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I have been swooning over woven wall hangings for the longest time, but never committed to making one myself because in all honesty, I possess absolutely no sewing skills what-so-freaking-ever, friends.

After prematurely deciding that making a woven tapestry myself  would be too time-consuming and difficult, I began browsing Etsy for over-sized varieties, and quickly discovered that if I wanted a substantial piece, it was going to cost me at least $ With all of the major home improvement projects I have been saving for recently, I thought it would be financially irresponsible not to try my hand at making one myself. After all, I am a  DIY blogger.

After doing a little research, I decided to forgo the macrame (because it was a little intimidating) and yarn seemed the most user-friendly. To my satisfaction, this project ended up being stupid easy (not to mention therapeutic)! So, let me show you how I made this large wall hanging for around $

DIY yarn wall hanging



Woven Tapestry Materials

  • a variety of yarn  ( I used 5 packs- with 4 different colors and varying thickness.)
  • scissors
  • 3 ft long dowel rod
  • jute (optional)
  • gold spray paint (optional)

(Step 1)If you want to add a pop of glam to your wall hanging, you can spray paint your rod gold or copper. Initially I was unsure, but eventually decided to paint mine gold. Just be sure the rod is dry before proceeding. Heck… if you wanted to go a little more rustic,you could use a tree branch.

(Step 2) I already knew exactly where I wanted to hang my tapestry, so I went ahead and tied some jute to the ends of my dowel rod and hung it in the position I knew I wanted it. This gave me a good idea of how to cut the yarn dimensions as well.  The jute simply stabilized the rod for me as I worked.

yarn wall hanging DIY

(Step 3) Decide on a color scheme when choosing your yarn. I used four different colors, and purchased yarn in various thickness.

(Step 4) Cut your yarn. I already knew what shape I wanted my tapestry to be, so  I decided to make my outside pieces short and gradually extend the length of the yarn as I worked my way to the center. You will need to be sure you cut the pieces double the length you want them to hang.  As you can tell, I was not precise about making my cuts….I just eyeballed it and hoped for the best. Just have fun with it!  I found it most efficient to cut the yarn in batches.

large woven wall hanging tutorial

(Step 5) Tie your yarn onto the dowel like you would tie a luggage tag onto a suitcase.  Fold the yarn in half, make sure the loop is underneath the dowel and then pull the ends of the yarn through the loop tightly. You will repeat this process until you are satisfied with the width of the wall hanging.

(Step 6) Once I decided that my tapestry was full enough, I decided to cut the jute off of my dowel and hang the rod directly on top of a thick, heavy-duty nail. Essentially, the dowel rod is balancing on top of the nail. If you prefer the look of the jute simply keep it.

boho tapestry diy

(Step 7) Make final adjustments to length, colors or general composition. If you want to add more shape to your wall hanging, simply cut the yarn more distinctly. Not happy with the colors or the composition? You can always untie the pieces you don’t like and start over. No biggie!

(Step 8) Admire the shiznit out of your beautiful creation and pour yourself a cocktail.

Now get out there and design some good vibes. Be sure to spread the love and pin!…

DIY boho wall hanging

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Sours: https://designingvibes.com/stupid-easy-yarn-wall-hanging/

15 Woven Yarn Wall Hangings

Woven yarn wall hangings are a gorgeous way to add color and texture to your walls! From simple to intricate, here are 15 gorgeous wall hangings here to inspire your creativity!

15 Gorgeous Woven Yarn Wall Hangings

1. Embroidery Hoop Yarn Hanging: Turn an embroidery hoop into a piece of art. The textured yarn adds an awesome touch! Find the tutorial over at Brit + Co.


2. Cinco De Mayo Wall Hanging: I just can&#;t get over how gorgeous this symmetrical piece is! Find the tutorial over at Simply Grove.


3. DIY Mini Weaving Loom: This tutorial will teach you how to make your own mini loom, and then you can use the loom to make an adorable weaving. Find the tutorial over at Miss Amy Phipps.


4. Mini Macrame Wall Hanging: Macrame makes for a pretty patterned piece, too. Find the tutorial over at Parlor.


5. God&#;s Eye Wall Hangings: God&#;s eye weavings aren&#;t just for kids. They&#;ll look great on your wall as well! Find the tutorial over at Persia Lou.


6. Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving: This idea uses a loom made out of a clipboard! Find the tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.


7. Framed Yarn Wall Hanging: You won&#;t need a loom to make this wall hanging, just a simple frame. Find the tutorial over at A Parede Indecisa.


8. DIY Woven Wall Hanging: This combination of color and texture makes for a real statement piece. Find the tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.


9. Tassel Wall Hanging: Stacked tassels create a neat layered effect. Find the tutorial over at Mollie Makes.


Nature Patterned Wall Hangings: With a little careful attention to detail, you can weave almost any pattern you like! Find the tutorial over at Jesus-Sauvage.


Authentic DIY Wall Decoration: If you really want to get creative, add texture with braids or objects collected from nature. Find the tutorial over at My Desired Home.


DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging: A collection of pom poms makes for an explosion of color on your wall! Find the tutorial over at Sugar and Cloth.


DIY Woven Wall Hanging: The muted colors on this weaving are so classy, but you can choose whatever color combination you prefer! Find the tutorial over at Honestly WTF.


DIY Wovan Yarn Wall Hangings: If a simple design is more your style, this is the wall hanging for you. Find the tutorial over at The Kitchy Kitchen.


Weaving Class: The Basics: New to weaving? This tutorial will teach you all you need to know- and with beautiful results! Find the tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess.


Even if you&#;ve never tried making woven yarn wall hangings before, I hope you&#;ve found something here to inspire you! Give one of these ideas a try, and you&#;ll end up with a piece of art to enjoy for years to come!


Sours: https://www.makeandtakes.com/woven-yarn-wall-hangings
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Wool Tapestries( items)

Andean Birdsong

Colorful Geometric Handwoven Wool Tapestry (4x5)

Andean Birdsong, Colorful Geometric Handwoven Wool Tapestry (4x5)

Eliazar Ochoa

Peru's national bird, the cock of the rocks, appears in brilliant mirror images. Inspiring Eliazar Ochoa, they are dazzling on a handwoven tapestry. Aligned with diamonds, the voluptuous birdsread more

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Sours: https://www.novica.com/wall-decor/tapestries/wool/
Woolen Wall Hanging - Woolen Craft - Woolen Home Decoration - DIY Feather Wall Hanging - Yarn Craft

How to Make an Easy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

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Trendy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Add color and texture to your decor with an easy-to-make yarn wall hanging.

Measure Lengths of Yarn

Place the dowel on a flat surface, begin measuring the yarn from the top of the dowel to the maximum desired length. Double the length of the yarn and cut, repeating as needed until there are enough pieces to spread across the dowel.

Lay in Desired Pattern

Combine like colors to create fullness. Design a pattern by laying yarn in your preferred order, leaving the strands doubled in order to form a loop at the top.

Attach to Dowel

Once you’ve perfected your pattern, secure each cluster of yarn to the dowel individually by looping the strand through itself. Slide the looped strands to one end of the dowel to make room for the remaining bunches of yarn. For added flair, incorporate a braided leather cord.

Trim and Shape

After making sure your strands are even, comb through the yarn to ensure all strands are straight and untangled. Create a chevron shape along the lower portion of yarn using tape. To ensure a straight angle, we used the remainder of the wooden dowel. Cut along the inside of the tape. To create texture and interest, consider mixing in a few wooden beads by simply sliding them up the yarn.

Attach Hanging Cord to Dowel

Finally, knot a leather cord to both ends of the dowel so you can easily hang your gorgeous new wall art.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-make-a-colorful-wall-hanging

Art wool wall

Wall hangings made with yarn are all the rage these days, and with good reason&#; they add some serious bohemian charm to any space, and they also use up all that leftover yarn you probably have laying around. Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite DIY wall hangings made out of yarn scraps.

1. Stitched Embroidery Wall Hanging

Stitched embroidery wall hanging

This colorful wall hanging is made with lots of different yarn scraps, stitched in a random manner that gives it a very organic and freeform sort of vibe. And it&#;s a great way to get rid of leftover yarn! Head over to Lebenslustiger to check out the tutorial.

2. Fringe Wall Hanging

Yarn wall hanging simple

This simple wall hanging has fringe along the bottom in a cream colored yarn, with copper brown accents along the sides. And you won&#;t believe how easy this one is to make! Head on over to Drawn To DIY to find out all the details of this stylish little piece.

3. Mop Head Wall Hanging

Mop head yarn wall hanging

This textured wall hanging is made with contrasting yarn colors, along with a couple of wooden beads and some mini pom poms. The key is to layer different shapes and lengths over one another. Make your way over to Cuckoo 4 Design to check out the tutorial.

4. Wreath Wall Hanging

Woven wool wreath

This uniquely shaped wall hanging has a shape similar to a holiday wreath, and it is made by weaving bulky yarn in and out through a round wreath form. Add a big pom pom for a finishing touch! Head over to We Are Scout to see the whole how-to.

5. Mini Wall Weaving

Diy mini wall weaving

This tiny little weaving is a great way to add a pop of color to any nook or cranny in your home. And all you&#;ll need to make it is a piece of cardboard and some yarn! Make your way over to Delineate Your Dwelling to check out the full tutorial.

6. Yarn Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Pom pom yarn wall hanging diy

This whimsical wall hanging is made with yarn as well, but this time the focus is pom poms. Choose three yarn colors, and begin making pom poms using the helpful instructions over at Brepurposed. Hang them from a stick, and your wall hanging is finished!

7. No-Weave Wall Hanging

No weave wall hanging

Yes, this wall hanging is woven&#; but no, you don&#;t have to weave it yourself! The key is to grab a woven accent rug and repurpose it by turning it into a wall hanging with lots of pretty fringe. Make your way over here to check out the full tutorial.

8. Simple Fringe Wall Hanging

Diy wall hanging uneven

This beautiful piece is actually one of the easiest ones to make, thanks to the simple process of creating fringe. These are long, and trimmed in a unique way along the bottom &#; giving it some serious personality. Head over to A Pretty Fix to check out the how-to.

9. Dip Dyed Tassel Wall Hanging

Dip dye tassel wall hanging

Here we have a colorful wall hanging made with white yarn that&#;s been dyed so that the bottoms of the tassels have bright, saturated color. And here&#;s the best part &#; they are dyed with Cool Aid! Head over to Lolly Jane to check out the complete instructions.

Double Ring Wall Hanging

Double ring wall hanging

This beautiful wall hanging is another simple one that requires only a simple fringe-making technique, but the key here is to purchase two metal rings in different sizes to attach the fringe to. Head on over to Homey Oh My to find out all the details.

Circular Wall Hanging

Circular yarn wall hanging

This yarn wall hanging is unique in that the fringe is attached to a ring all the way around, and then it is hung on the wall vertically so the bottom of the fringe forms a semi circle shape. Make your way over to Plaster and Disaster to check out the tutorial.

Giant Pom Pom Wall Art

Giant multicolor pom pom wall hanging

This piece is made with a combination of pom poms and fringe, but this time the pom poms are quite large and made with many different yarn colors creating a vibrant multi-colored effect. Head on over to We Are Scout to find out how to create this yourself.

Dowel Rod Wall Art

Wooden dowel yarn craft

These unique pieces are made with short pieces of wooden dowel rod which are criss-crossed and then yarn is woven around and around to create beautiful diamond shaped wall hangings. Make your way over to Persia Lou to check out the tutorial.

Gold Dipped Fringe Hanging

Gold dipped yarn hanging

This beautiful wall hanging is made with cream colored yarn that is then spray painted along the bottom with metallic gold spray paint. Painted beads are added for pops of color. Head on over to Oleander + Palm to check out the full tutorial.

All Black Tassel Hanging

Processed with vscocam with s2 preset

This unique piece is made with all black &#; black yarn, beads and even the dowel rod at the top is black. And the strategic placement of each tassel gives it a very orderly, geometric look. Make your way over to Homey Oh My to find out all the details.

Colorful Weaving

Colorful weaving wall hanging

Now, for some color&#; this wall hanging is woven using a basic loom, and then lots of tassel shaped pieces are added in different areas. Be sure to use contrasting colors to get this vibrant effect. Check out the full tutorial over at Gathering Beauty.

Mini Circular Wall Hanging Set

Mini circle wall hangings

This set of three miniature wall hangings looks great hanging up staggered as shown above, in three contrasting colors. And creating the circular shape isn&#;t as difficult as you might expect! Head on over to A Pretty Fix to find out how to make these yourself.

Diagonal Wall Hanging

Diagonal yarn wall art

This large piece would have a bold effect on a large empty wall, thanks to its diagonal lines and bright colors. It is incredibly simple to make, but will take some patience to attach all that fringe. Check out the tutorial over at Two Thirty Five Designs. 

Circular Pom Pom Wall Art

Circular pom pom wall hanging

This stunning piece is made with tons of yarn scraps, by forming them into lots and lots of pom poms. They are then arranged into a circular shape by gluing them to a wooden backing. Head on over to Sugar and Cloth to find out all the details.

Shaggy Wall Hanging

Shaggy weaving wall hanging

If you&#;re more into the messy, organic sort of look, then you&#;re sure to love this shag wall hanging. This is actually made using a simple loom, but all of the ends are left uneven to create this fun effect. Make your way to The Weaving Loom to find out more.

Macrame Garland

Macrame garland yarn

This piece is fun because you can make it as long as you want, making it a good solution for a large empty wall or an oddly shaped space. And the process is really quite simple! Head on over to A Beautiful Mess to find out all the details about this fun project.

Mop Weaving

Mop wall hanging

This beautiful bohemian style piece is literally made out of a mop, and strung across a stick that you can find in your backyard. Talk about a great example of upcycling! Make your way over to Nesting Place to find out how to recreate this piece yourself.

Layered Chevron Wall Hanging

Layered chevron wall hanging

This beautiful piece is made with a series of tassels that are arranged in a chevron pattern, and then layered on top of one another to create an eye-catching final product. Head on over to Mollie Makes to find out all the details about this colorful wall hanging.

Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame mini wall hanging

This piece is all about the texture that is created from a technique called macrame, something that was very popular in the &#;s and then came back in the 90&#;s in the form of friendship bracelets. Make your way over to Parlor Diary to find out how to make this piece.

Floral Wall Hanging

Floral yarn wreath triangular

This beautiful wreath-style wall hanging is made with yarn and a handful of floral elements, giving it an elegant yet bohemian vibe which will add some serious pizzazz to your wall. Head on over to Design Love Fest to find out all the details.

Sours: https://www.diys.com/yarn-wall-hangings/
DIY Room Decor - Dream Catcher Wall Hanging Craft!!..

43 Inspiration DIY Woven Wall Hangings For Your Home

*We hope you enjoy all the crafty posts! Just so you know some links on this page may be affiliate links. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy.

43 Inspiration DIY Woven Wall Hangings For Your Home. | Coolcrafts.com

One of the biggest home decor trends we&#;ve noticed of late are woven wall hangings, and we have a feeling they won&#;t be going anywhere anytime soon (rejoice!).

To celebrate all things woven, plaited, and pom pom-adorned, we&#;ve rounded-up 43 of the best DIY yarn wall hanging tutorials &#; so far, it&#;s the largest collection of the trendy, do-it-yourself projects that you&#;ll find.

So whether you prefer your yarn wall hangings to be vibrant, understated, dip-dyed, geometric inspired, or anything else in-between &#; we&#;ve got the perfect woolen masterpiece for you to create below!

DIY yarn wall hanging

How gorgeous is this DIY yarn wall hanging from the girls at A Beautiful Mess? We love the vibrant colors used. You can recreate this masterpiece by following their tutorial!

DIY woven wall hanging

Here’s another stunning DIY woven wall hanging from A Beautiful Mess, this time featuring a fun geometric design. We can’t wait to recreate this ourselves!

DIY woven wall hanging

A Beautiful Mess also has this fantastic tutorial to help you create a DIY woven wall hanging that’s full of texture! You can mix and match this design with your favorite colors too.

woven wall hanging

All Put Together has a colorful tutorial to help you make a woven wall hanging just like this one. We love the added yarn hanging out from the sides too!

DIY yarn wall hangings

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY yarn wall hangings in this round-up, Almost Makes Perfect has created this intriguing design. It might look simple, but we think it’s also very stylish!

yarn wall hanging

If all-white is more your thing, you’ll love this DIY yarn wall hanging from A Pretty Fix. It’s filled with different textures and weaving methods – we adore it!

DIY yarn wall hangings

You can even get the kiddies in on some DIY yarn wall hangings, thanks to this project idea from Art Bar Blog. They’re easy to make and plenty of fun too!

dip dyed wall hanging

These two woven wall hangings from Brit + Co are unbelievably stunning – to think that you can easily recreate them yourself at home! We love the dip-dyed effect too.

macrame wall hanging

You can also create some pretty amazing macramé wall hangings using yarn, just as Brit + Co show us in this insightful tutorial! Make one for your own home, or why not gift one to a loved one?

woven wool wall art

Speaking of Brit + Co, here’s one more DIY woven wall hanging tutorial which you’re going to love! It features pom pom trimming, tassels, and plenty of yarn of course!

modern yarn wall hanging

Here’s another really simple yarn wall hanging, this time from Burkatron. We love how she’s added interest with wooden beads and plaiting. Brilliant!

no weave wall hanging for valentines day

A yarn wall hanging that looks like a heart? Count us in! This neutral color palette from Classic in Gray will suit any space.

woven wall hanging

Here’s a fancy looking woven wall hanging from Consumer Crafts. We love the way that a twig can be used to hang it on – very clever!

yarn wall hanging

Love simple geometric lines and vibrant colors? Decoist does too, so created this elegant yarn wall hanging. Superb!

mini woven hangings

Want to learn how to create these cute mini woven hangings? The Etsy blog will show you everything you need to know!

rope copper wall hanging

This DIY wall hanging featuring copper and white woven rope is so on-trend right now! You won’t want to miss this tutorial from Everyday With Sarah.

woven wall hanging

This cool DIY design from Fall For DIY uses both weaving and macramé techniques – how clever! Want to make your own? Don’t miss the step-by-step guide.

devi woven wall hanging

Here are four colorful designs from For the Makers and we can’t choose which one we love the most! Fancy creating one (or all four) of these yourself? Follow the tutorial for everything you’ll need.

woven wall art

This woven wall art from Free People is very unique and certainly not like anything we’ve seen before! They’d make great additions to any space.

DIY woven wall hanging

Here’s a very pretty DIY woven wall hanging from Gathering Beauty which will make the perfect gift for a loved one this festive season. Who wouldn’t want to hang this beauty on their wall?

modern yarn hanging

This knotted yarn design from Homey Oh My is one-of-a-kind! We also love the way the blogger has incorporated a gold ring into the wall hanging. Gorgeous!

tassel wall hanging

If you have a blank wall you want to jazz-up, but don’t want to spend heaps of time creating an intricate yarn hanging, this is the DIY project for you! Honestly WTF created this tassel masterpiece instead.

woven wall hanging

Here’s another example of a woven wall hanging you can create using a branch to hang it on. Honestly WTF will show you how!

tassel wall hanging

Speaking of yarn tassels, here’s another unique take on the design, this time from I Love Love Events. What a versatile project!

colorful yarn masterpiece

I Spy DIY has created this vibrant and colorful yarn masterpiece which looks perfect hanging on her wall. You could easily whip this up within just an hour or two.

lap loom woven wall hanging

If you prefer yarn wall hangings with a mixture of tassels and weaving, then this DIY project from Mama in a Stitch is for you! Where will you display yours once it’s finished?

yarn wall hanging tutorial

Here’s another DIY version of the cascading yarn masterpieces we’ve seen floating around on the internet! Michelle Phan has used a softer, more neutral color scheme for hers.

tassel wall hanging

How great is this yarn wall hanging from Mollie Makes? Something like this could set you back hundreds of dollars online (we’re not joking!), so we’re stoked to see that you can create this yourself by following the tutorial’s steps.

DIY yarn tapestry

This DIY yarn tapestry uses a whole bunch of our favorite crafty methods – whether it be pom poms, plaited yarn, or yarn knotted together. Pretty Prudent has this wonderful tutorial for you!

wall hanging

P.S I Made This is famous for her creative DIY projects and this one is no exception! It also looks very simple to create, which is a bonus.

woven yarn wall hanging

This awesome DIY woven yarn wall hanging actually uses a wide variety of weaving techniques – how great is that? Recess With Ashley will show you how to do each on too!

minature woven yarn wall hanging

Turn your woven wall hangings into framed masterpieces – literally! The Gathered Home has used some ornate frames to take hers to a whole new level.

yarn wall hanging

Here’s a great example of a design that incorporates nature into the project. The Good Times Homestore has created a yarn wall hanging with a difference!

DIY woven wall hanging

Is there anything that The House That Lars Built can’t do? She’s made this DIY woven wall hanging using the colors of the American flag – hooray!

yarn wall hangings

Wow, these yarn wall hangings from The House That Lars Built are so unique! We love the way they seem to burst full of color. What a great addition to any space!

yarn weaving to hang on her wal

The Interiors Addict created this cute little yarn weaving to hang on her wall. We love the simplicity and vibrant colors of it! You can create your own by following her full tutorial.

rug to wall tapestry

This DIY wall hanging from The Kipi Blog is gorgeous – it’s the first one we’ve seen that actually incorporates flowers. Stunning! Check out her tutorial to see how you can recreate your own.

DIY wall hanging

The Nester has created an eclectic, all-white yarn wall hanging to decorate her space. We think it’s very stylish indeed!

bath mat wall hanging

This is going to shock you, but this wall hanging was actually created from a bath mat – talk about clever! The Vintage Rug Shop will take you through the step-by-step process.

wall hanging with tassels

Here’s another elegant DIY wall hanging from The Vintage Rug Shop, this time featuring a laid-back and stylish geometric-inspired design. You’ll love creating this one!

woven wall hanging featuring love hearts

A woven wall hanging featuring love hearts and swirly shapes? Count us in! We love what Veronimama has done with these two DIY yarn weavings.

DIY woven hanging

This stunning DIY woven hanging features elegant colors and two layers of cascading yarn. Washingtonian is the genius behind the DIY design!

pom pom wall hanging

Here’s something a little bit different also using plenty of yarn. We Are Scout created a wall hanging featuring colorful pom poms and plenty of cascading yarn. It’s like the DIY project of our dreams!

There you have it &#; 43 DIY yarn wall hangings which will add style to any blank wall! Which projects were your favorites? We&#;d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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Sours: https://www.coolcrafts.com/woven-wall-hangings/

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