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What is HTC Car?




HTC Car helps you get easy access to music, maps, navigation, and phone calls while driving. It automatically launches when you mount your HTC device in HTC Car Kit. Removing the Device from the Kit will automatically disable the HTC Car mode.
From the main panel, you can tap on the available shortcuts and get immediate access to your favorite function or application.

HTC Car helps you get easy access to music, maps, navigation, and phone calls while driving. It automatically launches when you mount your HTC device

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NIROSHA HTC M8 Car Kit Combo -M8-TG-TBC-UC-CC-MH-AC-HP-CHAR Accessory Combo  (Transparent)

Tempered Glass High Quality Tempered Glass Screen Guard. Anti Scratch, Clear Finish, UV Filter Layer, Anti Finger, Anti Sunlight, does not Leave any marks or residue after removing the Screen Guard, Long Lasting. Back cover The flexible back cover is made out of % premium material and is a great, light-weight option for protecting your valuable gadget. The durable case absorbs shock from any accidental drops or bumps. You have full access to all buttons without removing it from the case. The back cover is truly like a second skin and a must have accessory for your daily needs. USB Cable Data and charging cable. Car Charger It is always good to have a backup car mobile charger as it can come in handy during emergencies or if you’re the on-the-go mobile user. This High Quality Dual USB car charger can safely charge two devices at once quickly. You can use the charger to get unlimited play as well as standby time for your smartphone. Also, the charger’s sleek and ergonomic design makes it blend well with your car’s dashboard design. Car Mobile Holder Based on power suction technology, get thepower of convenience while you drive - Attach it anywhere on the wall, in the car, on the desk, goes with most smartphones. AUX Cable Connect your phone to your car stereo with this handy AUX cable with a mm jack. Compatible with most smartphones and car stereos. Enjoy your drive. Headphone High Quality sound with super bass. Engineered to minimise sound loss and maximise sound output. Comes with a microphone. Design is defined by the geometry of the ear for maximum comfort. Designed for greater protection from sweat and water. Answer and end calls Supported by all models of smartphones. Comes with standard mm jack. NO VOLUME CONTROLS. USB Charger 1 Amp High Speed USB charger. Comes with USB cable.

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Kit htc car


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