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TRS Motorsport 4 Point Seat Belt Harness For MINI

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Refunds are available within 7 days after delivery for products that are unused and are in original packaging. Special order goods are non-refundable. Products that are damaged in transit to or from the customer can be refunded up to 14 days after the product has been delivered. Products returned to us in imperfect, non-resalable condition will not qualify for refund. Products that are faulty due to manufacturing process are refundable under the manufacturers' warranty for a limited time specified in the manufacturer's terms and conditions. These do not apply if the product has been fitted incorrectly or misused, motorsport use could further reduce the manufacturer's warranty. If an order is cancelled or refunded the buyer is responsible for the return of the goods to such address as directed by the supplier and is at the consumer's sole expense. This does not affect your statutory rights.


TRS Motorsport Car Harnesses Explained

TRS Motorsport Car Harnesses Explained

Whether it’s a fully FIA approved motorsport harness or a high quality fast road safety approved harness suitable for trackdays, kit cars and modified road vehicles, TRS offer fantastic products at an excellent price. A TRS harness is the perfect compliment to Cobra sport seats, with fittings and harness slots that can be chosen to match.

Motorsport FIA Options

FIA approved means that the harnesses have been rigorously tested and approved for global motorsport competition, offering the very highest standards of safety which you can trust with your life.

The risks and stresses of high speed track or off-road competition demand even higher standards of material and manufacture, from the width of the straps (webbing) to the buckle locking system and materials.

TRS has been at the forefront of innovation with the safety harness market. Examples have been the reduced weight motorsport buckle or the Velcro intercom fastening system.

There are two standards of TRS FIA Approved harnesses; TRS Magnum, or TRS Pro

TRS Magnum Safety Harnesses

The TRS Magnum harness is available in 3 levels of weight and then either a 4-point or 6-point configuration. Homologated to the latest FIA standard and also compatible with roll cage or harness bar attachment. Attaching the harness by wrapping around the roll cage is often preferred in race cars to reduce the weight by removing extra webbing, eye bolts, fixings and is FIA approved.

The buckle is a super lightweight aircraft quick release buckle. Shoulder strap adjustment is quick and easy with steel anti-creep adjusters.

Key features of TRS Magnum Harnesses:

  • 75mm lapstrap and 75mm shoulder strap
  • FIA approved
  • Steel strap adjusters
  • 140 gram quick release composite buckle
  • Snap hook fixings
  • Shoulder straps can be wrapped around roll cage
  • Hans compatible version
  • 7 colour options

TRS offer a ‘HANS only’ option on some of their FIA harnesses. This means that the straps are made to be compatible with official HANS safety devices with narrower shoulder webbing.

TRS Magnum Superlite

The Superlite harnesses have all the same features and options as the standard Magnum, but also includes professional smooth running aluminium adjusters on the shoulder straps. The alu adjusters were designed originally for fighter pilots and offer a 40% weight saving versus the steel options. The lap straps retain the standard steel adjusters.

TRS Magnum Ultralite

The TRS Magnum Ultralite harnesses are exactly the same as the Magnum Superlite version, but also have the professional aluminium adjusters on the lap straps, as well as the shoulder straps.

Magnum Rally Pack

If you’re building a new rally car or upgrading harnesses in an older car, then the TRS Magnum Rally Pack is a great value option to get you started. A pair of FIA approved 6-point Magnum harnesses, fixing kit (Hans compatible and roll-cage wrapping compatible), a helmet hammock net for two crash helmets, map pocket net, spare wheel strap and a professional 4 meter tow rope with eyelets at both ends. Click here to view or buy the TRS Rally Pack

TRS Pro FIA Safety Harnesses

Ok, so now we understand the TRS Magnum range of harnesses. The TRS Pro Harness range is simple; they are exactly the same quality, with FIA approval and with the same features as the TRS Magnum harnesses, but they have 50mm lap straps, rather than 75mm (shoulder straps remain 75mm apart from on HANS friendly versions which are tapered to 50mm).

Same lightweight buckle, same snap hook fixings and fitting kit, same roll-cage wrapping compatibility and same options for Hans friendly options.

TRS Pro harnesses have steel adjusters, Pro Superlite has steel lap adjusters and aluminium shoulder adjusters and Pro Ultralite has professional aluminium adjusters on lap and shoulder straps. Got it? Call or email us if you have any questions!

Here is a handy guide table for the TRS FIA Harness Options:

Shoulder StrapsShoulder AdjusterLap StrapsLap Adjusters
TRS Magnum75mmSteel75mmSteel
TRS Magnum Superlite75mmAuminium75mmSteel
TRS Magnum Superlite HANS50mmAluminium75mmSteel
TRS Magnum Ultralite75mmAluminium75mmAluminium
TRS Magnum Ultralite HANS50mmAluminium75mmAluminium
TRS Pro75mmSteel50mmSteel
TRS Pro Superlite75mmAluminium50mmSteel
TRS Pro Superlite HANS50mmAluminium50mmSteel
TRS Pro Ultralite75mmAluminium50mmAluminium
TRS Pro Ultralite HANS50mmAluminium50mmAluminium

TRS Road Legal ECE Harnesses

ECE regulation 16.06 approved harnesses means that the product is certified as safe for use on UK public roads. There are two types of TRS road safety harnesses; Bolt-in and Clubman.

TRS Bolt-in Options

TRS Bolt-in harnesses are available in 3 point and 4 point fixing and the straps are, as the name suggests, bolted into the car chassis. The TRS ECE Bolt-in harnesses are the most basic and affordable options available in the range. Still very high quality, but great value for sports cars and saloons. There is a choice of Red, Blue or Black harnesses as standard for super-fast delivery. Silver, Yellow, Green and Orange are also available to custom order, but may take a little longer to arrive – usually only an extra 7-10 days.

Webbing (straps) are 50mm wide, shoulder straps are adjustable and the catch is a push button release, similar in style to a standard car seat belt clip. A fitting kit is also included with the harness.

As with all harnesses, remember that they are priced per harness, not per pair.

TRS Clubman Options

The Clubman version of TRS harness is very similar to the bolt-in version and is still ECE regulation 16.06 homologated for UK roads. The Clubman is also available in 3 point or 4 point configurations. The key differences are that the lap straps have a 75mm pad sewn in, for extra comfort, plus the straps have snap hook attachments rather than bolted-down fixings. This means that they can be easily removed or allow easy passenger access to rear seats, if required. The harnesses come complete with 7/16” UNF eyebolts for the snap hooks to latch on to. The Clubman has the same push button buckle and same colour options.

Importantly, the Clubman harnesses are also available with short shoulder straps option for use in 2-seater cars when the straps do you have to reach as far to be securely anchored. This options is selectable in the drop down menus on the product page as it is ideal for a Caterham, Lotus Elise, Honda S2000, BMW Z4, etc.

The TRS Clubman harness is a superb and affordable option for road going cars and also occasional track day cars, where safety is paramount but every day use is also possible.

Custom Order TRS Harnesses

Do you know the exact specification of the safety harness that you require for your vehicle? Building a sports car or maybe preparing a track car for competition? Please use our bespoke harness custom order service and complete this order form. Print it out, fill it in and then scan it (or take a photo of it) and email it to us at [email protected] We will then contact you with the lowest price possible and how long it will take to manufacture, right here in the UK. Small word of advice - custom made items are non-refundable unless faulty (which never happens), so be ultra careful when specifying the requirements.

Click here for the TRS custom harness order form

If you need any help or just friendly advice, then please give us a call on 01582 787377 or email [email protected] and we will support you.

TRS Accessories

If you require a crutch strap, TRS shoulder strap harness pads or fixings, then please contact us and we’ll be more than help to help.

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TRS Harnesses

TRS Harnesses are available in many variations which are broken down firstly into two main categories. TRS Magnum Harnesses feature 3 Inch (76mm) shoulder and waist straps. TRS Pro Harnesses feature 3 Inch (76mm) shoulder straps and 2 Inch (51mm) waist straps.

The TRS Magnum range of harnesses come as standard with steel anti-slip adjusters on shoulder and waist straps. Or you can choose Magnum Superlite harness which has lightweight aluminium adjusters on the shoulder straps only. Magnum Ultralite harnesses feature lightweight aluminium adjusters on shoulder and waist straps.

Likewise, the TRS Pro range of harnesses come as standard with steel adjusters on the shoulder straps and plastic adjusters on the waist. A Pro Superlite harness will have lightweight aluminium adjusters on the shoulder straps only. And a TRS Pro Ultralite harness has lightweight aluminium adjusters on both the shoulder and waist straps.

The Clubman range of TRS harnesses are approved for road use. Ideal for trackday cars and kit cars where FIA approval is not required.

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