Commercial mower rental near me

Commercial mower rental near me DEFAULT

Z-Mower-52” 25HP Rental

4 Hour Rental

$139 US

Daily Rental

$199 US

Weekly Rental

$597 US

Monthly Rental

$1493 US

Z-Mower-52” 25HP Product

Z-Mower-52” 25HP


  • Commercial duty Z Mower for large area cutting and production
  • Twin stick- Zero turn style controls
  • Premium after cut appearance

Quick Specs

  • 25Hp Kohler Command engine
  • 52” deck- 3 Blade design
  • 5 mph max ground speed
  • 1”-5.5” adjustable cutting height
  • Available with trailer for transport


* Models vary based on location and availability.

The Home Depot® Rental provides large equipment, tools, trucks and trailers at more than 1,100 convenient locations. Save time and money by renting the pro-grade tools and equipment you need in one place.


Dealer Insights


Daily: $120
Minimum: (4 hrs): $80
Weekly: $480
Monthly $1440

Prices are subject to change without notice. Reservations are strongly suggested to ensure availability.

-Daily rentals are up to 24 hours. However, Saturday rentals are due back by 4:30 pm.
-Saturday rentals from 4:30pm to Monday by 8:30am are charged one day with a maximum of 8 hours on the hour meter.
-All rentals must be returned during regular store hours.
-A valid drivers license is required for all rentals.
-Minimum rental periods are 4 hrs unless otherwise noted.
-Reservations are not required, but are strongly encouraged to ensure availability.
-Payment is required up front for all rentals.
-Rates are based on number of hours out, not number of hours used.
-Prices are subject to change without notice.
-Fuel-powered machines go out with a full tank of fuel and must return full.

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Stand-on mowers stand out.

More landscape professionals are using stand-on mowers every day, and it’s easy to understand why. A cross between mid-size walk-behinds and zero-turn riders, stand-on mowers are fast, highly maneuverable and compact, offering the operator improved visibility and greater productivity. Of course, not all stand-on mowers are created equal. Learn more about how the innovative Toro GrandStand mower stands above the rest.

Why Choose A Stand-On?

  • Size — More compact than most walk-behinds and riders, stand-on mowers take up less trailer space, are easier to get in and out of tight places, and are less objectionable to many property owners.
  • Productivity — The speed and maneuverability of stand-on mowers, and the ease with which operators can get on and off the machine to pick up debris, help increase productivity.
  • Visibility — Exceptional visibility allows operators to steer clear of obstacles and do higher-quality work.

What To Look For

  • Not all stand-on mowers are created equal. Performance, operator comfort, ease of use, and factory support can vary significantly. When choosing a stand-on mower, consider the following:
    • Construction — Both a commercial-grade design and quality materials are important in standing up to the rigors of commercial use.
    • Performance — Your mower needs to perform well on all types of terrain and in varying conditions. 
    • Look for an adjustable deck that can help you tackle any kind of turf. Also, make sure the manufacturer of your equipment has a proven track record in the areas of product development and turf care expertise.
    • Support you can count on — Your business relies upon more than just the products in your fleet. 
    • Partner with someone who can keep your business up and running through strong service support and parts availability – when YOU need it.

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If you need you lawn and garden equipment repaired, we have technicians that can repair most brands of lawn equipment from tuneups to parts replacements. Bring in your item. If you can't wait for your repair to be done, why not rent a replacement item if needed.


Near me commercial mower rental

Mac Equipment Tennessee

Mac equipment focuses on being a one- stop shop outdoor power dealership while maintaining and repairing all outdoor power equipment for the landscape professional and consumer looking to maximize their time with Zero to little down time. Here at Mac Equipment, we understand that service after the sale is very important. We strive to be the best in the business for all your parts, sales and service needs for your lawn equipment. With many units in stock and no pushy salesman our mower experts take time to make sure that you feel comfortable with what your purchasing and that the customer understands the operation and features of the machine of your choice. Our goal is not to sell you the biggest and most expensive mower in the store, but the right equipment for the job. We take pride in our workmanship and strive to deliver excellent customer service for every customer that walks into our doors. Mac Equipment truly believes that its not the brand or color, you are buying the parts department, the service center, and the attitude and integrity of the business and its people. Unlike the big box store, Mac Equipment is locally owned and operated. We concentrate on delivering the items the other guys don’t. From the setup of the equipment or the parts sales and rental department we set our goals with the highest expectations. Mac equipment was Incorporated in January of 2021 by Craig Mcpherson. Craig has worked in the outdoor power industry since 2011. From working in the service, sales, parts and rental department to managing multiple locations Craig has always had a passion for bringing high quality commercial brands to the entire middle Tennessee area. Mac equipment truly understands that our customers are everything. No customer is too small. We want to deliver an amazing experience for everyone that walks in our door with affordable genuine equipment. With Two locations located conveniently right off 840 and in Lewisburg off I65, stop in and check us out. You won’t be disappointed you did.

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