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Design Your Own Personalized Rolling Trays

We’re over buying pieces and accessories that don’t look exactly how we want them. Weed isn’t just a hobby, its a lifestyle. When we go into a smoke shop, we usually want to come out with something that is uniquely ours– a piece or a grinder that reflects our style and who we are.  It gets super frustrating which is why Dankzilla products, like our personalized rolling trays, are 100% customizable.

Personalized Rolling Trays

First of all, everyone needs a rolling tray. If you don’t have one yet, we’re assuming you’re also misplacing your grinder and lighter pretty often. Investing in a nice rolling tray means keeping your stash and your accessories together so that you don’t have to go hunting for your stuff for twenty minutes. We’ve all been there. Our quality rolling trays create the perfect kit for you to keep all of your smoker’s necessities in one place. No more rolling on the counter or your poor living room table and making a mess anymore. The sunken design of our rolling trays keeps everything neat and clean and protects your table that you’re going to be too lazy to clean anyways.

Mahogany color personalized rolling tray with hot air balloons example image

Customized To You

But in all honesty, the best part of creating a personalized rolling tray is that it is completely unique to you. Not only are you getting something functional, you’re creating a piece of art that you get to add to your place and your collection. You won’t be walking into your friends place a week later to find out they bought the exact same thing. You can create an entirely private design that is uniquely yours.  Want other people to use it too? You can choose to share it in our community gallery when you check out and help inspire other creations.

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Custom Rolling Tray

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Custom Mini Glow LED Rolling Tray

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Custom Rolling Tray 5 inch x 8 inch- Create Your Own Unique Design - Polymer Unbreakable Tray - Made in America


  • May be used as a Custom Drink Tray 
  • Upload a file (under 100MB)
  • 5in X 8in

Custom rolling trays are perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their rolling tray. Whether you want to get your logo, a picture of your pet, significant other, a cartoon image or really ANYTHING, we can do it.

Custom Design Rolling Tray
If you’re like us, you love to leave your mark on everything from your home screen to your serving tray. What better way to express yourself than through your own custom personalized accessory.

Furthermore, our trays are incredibly durable. We use the best quality materials on the market (Polymer Unbreakable) to ensure our customers are getting the very best products available.

Our custom rolling trays are made from a non-irritant polymer which means no nasty chemicals! Another fantastic quality of polymer is its durability. I bet it would be near impossible to break our trays, even if you tried!

How to Order
Simply upload a picture of your tray through the "Upload File" button. Once you pay for it, you will be getting an email about your current order that is processing.

Once we finish printing your order and ship it out, we will update your order with a tracking number.

Rolling Tray Sets.. From Start to Finish - Pack an Order With Me - How To Make A Rolling Tray

Custom Rolling Trays Small


Give your customers the ultimate branded blunt station. Solid tin construction keeps things light and sturdy so no crumb goes to waste. Its glossy surface makes it the perfect showcase for vivid branding with your logo. Ditch that magazine and roll like a pro.

QuantityUnit PriceTotal
100 $4.63 $463
250 $4.39 $1,098
500 $3.99 $1,995
1,000 $3.59 $3,590
1 $3.59 $3.59

The single unit price is for plain stock and only charged if the item is not available as a free sample. Shipping charges apply (please see the shipping tab).

Specification & additional info



The type of artwork you supply will depend on the printing process used for that particular product. Please refer to our guide below to enable you to supply the correct artwork.

Vector files: .eps , .pdf, .ai

Suitable for all types of print. The majority of print processes and product types don’t allow for the reproduction of tints of a solid colour, any tinted areas of your artwork will need to be converted to a solid colour.

Raster(pixel) files: .png , .jpg, .tiff

Suitable only for full colour/process/transfer print, cannot be used for screen printing, debossing or engraving.

What if I don't have vector format?

Our designers can convert your logo to vector format. You will need to provide artwork in high resolution format. Please don't resave your artwork using vector file format like .eps this makes no difference.

Possible extra costs

Please note that some products will have a setup cost added to the unit costs shown above. Setup costs vary from $15 - $100 depending on the items and can be per colour.


We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit terms
  • Credit card
  • Checks

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Shipping estimate

The shipping costs are based on the volume and weight of the shipment. If you would like to have an indication of the shipping charges, please feel free to ask for a quote. The costs of shipping will be shown on the quotation.

Express service now available on hundreds of products – many items can be printed and shipped the same day, please contact us for more details.


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Alternatively, email [email protected] with your requirements (please include logo or text and all relevant product information).

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