of plants, water, and rocks with clean, straight lines, Japanese-inspired fences do a great job blending modern and traditional design elements. These aesthetically pleasing fences work with the natural environment around them.

Clean Panels and Straight Lines

Clean Panels and Straight Lines

Straight lines highlight the smooth panels and clean look of this privacy screen topped with intricate metal roofing.

Uniform colors allow your eyes to glance along its length before moving onto the rest of the landscaping you incorporate into your yard. A fence like this would probably require professional installation since it needs to be perfect to achieve its desired effect.

Bamboo Pathways

Bamboo Pathways

Sometimes simplicity is best! This fence is just simple bamboo poles tied together to create a short, but effective pathway through a forested walk.

Due to the uncomplicated design, the variations of green are brought to the forefront without creating a sense of clutter. This is a fun, modern twist on a split rail fence.

Gathered Canes

Gathered Canes

Thin gathered bamboo stalks left in their natural state and woven together create an effective barrier that is both strong and long-lasting. It’s also effective in providing privacy in a unique way, offering only mere glimpses of your yard.

Bold Bridges

Bold Bridges

Japanese design doesn’t incorporate a lot of bright colors into garden landscaping, normally allowing the bright colors of nature to speak for themselves. When it is used, simple bright, basic colors are used to help highlight the surrounding landscape properties.

Tied Off

Tied Off

Bamboo lattice is a popular screen choice both indoors and out! Not to mention, it’s easy to make bamboo latticework, with the project requiring very few tools.

The uniqueness of bamboo’s color and texture is offset by how the poles are tied together. More traditional screens will use natural fibers, whereas you can easily create your own look using your materials of choice.

Broken View

Broken View

Space out your woven canes to create a screen that lets in rays of light and casts appealing, dramatic shadows on the ground when the sun sets. This effect will look magnificent on your garden, depending on the time of day.

Mountainous Curves

Mountainous Curves

The use of large boulders mimics the curves and contrasts of mountainous ranges when used as a border between outdoor spaces. Instead of building half walls with mid-sized rocks placed together, use larger boulders to make a statement larger than life.

Carved Stone

Carved Stone

Stone carvings are traditionally found within simple Japanese gardens. Try adding stone-carved posts, instead of wooden or iron ones, to add a new level of depth and interest to your garden pathways.

Modern Design Takes

Bright colors, sleek vinyls, interesting design patterns, and mixed media are all a part of modern fencing designs!

Just because you have more traditional or natural designs in your landscape currently doesn’t mean you can’t use modern ideas. Instead, embrace the differences and see what they can do for you!

Pop of Color

Pop of Color

Add a fun, free-spirited element to your property with a fence that features a pop of color!

These fences work particularly well in urban settings, providing a stark contrast amongst street corners and concrete jungles. They also can add a touch of whimsy to garden walkways.

Against the Grain

Against the Grain

Rather than placing your fencing boards vertically, mix it up and opt for a horizontal look to draw the eye along the fence. Smooth grains and varied wood stains add an extra touch of detail.

Not Just Siding Anymore

Not Just Siding Anymore

Metal sheets and profile boards create a unique and modern look at the lawn’s edge. These materials, which are normally reserved for housing projects, look amazing when they are incorporated into fences.

Dare to think outside the box when it comes to your yard and pull from a variety of materials found in any contractor’s supply store.

Concrete Boundaries

Concrete Boundaries

While concrete can look boring and ugly, if you use it correctly it can take on many textures and hues, providing an elegant boundary within your yard. Consider low walls and colors that match your surrounding patio or walkway choices for uniformity.

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

Polymer “wooden” fencing looks JUST like the real deal, but lasts much longer without the weathering, and warping real wood is susceptible to overtime. Use it within a metal frame as a privacy screen, as decorative fencing, or even as a dog fence.

Modern Exterior

Modern Exterior

Mixed media materials have become a trendy option amongst those who love modern designs. Neutral hues complement this upscale apartment housing while providing a degree of security and privacy in an urban landscape.

Metallic Design

Metallic Design

Smooth dark metal creates long lines and long shadows throughout the seasons as a present-day property border. Certain metals have their own weathering properties to bring even more aesthetic value to your fencing choice.

Building Continuation

Building Continuation

Consider a continuation of colors and material from your property buildings to your privacy fencing. Consistent lines and shapes make a pleasing view for anyone who happens to drive by.

Pleasing Panels

Pleasing Panels

Update the rural livestock panel look to an urban decor with sleek metal posts and a modern entryway to create a wholly unique alternative to your yard boundaries.

Paneling wire allows an unhindered view of your landscape, all while protecting the property from unwanted visitors.

Color Coordinates

Color Coordinates

Use familiar hues and coordinating materials on your landscape to create a sophisticated welcome for your guests when they arrive. Simple xeriscaping makes a bold statement amongst the whites and light grays of this modern design.

Rustic Fencing

If you love rustic designs, these traditional, country fencing options are sure to impress you. They are perfect for country homes or adorable cottages. The playful rustic twists that these designs incorporate will complement any country-style landscaping or gardens.

Old Fashion Rails

Primitive Rails

Split rail fencing used to be an effective way to keep creatures in and predators out. While you may not have a cow to control, you can still use split rail fencing designs to lend a traditional, old fashion feel to your yard.

Ironed Balance

Ironed Balance

Old iron wheels and horseshoes round out this one-of-a-kind fence that has been welded together to create a treasured garden piece. Dual-purposed, it serves as an ornament, as well as an effective border fence.

Rounded Rails

Rounded rails

Small rounded rails create a delicate fencing look along with the stunning greenery of this outlying field. Straightforward in its simplicity, this is an easy idea to copy and put to use.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage Gardens

Large cottage homes are simply NOT complete without sprawling, whimsical gardens.

To keep your garden somewhat under control, you need an equally impressive boundary fence. Lengths of weathered wooden rails contain the ramblings of this garden while providing a beautiful frame to its rising house.

Meandering Rails

Sours: https://www.backyardboss.net/fence-ideas-designs-and-types-of-fences/
100 Backyard Fence Design Ideas 2021 - Patio Fencing wall - Exterior House Garden Fence Ideas

Fence privacy ideas may not be top of your agenda when it comes to planning and designing your dream modern garden but, you can have all the stylish garden furniture and dreamy pergola, but lay down with a book, and hello, there's your neighbor trimming their hedge. Hardly the most relaxing experience. So to avoid, plan your fences in early. 

And garden fences needn’t be purely practical either, as all these gorgeous ideas prove they can really add something to the space too. From sleek, modern slatted designs to rustic willow structures there is a fence out there to suit all styles and all size of garden too.

1. Opt for a textured design with different sized panels

(Image credit: DKClarke Photography)

For a fence that really blends into the garden, pick a design that has natural shape to it. You don’t often find neat lines and equal measurements in nature, so for a fence that feels part of the garden keep your panels different sizes and overlap them to add texture. You can see in this fence, lengths of bark have been added too for an even more natural feel.

Blend the bottom of the fence into the garden with a border filled with plants of various sizes and textures. Add in some climbers too, to blend the fence and add height so extra privacy too. 

2. Add texture and privacy with a willow fence 

How dreamy is this gorgeous set up? Now your backyard might not have a stunning stone outdoor kitchen but you can take inspiration from this privacy fence idea. If you have a patio or decking that you just want to make a bit more secluded, add a fence to divide the space from the rest of the garden or even a covered pergola. Pick something that isn’t too solid like the willow you see here, so it doesn’t feel too blocked off and you still get light coming into the space. 

3. Blend a wooden fence with other materials

(Image credit: AMMA BATCHELOR)

In a small garden, sometimes just a solid wall of fencing can be a bit overbearing. So try mixing it with another material, you still get the same amount of privacy but this will add more interest to your space.

In this garden, a chalkboard wall meets a slated fence for a really fun, creative feel that works perfectly with the fuss-free design of the rest of the space. For a more rustic look you could pair a fence with a stone wall or opt for a white wall for a modern Mediterranean feel. 

4. Make a seating area more secluded 

(Image credit: Future)

You often find in smaller or urban gardens that seating areas are tucked into a corner. This makes sense because it’s often the section of the garden that is least overlooked. However, this means the fence becomes a huge feature of the seating area so it’s important it looks lovely, as well as adds that much-needed privacy. 

Case in point with this lovely outdoor seating area. The fence almost blends into the built-in banquette because of the raised planters and climbers. The large palm zones off the area from the rest of the garden, making it feel more like a separate secluded ‘room’.

5. Add height a garden wall with fencing 

(Image credit: Logan Irvine-MacDougall)

If you have been blessed with lovely garden walls, but you just need to add some extra height for privacy, try adding a fence ‘extension’. 

Here in this more traditional, English garden, trellis has been used and climbers add that extra privacy. You could choose horizontal slated fenced for something more contemporary – even if your garden wall is old the contrast would be perfect for creating a garden that was a mix of modern and traditional.

6. Camouflage a garden fence with subtle colors

(Image credit: Barbara Corsico)

Sometimes a raw wooden fence just won’t match the vibe of your garden, the solution is simple – paint. Paint your fence in a subtle that’s going to blend in with the rest of your garden. The obvious choice would be some form of pale green which will act as a backdrop for your planting and won't interfere with any other colors you want to bring into the garden.

Painting your garden fence is also a great way to make a small garden look bigger as it’s not as obvious where the garden ends as there is no bulky wooden fence breaking up the space. 

7.  Disguise a privacy fence by turning it into a living wall

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If a fence really isn’t your style or if in a small garden you think a tall fence might look too intense, turn your fence into a living wall. Not only will give you the privacy you need, by growing plants vertically you free up floor space to use for gorgeous outdoor furniture ideas instead.

8. Top your back fence with trellis

Often with urban gardens you aren’t always overlooked from the side, but usually it’s behind the garden where privacy might be an issue. Now you don’t want towering fences on all sides of your garden, but you could make the back fence higher than the rest so you aren’t overlooked. 

See here how the back fence is top with some extra trellis so there’s extra privacy but you aren’t blocking out lots of light or overbearing the garden with a huge fence. By growing climbers up the fence and slightly obscuring it will large plants it blends nicely into the garden.

9. Add extra privacy and height to a fence with greenery

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Again, if you don’t want a tall fence to impose over your garden, but need extra height for privacy, trees that grown above the line of the fence will add the height without the needing the solid structure of the fence. Prune them so they stay bare at fence height and then have the lush greenery almost floating above the fence. 

10. Use lighter colors for taller fences

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Sometimes you just need to install a really tall fence to ensure privacy in your garden. To stop a towering fence totally overwhelming a small garden, firstly keep the design very simple, the narrow vertical slats used here are the perfect example, and either opt for a pale wood or paint your fence in a subtle light hue. Add some climbers for extra camouflage. 

11.  Or contrast lush greenery with a dark fence

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Add depth to your garden and take influence from this fence privacy idea by painting a fence in a dark shade. Black or a deep charcoal grey will really make the greenery pop and provides the perfect backdrop for more modern garden plants like leafy palms, tree ferns and banana trees. Plus, as this garden proves, despite the dark colors it work in a small space too. 

12. Add levels to a privacy fence for a more subtle look 

(Image credit: Future)

A lovely privacy fence idea is to opt for a leveled design that allows you to plant a raised bed in the fence itself. This makes your fence feel more like a feature in your garden and visually breaks up the solid wall. This is also a nice way to zone your garden and add extra privacy to a specific area like a patio or deck. 

What is the best privacy fence to put up?

The best private fence for your garden will come down to style and budget. All fences will of course provide privacy so it just depends on the look you are after and if you want your fence to be more of a feature as well as add privacy. 

Wooden fences are the most common option and come in so many different styles and finishes. Close board fencing, where wooden slats overlap vertically is what you probably see most often, its durable and long-lasting, great for height and you can easily paint it to suit your space. Larch lap fencing is where the boards overlap horizontally, it’s not as long-lasting as a close board design but ideal if you are on more of a budget. 

Slated fence panels are increasingly in popularity and can often be found in modern, urban gardens due to their fuss-free design. They are ideal for climbing plants too, but don’t provide total privacy due to the gaps. A great option for smaller gardens though as the horizontal design can trick the eye and make the space feel wider. 

If your garden fence is about providing extra security as well as privacy, you might want to consider an aluminum or wrought iron fence instead of wood. 

Sours: https://www.livingetc.com/ideas/privacy-fence-ideas

Ideas fence topper

I wanted to put together a list of wood fence ideas because there’s something about the beauty of wood fencing that is both natural and aesthetically pleasing. Wood has a rustic air to it, making it perfect for a lot of different garden setups.

Affordable and built to last, wood fencing is traditional and makes you feel like you’re part of the great outdoors, even if you are just in your backyard.

Many people might be concerned that wood fences are too hard to care for or too expensive to install, so I wanted to address all your concerns with an FAQ aimed at showing you that wooden fences are the next big thing. Find it after the designs!

Looking For Help From a Professional Company?

If you’re looking for someone to help you with building fencing, you can get a free quote from top local contractors here:


Solid Wood Fence Ideas

Solid Privacy

Image credit: bowerpowerblog.com

Opting for a solid fence will always ensure you the most privacy, allowing you to enjoy the intimacy of your yard without any curious peeks. See how easy this type of fence is to put together at bowerpowerblog.com.

Playful Contrast

Image credit: gongetech.com

With vertical support rails painted in a different color, even solid wood fences can look astonishing, creating a sort of a majestic contrast. Explore more of these intriguing options byvisiting diycrafthomeideas.club.

Cherry, Cherry Lady

Image credit: fomfest.com

Choosing a lighter shade of cherry wood can be very rewarding, as it gives the illusion of more space and allows you to mix and match other yard colors, for the perfect ambiance. Discover moresimilar combinations on fomfest.com.

DIY Solid Fence Project

Image credit: pinterest.com

One of the major benefits of a solid fence is the simplicity of the project, giving homeowners the financial freedom to go the DIY route, rather than hire someone else to do the job. Get inspired with these othersolid fence ideas from pinterest.com.

Inspiration for Horizontal Fences

Sexy by Nature

Image credit: thecreativityexchange.com

There’s something very sexy about the edge-to-edge lines of a horizontal fence. It’s where urban modernism meets the traditional feel of classic wood. Dive into other satisfyinghorizontal fence ideas on thecreativityexchange.com.

Back-to-Front Slats

Image credit: farmfoodfamily.com

The intriguing layout of this horizontal fence is all about a staggered back-to-front type of construction, creating a magnificent, double-sided pattern for you to enjoy. Learn how to combine this design with potted plants, flowers, andthe beauty of natural wood at farmfoodfamily.com.

Tall & Discreet

Image credit: nextluxury.com

With a reddish-brown color and interesting slat placement, this horizontal fence adds a playful pattern to the yard, while providing privacy for those who want to enjoy a lazy afternoon under the sunny sky. Check out some morefence ideas for better yard privacy on netluxury.com.

Wooden Illusion

Image credit: decorextra.com

This particular idea is an excellent example of how something as simple as wood can create something as modern as this 21st-century fence, making even the smallest yard appear longer and wider. Navigate through the sea of otherfence-related ideas on decorextra.com.

Privacy within Privacy

Image credit: bradsknutson.com

Here is a type of horizontal wooden fence that can be used to section off different areas of your yard and create separate, private zones in your garden. Learn more aboutwhat a wooden fence can do for your yard at bradsknutson.com.

Plant ‘n Wood Combo

Image credit: deucecitieshenhouse.com

You can build a wooden fence with a little bit of distance between the slats, provided you have some shrubs or trees that can fill the empty space, to ensure privacy. Feel free tostudy this idea from all angles on deucecitieshenhouse.com.

Elegant Simplicity

Image credit: nextluxury.com

With a minimalistic, contemporary vibe, this horizontal fence features asymmetrical wooden slats of different widths, for an elegant, yet imposing design. Check out some moreamazing wood fence ideas on netluxury.com.

Wood and Metal Fence Creations

Affordable Combination

Image credit: trumtin.com

This wood and metal fence is a practical way to separate your yard from your garden and it is quite an efficient tool for on farms and pastures, where animals are free to roam. Learn more aboutpatio fence ideas for 2019 on trumtin.com.

Timeless Shine

Image credit: noelleodesigns.com

The great thing about a fence with dominant metal components is the versatility of the design. You can mimic a lot of different looks with this option, ranging from classic iron fencing to that solid, sturdy look of aluminum. Look for similarwood and metal fence ideas on noelleodesigns.com.

Salvaged Metal Fence

Image credit: etsy.com

Few people recognize that incorporating metal into your wooden fence design will reduce the cost of the overall project, especially if you used salvaged metal. Explore this idea in depth byvisiting etsy.com.

Corrugated Metal & Wood

Image credit: demiandashton.org

Corrugated metal on a wooden frame is a very appealing choice, not just because it completely blocks out curious looks from passersby, but also because it creates a nice contrast in bringing the two materials together. See other ways tocreate yard privacy on demiandashton.org.

Beautiful Rustic Fences

Eco-Friendly Options

Image credit: divesanddollar.com

What better way to create a rustic fence than by repurposing old pallets, commonly used in some of the best DIY projects in the world? Expand the limits of your imagination by looking at these awesome pallet garden fence ideas on divesanddollar.com.

Out in the Woods

Image credit: demiandashton.org

Everything about this vertical rustic fence idea is astonishing: from the asymmetrical height of the different pickets to the visual effect created, making you feel as if you’re lost in the woods, enjoying time away from your tedious daily routine. Stay inspired with morerustic fence ideas from demiandashton.org.

Image credit: homebunch.com

For the best rustic fence effect, considering adding small logs of crude wood, giving your yard a countryside look with an almost cowboy-ish vibe. Combine your wooden fence with otherfall decor ideas from homebunch.com.

Budget-Friendly Wooden Fence

Image credit: homemydesign.com

If you’re looking for abudget-friendly option to integrate a small wooden fence that separates your miniature garden or chicken-pen from the rest of your yard, nothing beats repurposing old pieces of wood to create a timeless, rustic look. Witness morepractical and affordable wood fence ideas on homemydesign.com.

Cozy Slice of Heaven

Image credit: homemydesign.com

Much like the example above, this idea is also meant to create wooden divisions in parts of your yard or garden that need protection from children or animals. Stay updated with more ideas on how tointegrate wood into your yard decor at homemydesign.com.

Color Me Pretty

Image credit: clevelandcourage.org

Just one look at this image will give you amazing, new, and creative ideas on how to build a rustic fence with affordable materials, allowing you to get playful with the colors at the same time. Check out moreunique wood fence ideas on clevelandcourage.com.

Unrefined Traditional Wood

Image credit: gardeningforyou.pw

If you’re struggling to think of an idea for a rustic fence, consider using unrefined wood: it has a more natural look and the rough surface and colors offer that traditional vibe. Extract morerustic fence inspiration from gardeningforyou.pw.

Classic Meets Modern

Image credit: balkanstudies.org

To be honest, this rustic fence feels more like a sculptural masterpiece, with smooth accents and perfectly aligned slats that depict a sense of how modern and classic vibes can blend together. Gaze at more marvelouswood fence ideas on balkanstudies.com.

Wooden Crayon Art

Image credit: dansmapoche.canalblog.com

Getting creative with wood has never been easier, especially since this is a material that can be carved into the shape of whatever you fancy, opening up a world of possibilities. Learn more about howwood can mold to your taste and personality on dansmapoche.canalblog.com.

Gorgeous Lattice Fencing Ideas

Mixing Styles

Image credit: decorhit.com

Lattice fencing isn’t just about long chunks of wood put together in a cross pattern: you can get creative and mix up the latticework with a solid vertical fence below, to create an interesting design. Check out moreinspiring wooden fence ideas on decorhit.com.

Wooden Plant Support

Image credit: perry-rhodan-usa.com

Lattice fencing is more about the effect and less about privacy. To get the best of both worlds, consider combining a lattice wooden panel with a solid fence in the background, creating the optimal setup for hanging plants. Equip yourself with some more brilliantwooden fence ideas by checking out perry-rhodan-usa.com.

Romantic Yard Escapades

Image credit: homynesia.com 

Talk about clever designs, how about this tall lattice wooden fence with lighting at the top of each support pole? It can be quite the added touch to a romantic yard setup, where all that’s missing is a glass of rosé. Indulge in some additionalprivacy screen ideas from homynesia.com.

Picket Fence Alternative

Image credit: atlasoutdoor.com

Dreaming about a modern approach to the classic white picket fence? Opt for a vinyl lattice fence panel that’s both practical and decorative, to give your yard an elegant look. Grab your own fancylattice fence from altasoutdoor.com.

Curved Cedar Beauty

Image credit: atlasoutdoor.com

Cedar will always be a viable option in terms of wood for excellent yard and garden fences, especially because it’s affordable and long-lasting. Check out some other great investments for youryard decor over at atlasoutdoor.com.

Backyard Vacation

Image credit: gardentrellis.co.uk

While they do make great outdoor screens, lattice fences will always provide the best plant support, suitable for homeowners that are in love with being surrounded by as many natural elements as possible. Don’t miss out on some other wonderfullattice fence ideas from gardentrellis.co.uk.

Wood Fence FAQs

What Is The Best Wood To Use For A Fence?

The correct answer is: it depends on what you’re looking for. Pine, fir, or spruce is affordable and lasts longer. Cedar and cypress have natural oils that act as insect barriers but are also very resistant to rot.
Redwood is also good, but it’s more expensive compared to other types of woods. However, it is also better looking and more durable.

How Much Is A Wooden Fence?

The price of your wooden fence will vary, depending on the type of wood you choose, as well as the quantity of wood you have to buy. To give you a glimpse of the prices:
●   A 6-foot long cedar picket costs roughly $2-3 for one.
●   Spruce is valued at about $5, for the same length.
●   Redwood prices can go as high as $8.
●   Cypress is less expensive, at about $2.

How To Make A Wood Fence Last Longer?

If you want a wood fence, you might be asking yourself: How do I protect my wooden fence?
If you build your fence with untreated wood, it will most likely suffer damage from the elements, insects, or plants that are touching it. There are several tips and tricks to ensure your fence has a longer lifespan:
●   To protect your fence from rot, stain it whenever necessary. Also, make sure you remove all debris that could potentially lead to rot: like building materials or piles of leaves resting up against the fence. If you notice parts of your wooden fence starting to rot, replace them immediately to prevent it from spreading.
●   If you paint your wooden fence, use a scraper to remove old paint traces before applying a fresh coat.
●   Repair any damage to the wood before it expands. If there are any broken boards, replace them. If you see any splits, sandpaper the surface.
●   Treat your fence for termites. These insects can threaten the most common types of wood used in fences, from cedar to redwood.
●   Make sure that your fence is protected from moisture as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you should cover it every time it rains, but make sure if it has wooden slats that come in contact with the ground, they don’t rot because of moisture.

How Long Will A Wooden Fence Last?

When determining how long your wooden fence will last, there are many factors to consider:
●   The natural life of the wood used to construct your fence is one factor that will determine how long your fence will last. For example, some cedar products can last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, while spruce has a shorter lifespan of up to 7 years.
●   If the wood is treated, it will last longer.
●   The longevity of your fence also depends on the installation method. For example, if your fence comes in contact with the ground, it will be more exposed to moisture, which can damage it.
●   A wooden fence will also last longer if you take care of it properly. That means that you need to look for rot, cracks, splits, and other forms of damage and fix these issues before the problem expands.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Fence?

This depends on the area where you live. Local by-laws may prevent homeowners from building a fence without a permit and this may vary depending on your state and country.
Some cities may allow you to build a fence without a permit, provided you don’t exceed a certain height. For instance, you can build a fence in New York without a permit, as long as said fence is under 6 feet in height.

Whether you’re looking to protect your pets, create backyard privacy, mark property lines or give your kids a safe place to play, a fence is often the perfect solution. If you have a dog that loves to dig (Siberian Husky owners know all about it!), you might want to invest in a training collar to keep them from trying to tunnel their way out!

When you add one to your property, you can create clearer boundaries, boost property value, or even enhance overall aesthetics and curb appeal. Nonetheless, buying a fence is a big investment and commitment — one that requires careful planning if it’s going to be executed properly.

When you want to add the kind of fence you’ll love years into the future, stop and consider all the possibilities, complications and options for building a fence at your home.

You have to explore issues such as what material to use, what height/size you need, utility lines, neighbors, entrances and more. Are you interested in learning more about what to think through before buying a new fence?

Curious about a checklist of what to consider when you want to do your due diligence in a fence purchase? If so, check out this handy infographic of top considerations! Click on the infographic to enlarge it.


The author of the infographic is Chris Buenz, the owner of First Fence Company in Chicago, Illinois. With more than 18 years of experience in both fencing and sales, Buenz is well-versed in the Chicago-area business market.

Did You Like Our Wood Fence Ideas?

Wood is still the underdog of the fence world, but people are slowly learning to appreciate its value. It’s a more convenient option compared to a concrete fence, as wood comes in all shapes and sizes and in options for everyone’s budget.

But wood fencing is not just a budget-friendly option: it’s also a more natural and customizable way to personalize your home.

Did you enjoy this list of wood fence ideas? Have you come across any other amazing wood fence ideas you’d recommend to your best friend? Hook me up with your ideas and your vision of what the most awesome wooden fence should look like!

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