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The name or term "Wreckers" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Wreckers (disambiguation).
Wreck & Rule.

The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. Its ranks include a veritable who's-who of the obscure; mechs you've never heard much about, mostly because the Wreckers are often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim. Bluntly, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate. The Wreckers are a close-knit group that's more concerned with bursting in, guns-blazing, and doing their Thing, than they are concerned with, say, strategy. Despite their disregard for planning and the bodycount their team mounts, the Wreckers are amazingly successful. If it's a lost cause, the Wreckers will be there, winning the day with sheer guts and determination.

Perhaps the most celebrated leader of the Wreckers is Springer, though the memory of his former leader, Impactor, hangs over his head. The team also has vague ties to Ultra Magnus, and the Maximal future will bring leaders such as Apelinq and Primal Prime.

They're associated with Autobots like the Deluxe Vehicles and Jumpstarters, but when timesgetreallydesperate, they'll grab anyone: newly modified Autobots, Predacons, squishy humans, and even former Decepticons or the dying.


Generation 1 continuity family

Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel The Transformers comics

The Wreckers appeared exclusively in the UK portion of the Marvel Comics continuity.

They always smile after a nice massacre.

The Wreckers were EmirateXaaron's special ops squad, first being heard from during Trannis's dread advances. Their first mission was to assassinate Trannis himself and they succeeded (and that meant Straxus took over, whoops). Cybertron: The Middle Years!

In 1986, the roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Roadbuster, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin, and Rack'n'Ruin. They were later joined by Broadside, Sandstorm, and Springer (who became the team's leader after Impactor's death). The team were set to be at the business end of Operation: Volcano, killing ten of the most deadly Decepticons as they converged on a staged conference. Without Ultra Magnus around to help, however, they would have been massacred soon after and they came close to backing out, only to decide to do their duty. The Autobot Triple Changers were sent in as a replacement.

However, when Megatron called off the Decepticons' advance (truth be told, he didn't seem to know or care about it), the Wreckers' plans were also cancelled. As was Impactor's life, as one of the Decepticons, Macabre, had stayed behind to kill EmirateXaaron, and Impactor took the 'bullet' for him. Impactor named Springer his successor as he lay dying. Target: 2006

Later, the team and Ultra Magnus were misled into trying to kill Optimus Prime upon his return to Cybertron. Decepticons had planted misinformation that Prime was in fact a Decepticon made up to look like Prime. Fortunately for the Wreckers' record, Magnus and Xaaron uncovered the truth before anyone could kill the Autobots' Greatest Leader. Distant Thunder! During his stay on Cybertron, Optimus Prime led the Wreckers on a number of fruitful raids on Decepticon fuel stores. Resurrection!

Technician wreckers legion of the lost.jpg

After Optimus Prime returned to Earth, Autobase in Kalis was rocked by a huge explosion caused by the venting of an active nuclear reactor. Xaaron told the Wreckers of Megatron's ancient plan to turn Cybertron into a vast mobile battle station and that Autobase was potentially built on top of the engine room. Springer led the Wreckers to try to find the entrance to the sub-terranean facility but they were unable to locate it. Upon their return Autobase was attacked by hoards of undead Transformers, including their former leader, Impactor. Once the Wreckers and Xaaron were imprisoned, Flame revealed himself to be behind the explosion, as well as the reanimation of the dead. Though shaken by recent events Springer managed to escape the cell, taking Impactor with him. The current Wrecker leader did enough to reawaken some sense of self in the zombified Impactor before reaching the surface, where he met Ultra Magnus and the Sparkler Mini-Bots. Meanwhile, the other Wreckers had escaped and headed for the armory and, aided by a curious and vengeful Impactor, managed to reach the weapons necessary to defeat Flame's undead minions. With Trypticon's assistance, the Wreckers broke through to the main control room, where Xaaron was preparing to sacrifice himself in order to reach the reactor shut down control. Under orders to leave, the Wreckers fought their way past more reanimated corpses, leaving Impactor to save Xaaron twice again, firstly by killing Flame and then entering the radioactive chamber himself to deactivate the reactor. Xaaron made it to safety and gave thanks for the bravest being he had ever met. Legion of the Lost!Meltdown!

Sandstorm and Broadside are on good terms with Galvy.

In 1988 the Wreckers were tasked to bring down Galvatron. Both Xaaron and Springer had concerns about the mission, but deemed it necessary due to the danger posed by the future Decepticon leader. The team transported through an unstable dimensional portal, unwittingly landing in a small mid-western town, to be confronted not only by Galvatron but also his two former lieutenants, Cyclonus and Scourge. Unable to fight all three Decepticons as well as defend the human population, Springer managed to lure Cyclonus and Scourge away. Faced with a choice of allowing Galvatron to escape or aid their leader the Wreckers chose to help Springer. Galvatron was able to escape but the Wreckers vowed to return to finish the job. Wrecking Havoc

In an effort to reduce further risk to human life Xaaron sent an Advance Surveillance Unit, consisting of Broadside, Sandstorm, and Inferno, to set up a reconnaissance base. Though their primary mission was to observe and not interfere, the two Wreckers and Inferno could not help but go to the aid of a local town when a Firebug crash landed nearby and started multiple blazes. Firebug!

The Wreckers look on as Megatron goes Dreamwave on them.

The unit tracked Galvatron as he stockpiled equipment and supplies, and discovered his subterranean base. With space and time ripping themselves apart due to the future Decepticon's presence, Xaaron sent reinforcements in the shape of a Decepticon spacecraft carrying the rest of the Wreckers and the Mayhem Attack Squad, who had formed a crisis alliance. The two teams made their way to Galvatron's unguarded base and were able to walk straight in. Unfortunately Galvatron had formed his own alliance with Megatron (or at least, his clone) and they attacked the two elite squads, who quickly began to fall beneath the might of the crazed duo. Topspin was one of the first to fall, victim of Megatron's fusion cannon. Cracks soon showed in the alliance as Springer and Carnivac almost came to blows, blaming each other for the disastrous plan. They were interrupted by Scourge and Ravage, who had also allied themselves to Galvatron. Fortunately Springer was able to sow seeds of doubt about the cause of the space/time rift in Scourge's mind, distracting him. Springer then jumped him while Ravage was taken out by Carnivac. The Wreckers leader sounded the retreat and Carnivac reluctantly ordered his Mayhems to do the same.


The teams re-grouped at the Decepticon ship with Galvatron and Megatron hot on their heels. Galvatron announced his arrival by destroying Sandstorm with his Particle cannon. An enraged Roadbuster fetched an experimental Pathblaster and managed to blow half of Galvatron's face off. However the weapon was unstable and exploded, killing Roadbuster before he could use it again. Galvatron was only further madenned by his injury, ripping off Twin Twist's head and blasting Rack'n'Ruin. The remaining Wreckers were only saved by the arrival of reinforcements of Autobots and Decepticons from both the future and present day. With most of their members offline and the rest injured, the Wreckers did not play any further part in the battle. Time Wars

After the Time Wars, the few survivors (Springer, Broadside and Inferno) joined with other "outsiders"—both Autobot and Decepticon. The Decepticon ship they had used to reach Earth was stolen by Megatron and they were seemingly abandoned by High Command. With these new circumstances they ceased to use the Wreckers title and formed part of the (aptly named) Survivors. Survivors!

Marvel UK future timelines
...have granted me the right to join two Cybertronians in holy matrimony. You sure about your best man Magnus?

In an alternate future of 2510, the Wreckers killed the last Decepticon in battle, signifying the end of the war. Upon learning this news, Rodimus Prime called together his warriors at Autobase to announce that he was stepping down as Autobot leader and selected Springer as his replacement. Triton, a Decepticon double agent who had infiltrated the ranks of the Technobots, sought to sow dissent in the Autobot ranks and questioned Rodimus's choice, suggesting that Ultra Magnus would make a better leader.

The resulting argument quickly escalated when Scattershot shot Roadbuster, blowing his head clean off. Sandstorm retaliated by killing Triton and soon the Autobots had split into factions fighting a whole new war, to Rodimus Prime's great despair. Peace

Known members:

  • Both Roadbuster and Whirl were absent during the Flame incident and initial Galvatron mission. Roadbuster reappears and dies during the Time Wars but Whirl is never seen again. As Springer states that the rest of the Wreckers are with him on the Decepticon heavy transport ship, this may indicate that Whirl either left the Wreckers or was killed in action.
  • Dialogue in "Firebug!" suggests Inferno was not a Wrecker at this point. Later, in "Survivors!" and an annual bio, he was considered an ex-Wrecker. There is no indication of when he joined, most likely prior to "Time Wars".
  • Rack'n'Ruin and Inferno are missing from the alternate future roster in "Peace".
Regeneration One

Regeneration One continues from the Marvel US series, and does not include the UK stories or any subsequently published stories.

Great War? What Great War? Sorry, must have missed the call to arms. Did you make a mess?

Twenty-one years after the battle of Klo, Springer led a team of soldiers known as the Wreckers. Loosely under the jurisdiction of Ultra Magnus, the Wreckers were apparently separate from the standard Cybertronian Civil Defense rank-and-file. They stopped a terrorist act on Cybertron and later accompanied Kup to visit planets affected by the Great War. On their first stop, Earth, they discovered it had been devastated some time ago. Before they had chance to fully take in the devastation their ship was promptly blown out of the sky by Megatron. Loose Ends, Part 1

Wreckers loose ends 2.jpg

The unit managed to bail out of the ship in escape pods, crash landing on Earth. Somewhat battered, the Wreckers had little chance to fully take stock before Whirl delivered the news that reanimated Decepticons were on their way. Heading out Springer decided to try to contact Cybertron and aid the safe approach of reinforcements. Leaving the injured at a safe distance the remaining Wreckers attempted to reach the Deep Space Network at Goldstone. Sandstorm, Roadbuster and Leadfoot tried to keep the zombie Decepticons distracted while Kup, Springer and Whirl made a dash for the transmitter. The former trio were not totally successful so Kup turned to assist to allow his teammates to send the message. Unfortunately he was taken by surprise by Skywarp, knocked unconscious and quickly taken to Megatron. Meanwhile, a group of human survivors stumbled across Rack'n'Ruin and the injured Wreckers. Assuming the worse the humans attempted to flee, Rack'n'Ruin tried to go after them but was held off by Circuit SmasherLoose Ends, Part 2

Though initially distrustful, Circuit Smasher eventually allied himself with the Wreckers and explained how human interference with the Ark had led to the reactivation of Megatron. Somehow the Decepticon leader managed to turn the planet's defenses on itself, reactivated his fallen warriors and in a matter of hours had all but wiped out the Earth. Circuit Smasher took the Wreckers to meet G.B. Blackrock who told them that the Ark should be their key target as it formed the basis of Megatron's technology and defensive capabilities. However, before they could make any specific plans their meeting was interrupted by a call from Megatron who informed them that he had given Kup Scraplets. Loose Ends, Part 3

Wreckers loose ends 4.jpg

Springer once again split the Wreckers, while he, Sandstorm and Whirl went to meet Megatron the remaining bots and their human allies would assault the Ark. Both teams took heavy fire, Springer's squad were soon grounded by weight of numbers and the others got past the first wave of Ark defenses only to face a troupe of Guardian Units. Megatron was about to execute Springer when Optimus Prime arrived with reinforcements, the distraction allowing the zombie Starscream to tell Kup to kill Ratchet. Loose Ends, Part 4

Prime demanded the Megatron let Springer go, however the Decepticon leader merely goaded his nemesis by glibly blasting Springer's head off at point blank range. Blinded with rage Prime attacked leading Megatron to reveal that he had programmed Auntie, the Ark's computer, to launch every missile on the planet once their battle was done. At the Ark the Wreckers kept the Guardians busy so that Circuit Smasher could deal with Auntie. Kup managed to arm himself and make his way to Megatron's battle sled to kill Ratchet and with him Megatron with whom the medic had become fused both in body and mind. Considering it a mercy killing Kup shot Ratchet giving Prime the chance he needed to rip out Megatron's Spark. Fortunately by this time Circuit Smasher had deactivated Auntie and the planet was saved from further destruction. Loose Ends, Part 5

Kup fang destiny.jpg

In addition to Springer's death, Broadside and Leadfoot were left in critical condition because of their injuries. Natural Selection, Part One After returning to Cybertron, Natural Selection, Part Five the Wreckers acted as a security force for Hot Rod. When a group of Neo-Decepticons led by Fang blockaded the bridge Auto-artery RG1, Kup led the Wreckers to detain them. When Kup started to come to blows with Fang, Roadbuster pulled him aside, suggesting they do things the way Springer would have, going so far as suggesting that Kup himself was making things worse by giving the populace something to hate. As they argue, two Cybertronians try to sneak past the blockade, attacking Fang, and causing a fight to break out. Destiny, Part Two

Wreckers destiny.jpg

The Wreckers' next foray into action came in the form of a raid. Remotely coordinated by Ultra Magnus, they raided Fort Scyk in order to find apprehend Soundwave and his Neo-Decepticons. However, having anticipated this, the Decepticons had abandoned the place and wired it to explode. Unsurprisingly, all of the Wreckers survived virtually unscathed, and Kup proceeded to report in to Magnus on the situation. Destiny, Part Three

When Bludgeon launched an all out attack on Cybertron, Kup tried to convince Prowl to let the Wreckers take the front lines. Prowl refused, saying that the Wreckers needed to be applied strategically, he just didn't know where. This frustrated Kup. Destiny, Part Four

The Wreckers were eventually dispatched aboard a ship to infiltrate Bludgeon's base of operations the Warworld. Bludgeon, fully aware of their presence, launched a solo attack on them, slaughtering them with his mastery of Metallikato. As the Wreckers tried to stand against him, Kup escaped to destroy the reservoir of Matrix energy powering the Warworld, but Bludgeon, having swiftly defeated all of the other Wreckers, pursues him. After catching him, Bludgeon proceeded to beat Kup to within an inch of his life, and the old-timer was only saved by the arrival of the newly christened Rodimus Prime. As the new Prime soundly defeated Bludgeon and disabled the ship, Kup, along with his fellow Wreckers and Rodimus fled the ship as it was destroyed. Destiny, Part Five

Wreckers war to end all wars.jpg

When a more successful attack against the Autobots was launched by Jhiaxus, and Rodimus, along with a good number of the Autobot's forces were captured, the Wreckers (with Broadside now fully recovered from his wounds on Earth) carried on the fight on their own, single-handedly fending off thousands of Cybertronians while also desabalizing Jhiaxus's Hub Network. All while looking totally badass. When Rodimus and the others managed to free themselves, Autobot and Wrecker alike fled from the Hub as it began to disintegrate. The War to End All Wars, Part 4

Returning to Cybertron, the Autobots find the planet abandoned. Or so it seemed, as they were suddenly attacked by Shadow-leeches. As the Autobots held off the monsters, Perceptor came to the horrifying revelation that the Shadow-leeches were actually Cybertron's missing inhabitants, having been transformed by the Matrix's dark energy. As the Autobots' forces split up to cover multiple fronts, the Wreckers travel to Earth to recruit their human allies and team up to finally the up all lose ends. Upon successfully recruiting the humans, the Wreckers return through the space bridge they arrived in, taking the humans to Nebulos, where they dispatched a rampaging Fortress Maximus, who had been possessed by the corrupted Matrix entity. Elsewhere, Rodimus defeated the Dark Matrix entity by sealing off their own universe from the rest of the multiverse, disconnecting them from Primus for good, causing the entity to die. However, without a connection to Primus, the Transformers' lifespans became decidedly finite, and over the eons all of the remaining Autobots and Decepticons, including the Wreckers, eventually died out from old age, a thing previously impossible due to their now-severed connection with Primus. The War to End All Wars, Part 5

Known members:

Transformers '84
Wreckers secrets and lies.jpg

When Punch had brought the news that Straxus sought to reactivate Project Dreadnought, he requested a dedicated wrecking crew from Ultra Magnus. Walking in at roughly the same time, Impactor and Roadbuster had a wave of inspiration. Rallying together some heavy-hitters, Impactor later retrieved Punch and introduced him to the Wreckers. Secrets & Lies #3

Wreckers punch terrorcons secrets and lies.jpg

For their first mission as a team, the Wreckers deployed to the nerve centre of Project Dreadnought and split up to their designated holding positions until Impactor could think of an appropriate signal. When they encountered the combinerAbominus, left by Straxus to defend the site, he coined the phrase "Wreckers! um... wreck... ...and rule!" and the team went to work with Topspin and Twin Twist heading underground while the others battled the gestalt. After Rack'n'Ruin managed to take Abominus down with a hammer to the face, Impactor and the others piled into battle with the Terrorcons and Sinnertwin managed to bite off Impactor's hand while he was holding a harpoon gun, which went badly for Sinnertwin. This bought the Jumpstarters enough time to lay enough explosives to demolish the control centre, and the Wreckers returned to base victorious. Secrets & Lies #4

Known members:

3H comics

After the end of the war, the Maximal High Council called the Wreckers back into service to protect the fragile peace that existed between Maximal and Predacon. They were originally stationed in Delta Three within the Wrecker Command Base, but would eventually relocate to Delta Five Apelinq's War Journals on the far side of Cybertron. Departure The war veteran and gifted engineer Apelinq was assigned to be a squad commander of this new iteration of the legendary Autobot strike force, and several of his former comrades were also drafted. Rodimus was also added to the ranks of the Wreckers in a commanding role. Apelinq's extended profile By 316 A.U., there were at least seven Wrecker Squadrons. The Wreckers: Finale Part 1

All but Rodimus and Apelinq were lost to Megatron's Vehicon forces and its transformation virus; by the time the foe was identified, many of the Wreckers had already fallen and Rodimus took the remainders bar Apelinq in a last-ditch strike in 316.247 AU. Rodimus' Matrix history left him immune to the virus and meant Apelinq could develop an inoculant, and meant they had a chance to find and save any survivors. Luckily, their depleted ranks were filled when a new horde of battle-hardened survivors—some brought by Primal Prime from the time-lost Beast Wars—surfaced in Polyhex. Around this time is when the team relocated from Delta Three to Delta Five, and Prime himself took command after an incident that sent Apelinq back in time. Apelinq's War Journals Apelinq eventually made it back via his own devices. In this troubled time, Decepticons and Predacons were also accepted into their ranks, including the Great War veterans Skywarp and Cyclonus. Departure

Cryotek and the Quintessons plotted to exploit this: the Oracleshell program was placed on Vector Sigma, allowing them to give false commands to any survivors and have Cybertron turned technorganic, easier to conquer. Cyclonus was secretly working for them! BetrayalDisclosure (The technorganic shift was, in fact, part of Primus's plan) Wreckers: Finale Part II The Wreckers were part of the many groups conned, sent off on a quest that would require fighting their way through the Vehicon guards at Shuttle Complex Ohm. A staggered batch of reinforcements turned a likely trap into victory Departure to the annoyance of the enemy conspirators, but Cyclonus successfully bombed their ship in secret to impair them.

Five Wreckers died because of Packrat cowardly sacrificing them. This contributed to growing tension in the team. They made it to Archa Nine, home of the Divine Light power source that Cryotek coveted, and the team were so focused on Packrat that they didn't see Cyclonus coming! With the power source gone, the Wreckers could pretty much just mope. Betrayal Primal Prime took them on another quest, thinking he had an Oracle vision, and they found themselves on a planet where the Quintesson Al-Badur lived in exile. There, they learned of the true threat (and that Vector Sigma had sent Prime the message) and they'd need to get the hell back to Cybertron! Disclosure

"We don't likeout-of-towners!"

The Wreckers made it back in time to find the newly technorganic planet was facing an all-out Quintesson invasion and they joined the army in fighting back. They took the fight to Cryotek, who successfully used the Divine Light to gain access to Primus' power; luckily, his first act of demigodhood was to accidentally merge Apelinq and Primal Prime into Sentinel Maximus! The Wreckers: Finale Part 1 While the two leaders threw down, the rest of the Wreckers fought Cyclonus, Chro, and the Sharkticons. Mid-battle, Tap-Out and Skywarp went missing but the Wreckers still triumphed over these other foes. In the end, Cryotek was defeated by forcing him into an extradimensional portal and the Divine Light's divine power was drained off. The cost was Rodimus' life and Sentinel Maximus being lost along with Cryotek.

The battle over, they mourned their lost comrades and went their separate ways in a new, peacetime Cybertron. Wreckers: Finale Part II (Well, briefly peacetime) Universe

Known members:

Dreamwave Generation One continuity

The Wreckers: Featuring Ultra Magnus' Crotch.

The Wreckers split from the Autobot forces after the disappearance of Optimus Prime in a space bridge explosion. Led by Springer, they clashed with Ratbat's Ultracons in the Tagan Heights for a time War Within: The Dark Ages before reuniting with the Autobots and the Lightning Strike Coalition immediately prior to the Age of Internment. War Within: The Age of Wrath

Known members:

Later on, during Shockwave's reign on Cybertron, the Wreckers whittled down to small but elite task force of Autobots dedicated to keeping the peace wherever (and however) necessary. The Triple Changers left the group and Ultra Magnus stepped in to lead.

Known members:

When the Stunticons were released from imprisonment in Cybertron's Detention Banks, the Wreckers responded in kind. This, however, was after Menasor had already wiped out the Omnibots and defeated Defensor. In the battle, both Whirl and Roadbuster were apparently killed before Ultra Magnus took charge and brought Menasor down. War and Peace

2005 IDW continuity

What do you mean, it's a lost cause? Of course it's a lost cause. That's why we're here!Springer, Stormbringer #2

They give the Autobots something to believe in! And it's all thanks to you. Without Fisitron and his datalogs, the Wreckers would be nothing more than a bunch of thugs with a death wish.Verity Carlo, "Last Stand of the Wreckers #5

The IDW Wreckers are so hardcore they don't even need a spaceship. Except for when they do.

The Wreckers are the Autobots who get called in when the odds of success are non-existent, but the job needs to be done anyway. The origin of the group is unknown, and for the longest time their existence was no more than a rumor, even among the ranks of their fellow Autobots. Zero Point Because of the extreme nature of their missions, the Wreckers have a low survival rate, around 38% to 42%, depending on who you ask. Dead Men's Boots All of the founding members have died (with one deliberately ignored exception), and the group's roster has gone through over eighteen iterations. Although every active member isn't always present for every mission, Springer once said Wreckers only leave the group for good in three ways: death, dementia, or dishonorable discharge. In fact, the one rule this "No Rules" team abides by is The Veto: any Wrecker can remove any other Wrecker from the roster at any time. Interiors

The Wreckers' exploits have been lionized in the eyes of the rank and file by their unofficial biographer, "Fisitron", and his Wreckers: Declassified datalogs. Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 Before his death, Fisitron produced 331 datalog adventures for his heroes, cobbled together from data requests, mission reports and Autopedia bios about the Wreckers and their history. Many Autobots in the fleet subscribed to Fisitron's datalogs. They were an inspiration to the Autobots, heroes of daring exploits who never leave each other behind and always save the day... or so Wreckers: Declassified and the official line would tell them. Last Stand of the Wreckers #5Bullets In reality, the Declassifieds were full of embellishments and were quite sanitised. The dirtier the war got, the dirtier the Wreckers got, and they were always particularly dirty. Before they'd gone public, at least one Decepticon was caught wandering around, gibbering about Impactor's harpoons, before killing himself. Zero Point

Among the many adventures chronicled by Fisitron were the Wreckers' battles with The Anguished, an event involving Broadside and some psychic explosives, Bullets Impactor rescuing Xaaron from the Sonic Canyons (at which point he coined the battle cry of "Wreck and rule!", while flying a sky-sled into a drilling platform) Last Stand of the Wreckers #2 and the Siege of T'Muk. Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 Another episode involved Impactor rescuing hostages on the verge of an event horizon. Last Stand of the Wreckers #2

Oh, and remember when Black Shadow blasted us all new ones? Good times.

They were founded by ThrenodySins of the Wreckers #1 and Valve was part of his first squad. Zero Point The earliest version we've seen in action was the 11th iteration, led by Crest and consisting of Hyperion, Impactor, Valve, Piston, Rack, and at least one more member. They battled the Warriors Elite genocide specialist named Black Shadow, and three Wreckers died in combat, including their leader Crest and Piston. Rules of Disengagement Hyperion, a known former Wreckers leader, likely succeeded Crest as commander.

The roster continued to evolve, as Hyperion stepped down for reasons unknown, and Impactor went on to become the team's longest serving member and leader. The last surviving founding member, Valve, abandoned the Autobot cause and joined up with the Decepticons. He was responsible for founding and leading the Wreckers' opposite number, Squadron X. His betrayal cut so deep that the Wreckers collectively refuse to acknowledge his history with the group. Zero Point The reason for Valve's betrayal hasn't been explained, although considering that around this time the Wreckers recruited Whirl (a loose cannon indirectly responsible for the death of Valve's brothers, Wheelarch and Springarm), one could make an educated guess.


Following the battle of Sherma Bridge and after the public became aware of the Wreckers' existence, Impactor recruited Springer into the 17th iteration of the team. Requiem of the Wreckers Springer rose quickly in the ranks, becoming Impactor's first officer and nicknamed "his little green circuit booster" after his knack for rallying the team's spirits. Unfortunately, the horrors of war began to weigh on Springer, as he saw the Wreckers straying further and further from the Autobot Code. He ignored the "slips" for some time, then began telling himself at least he was making sure (increasingly fewer) Decepticons were still alive in incredible pain or buried rather than being dead, and then he began saying that at least it wasn't him brutalising prisoners; but as Impactor's hatred of Squadron X became more bittered and obsessive, Springer's resolve began to shake. A watching Prowl began waiting hundreds of years for an excuse to bring them in. And eventually, the Wreckers began to outright ignore threats, even as grim as the Black Epoch and the ongoing Simanzi Massacre, so they could continue tracking Squadron X. Zero Point

After Springer was recruited, another Wrecker named Blocker succumbed to dementia and began cannibalizing his best friend. He was removed from the roster and replaced by Sandstorm. Zero Point

This roster feels familiar.

Twenty years before the Surge, the vendetta between Impactor and Squadron X came to an end on the neutral planet of Pova. The roster by this time included Springer, Roadbuster, Sandstorm, Whirl, Broadside, and the now conjoined Rack'n'Ruin. After being pursued across nine star systems, Squadron X was caught off-guard refueling their ship, the Pale Fire. A battle ensued, and Impactor made the winning move by shooting through trapped Springer's back, taking the Squadron by surprise. The entire roster was captured and fitted with inhibitor claws by the Wreckers. Impactor proudly called in his catch to Autobot High Command, but Prowl told him the unthinkable: they had to let Squadron X go. A non-interference pact made with the Povans made the capture illegal and a potential political nightmare, so Prowl ordered Impactor to release the Decepticons. Instead, Impactor took Roadbuster's gun and put himself in a room with the prisoners, executing each of them one at a time with a bullet through the brain module. Springer was nearly crippled by injuries he suffered during the fight, but as he dragged himself over to room, he saw Impactor standing over the bodies. Last Stand of the Wreckers #5

Springer reported his superior officer to High Command, and Impactor was arrested under the Tyrest Accord for violating the Autobot Code and killing helpless prisoners. At the Aequitas trials, Springer's testimony sank any chances Impactor had of release, and he was sentenced to Garrus-9. A cover story was released that Impactor had been locked away for selling circuit boosters to the Chomskians. Last Stand of the Wreckers #2


Springer became the Wrecker leader after Impactor's arrest. He'd been asked to by the other Wreckers and thought that he could correct their increasingly immoral course; what he didn't know was that the other members were trying to cover up their collusion with Impactor's murders. They lavished praise on Springer in the hopes that he wouldn't demand they be prosecuted, too, and the hoodwinked Springer gave such a clear, unambiguous witness statement to the guilt-reading Aequitas that none of the others had to be plugged in to give an account. Zero Point Some time after Springer took command, Rack'n'Ruin lost their lives. Dead Men's Boots Despite the change in leadership, the Wreckers continued to operate in a brutal capacity, maintaining their fearsome reputation among Decepticons. In a particularly-violent raid on a squad led by Krok, Roadbuster- high on Syk, tore out Radar's spine and made him eat it. Animals

Decades later, the Wreckers were assigned to Varas Centralus after the Decepticon infiltration unit on that planet went to Phase Six. They were pulled out and sent back to Cybertron at the order of Optimus Prime when the Autobot leader suspected that Thunderwing might have been behind the disappearance of the Calabi-Yau. Stormbringer #2 The Wreckers arrived just in time to save Nosecone and Afterburner. They then proceeded to take Bludgeon's team apart without breaking a sweat. Stormbringer #3 Thunderwing was slightly more challenging, but the Wreckers suffered no apparent casualties. Stormbringer #4

SpotlightSideswipe ThunderwingVSWreckers.jpg

When Thunderwing popped up again guarding a cave on Corata-Vaz, Optimus Prime sent for the team once again. Spotlight: Cyclonus While they did not succeed in stopping Thunderwing themselves, they managed to survive until he was rendered inert by Jetfire. Spotlight: Sideswipe

Sometime later, some of the Wreckers were captured by the Decepticons. They were rescued by the remaining Wreckers, now led by Kup, Perceptor, and Drift, who was acting independently. After this, Kup decided to form a new team that included Wreckers Springer and Roadbuster. Spotlight: Drift

"What's your name, soldier?"
"Parts, sir! Private Parts!"

After the great push by Megatron, Kup and Perceptor were made into Wreckers, with Ultra Magnus and Verity Carlo providing them with transport. Springer began to rebuild the Wreckers, compiling a list of potential recruits and sending them to Prowl for approval. Prowl substituted Ironfist in over Springer's choice of Skyfall, but the other picks were given the green light. Out of Bullets Along with Ironfist, Wrecker reservists Guzzle, Pyro, and Rotorstorm were added to the roster. Springer was becoming weary of assembling these teams, only to see them blown apart.

The first mission by the new team was to travel to Garrus-9 and bring it back under Autobot control. Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 After the arrival of a battered Impactor, however, they discovered that the sociopathic Overlord had seized control of the facility and the whole place had gone mental. A report from Prowl also stated they needed to find "Aequitas". Splitting into two teams, the Wreckers made planetfall Last Stand of the Wreckers #2 and soon became separated from each other. Perceptor's team were tasked to find Aequitas, but Springer abruptly changed strategy and split his group into two: one to find the prisoners, the other to "get help" from a maximum security cell. Perceptor's team succeeded—albeit with the loss of Rotorstorm to Overlord—but Springer, Impactor and Twin Twist were captured. Last Stand of the Wreckers #3

LastStandoftheWreckers5- Ironfist Perceptor Verity.jpg

Topspin willingly sacrificed himself to activate Aequitas, simultaneously killing Twin Twist due to their branched spark. Kup and Guzzle failed to find the help they were looking for, but managed to save Springer and Impactor from death by torture. As Springer's team faced down Overlord himself, the other Wreckers finished their mission by downloading Aequitas's data into Ironfist. Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 Perceptor's group then went to aid the others in the battle against Overlord, with Pyro sacrificing himself in the process. Overlord effortlessly defeated most of the remaining Wreckers, but was eventually taken down thanks to Ironfist's connection to Aequitas. Garrus-9 was liberated, and miraculously, no further Wreckers had been killed in the fight with Overlord... though Springer was in a critical condition and Ironfist succumbed to a workplace injury and died on the way home. Last Stand of the Wreckers #5

Convinced that their leader, Springer, was a goner, Whirl used Roadbuster's Sparkeater to attempt to euthanize Springer. Instead he was caught in the act by Roadbuster and kicked out of the Wreckers. InteriorsRung later suggested to Roadbuster that reading something emotional could reactivate the leader of the Wreckers, so Roadbuster read datalogs from the Wreckers: Declassified, to no avail. However, after Roadbuster confessed to Springer what the other Wreckers felt about what Impactor did, and called Springer their best leader, the comatose Autobot began showing signs of life. Zero Point

Pardoned after Garrus-9, Impactor continued to wreck with Guzzle. The latter became increasingly blood-thirsty and large, and even Impactor, who'd made progress on giving up his overly violent ways, succumbed again.Escape

Ha, you expected that cool splash of the group from Sins#1? Tough luck, buster, you get a more accurate depiction of the Wreckers!

Five years after Garrus-9, Prowl was abducted by the insane Tarantulas and to get him back, a rejuvenated Springer assembled a new Wreckers team out of old guys and whoever happened to be around. For most members, this was more about keeping Prowl's secrets like the Aequitas data out of the public eye. Sins of the Wreckers #1 In true Wreckers fashion, this went horribly wrong for most people involved and the team were rapidly faced with their own psychological issues: Kup learning how he'd killed Autobots while mad, Guzzle in constant battle fury, and Roadbuster proving still willing to torture. Backing Tarantulas up were Mayhem, whose leader Carnivac felt Springer should be with them. Sins of the Wreckers #2 Half the team invaded the Noisemaze to reach Tarantulas' base and were immediately defeated by its maddening environment, with the exception of Verity (human) and the frequency-blocking Hubcap. The latter was then seen with Tarantulas, while Springer, Arcee, and Roadbuster were plugged into the guilt-extracting Impetus to relive their worst sins.

Impactor and Kup, meanwhile, had gone back to Debris: Impactor knew a little about the Noisemaze and had a 'backdoor' to it buried under his own in-waiting grave! Sins of the Wreckers #3

While in Impetus, Roadbuster relived the Roadbuster affair, where he killed his assigned cadets in the name of Mortilus, who spoke to him as a voice in his head. In reality, the voice was Tarantulas, shrunken down to a tiny size to whisper in his ear. One surviving cadet was Hubcap, who was incensed that Roadbuster served minimal time for his crimes, and fell in with Tarantulas to help punish those responsible, including Prowl. Verity revealed she is dying due to exposure from Aequitas' radiation and blackmailed Prowl as a cry for help. Impactor, Guzzle and Kup used a space portal to drag Debris into the Noisemaze and collapse it, while rescuing their comrades. Inside, they battled the Mayhems, including Tidal Wave. Hubcap had a change of heart and freed the captive Wreckers, who attacked Tarantulas while Prowl went with Hubcap back to Debris. Roadbuster smashed into Tarantulas and they both fell out a window. In the confusion, Tarantulas shrunk and buried himself inside Roadbuster's head, expanding to full size and killing him. Prowl is talked out of killing Hubcap due to his possession of the Aequitas data, just before Impactor did the deed, as the info was just too dangerous for Hubcap to possess. As the Wreckers planned to blow up the Noisemaze and destroy all of Tarantulas's inventions, the spider returned and confronted them. Sins of the Wreckers #4

Using mass displacement, Tarantulas grew to massive size, while shrinking the Tor itself down to pocket size so that he could safely transport the facility out of the collapsing Noisemaze. He then turned on Arcee, Verity, and Prowl, gloating over how he healed Verity's illness purely to prove his intellect to Prowl. Springer planted explosives, while sending Impactor to deliver the Obtenteum and aid the others. Impactor revealed it was not Prowl who pushed Tarantulas into the Noisemaze all those years ago, but Impactor himself. At the sound of Springer's voice crackling over Impactor's comm, Tarantulas realized that Ostaros was not dead, but was now Springer. Tarantulas forgot his vengeance and instead climbed into the pit to reunite with his child. Prowl and Verity took the Obtenteum while the others battled Tarantulas.

Dementia, dishonorable discharge, death.

While Tidal Wave punched his way through Debris, coffins spilled out and Verity was brought to tears as Ironfist's body landed right in front of her. Guzzle used his own cannon to blast himself up into the air, jamming the Obtenteum into Tidal Wave's mouth and driving him mad. This forced Carnivac to unwittingly play into the Wreckers' hands by using his Outlier power to forcibly convert Tidal Wave to whale mode. The g-forces of the giant's transformation—amplified by the Obtenteum, were the last push needed to trigger the Noisemaze's complete and irrevocable collapse. Arcee and Impactor escaped while Tarantulas leaped into the pit after Springer. Springer attacked and could no longer transmit his part of the call-and-response signal, forcing Impactor, with the utmost reluctance, to press the button to set off the explosives. Aboard the damaged Debris Guzzle threatened to kill Kup and Prowl as revenge for the deaths of his friends on Tsiehshi and Prowl's crimes. Impactor was forced to kill Guzzle to save them. Prowl ran back inside the Noisemaze before it collapsed and saved Springer's life. Kup and Arcee returned to Optimus Prime's ranks on Earth while Impactor took up Carnivac on his offer to join Mayhem, joining their crusade to bring down those in power who use 'bots like them as pawns. Back in Nome, Alaska, Verity and Springer stared up happily at the Northern Lights, enjoying the normalcy while it lasted. Sins of the Wreckers #5

RequiemoftheWreckers Wrookies.jpg

Springer and Verity lived on their own for a bit, with Springer using his time to remotely train new Wreckers cadets, but the two were soon dragged into a new plot by Carnivac and Mayhem. After learning of Impactor's terrorist actions as part of Mayhem, Springer became disillusioned again by his former commander, but the two teamed up to save the kidnapped Verity from the survived Tarantulas and Overlord. To prevent Overlord from going back in time with Tarantulas' Timemaze portal, Impactor sacrificed himself to give Springer the opportunity to defeat the Phase-Sixer once and for all. With Tarantulas also having died and Mayhem in shambles, Springer decided to use the Timemaze to travel back and attempt to rewrite history so the war would never begin. He bid farewell to Verity and sent a message to his cadets, as well as all surviving Wreckers before he left. Springer begged them to honor the Wreckers' bloodstained legacy by forgetting it and stepped through the portal with the final advice "Wreck the past, Rule your future." Requiem of the Wreckers

Known members:


The Wreckers of Cloud World were a special Autobot unit tasked with defending the entire world of space-time from dangerous threats. Numerous harsh missions caused many of them to develop rather bad tempers.

Known members:

Wings Universe

During the Great War, the Wreckers were Autobot elite commandos led by Impactor, who served as the opposite number to Macabre and his Decepticons in Squadron X. Their long struggle came to an unexpected end when Macabre set an ambush for the Wreckers on Torax Prime which they never walked into. Instead, the various members of Squadron X slowly turned against Macabre or went completely insane waiting for the Wreckers to show up. Impactor's squad eventually came to Torax Prime only after hearing about a massive explosion, caused when Earthquake strapped a couple of bombs to his chest and rushed Macabre in a demonstration of his dissatisfaction with the current mission. Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur

The Wreckers' activities are largely undocumented beyond that, although centuries later, one group of Wreckers was led by Primal Prime during a Quintesson invasion. Shortly before or during 2984, Alpha Trizer recently reformed the Wreckers under Primal Prime's command and given the ship Rodimus Major to patrol distant corners of the galaxy in the name of peace (and give some of the more aggressive personalities on peacetime Cybertron an outlet). Primal Prime's customization class bookletApelinq's personal logs

Primal Prime invited Flare-Up to join the Wreckers, but Ginrai had already recruited her for the Cybertronian Knights.

As the Knights responded with dread to an impending mandatory meditation session and lecture from Alpha Trizer, Devcon quipped that the Wreckers had refused the assignment.

When Ginrai called a red alert for what turned out to be a space fender-bender at a Nebulos spaceport, Apelinq reported that the Wreckers were two systems away. Apelinq's personal logs

While journeying to check up on a Predacon colony near the Dark Nebula, the Rodimus Major was caught in the gravity well of a wormhole anomaly. Primal Prime's customization class booklet With no hope of breaking free, Primal Prime ordered Fireflight, the only Wrecker with personal FTL capability, to return at top speed to Cybertron with their logs. Apelinq's personal logs

Known members:

Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity

When Whirl and Roadbuster were created in another dimension, Transformers nerd Waspinator identified them as Wreckers from a British comic book. Bonus Edition Vol. 4 The two accepted this as their origin story and, after traveling to the year 2004 of the G1 World, introduced themselves as Wreckers to Topspin and Twin Twist. Springer overheard their conversation and thought it was a really cool name for a team, so he founded his own Wreckers as a new Autobot unit and recruited all four of them. Bonus Edition Vol. 7LG-07 Jetfire Sequel Springer's vague mission statement for the Wreckers was "doing cool stuff", but Optimus Prime thought that was stupid and instead charged them with cleaning the area around Mount St. Hilary. As a result, a disappointed Springer left the team for a few years. G1 Wreckers Birth Story

In the 2030s, the Wreckers traveled to the Legends World to defend it from Windblade and Katsu Don. LG65 Twin Twist Prologue Topspin and Twin Twist did most of the work thanks to having mastered the powers of the Zodiac. Bonus Edition Vol. 65Bonus Edition Vol. 66

Known members:

Ask Vector Prime

In Primax 208.06 Zeta, the Wreckers were a resistance group led by Rodimus Primal that fought against Obsidian's Vehicons on Cybertron. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16

Of Masters and Mayhem

When the monstrous Thunder Mayhem destroyed Cybertron, Impactor gathered together a motley crew of survivors to get revenge. He doesn't care if you're a geochemist or a mass murderer, this is all revenge, all the time!

Wrecker's AA meeting.

Known members:

Beast Wars: Uprising

During the waning days of the Great War, the Wreckers tried to stop an Underbase-powered Thunderwing only to be wiped out. Not All Megatrons

Grimlock mentioned he was a former Wrecker. Derailment

2019 IDW continuity

Known members:

Shattered Glass

The Wreckers were a band of mercenaries led by Rodimus, who spent their time looting and pillaging the countryside. They approved of Optimus's campaign of conquest, but initially preferred to remain autonomous.

That is, until one fateful day when Optimus hired the Wreckers to fight alongside his Autobots at the battle of Praxus-Delta. The battle was brutal and resulted in every Wrecker except Rodimus meeting the fate of most Wreckers across the multiverse at the hands of the Decepticons. Rodimus impressed Optimus by remaining in the fight regardless, in order to fulfill the contract. Thanks to his efforts the Autobots escaped without further losses, and Optimus was so impressed that he offered Rodimus leadership of the Seekers, which the former Wrecker accepted. BotCon 2008 Rodimus profile card

After the Mayhem Suppression Squad had successfully turned back one of the Autobots' raids, Side Burn reminded Prime that he had recommended reforming the Wreckers as their best counter to the Squad.

Later, when trying to convince Cliffjumper and Sideswipe to leave the Decepticons and join up with one of his power-grabbing schemes, Rodimus hearkened back to what was likely the Wreckers' old motto, when he told them that they'd have "a whole planet ready to wreck-and-ruin!" Dungeons & Dinobots

Animated cartoon

During the Great War, the Wreckers were a major problem for the Decepticons, operating behind their lines as a commando unit. They are noted for interrupting supply lines, destroying the mainframe on Bk'n, and demolishing the shipyards of Salvvatan VI. They operated from the Omega Sentinel ship Xantium, which was bonded to Impactor Major, apparently the leader of the team. Megatron created the Decepticon Heavy Brigade specifically to hunt down the Wreckers. When they finally met in battle, Blackout was the only survivor on either side. The AllSpark Almanac II

Aligned continuity family

On the count of three, everybody say "Whirl sucks!"

The Wreckers traced their origins to Cybertron's Age of Origins, emerging as a band of roving vigilantes that protected the primitive settlements of Cybertron from marauding and pillaging groups such as the Vandals, Breakers, and Ravagers. When the Quintessons arrived on Cybertron, they created an official planetary police force, branding the Wreckers as outlaws. The Wreckers did not take this well, later joining Sentinel Zeta Prime's rebellion against the invaders. When the era of colonization began, the Wreckers protected the first duplicate Well of All Sparks on the planet Archon from religious doomsday cultists. The Covenant of Primus

During the era of the caste system, the Wreckers had become Council Guardians, later siding with the Autobots in the Great War. ExodusBulkhead and Wheeljack were also members, though early on in the war Bulkhead left to join Team Prime. Con Job Wheeljack left when Ultra Magnus was appointed to lead the squad Chain of Command by Optimus Prime with the hopes Magnus would be able to give the squad some discipline. Project Predacon The Wreckers took part in the siege of the Hydrax Plateau. Afterwards, they were all that stood between Devastator and the Tagan Heights before Defensor arrived. They guarded the Well of All Sparks when Optimus Prime descended through it to free the core of its suffocation by Dark Energon. Ultra Magnus, Springer, and other team members opted to remain behind to distract Trypticon when the Ark launched, gaining invaluable allies in Jetfire, Omega Supreme, and Alpha Trion. Exodus

After Cybertron went dark, Wheeljack traveled the stars and eventually found Bulkhead on Earth. Con Job He left shortly after their reunion and continued to search the galaxy. He eventually found Seaspray, but Dreadwing had found them both and promptly destroyed Seaspray's ship, killing the Wrecker. When Dreadwing made his way to Earth, Wheeljack followed to get his revenge. Loose Cannons The InsecticonHardshell noted that he had off-lined several Wreckers when fighting Bulkhead. Toxicity Miko was inducted as a Wrecker by Wheeljack after she off-lined Hardshell. Hurt At some point, Elite Guard graduate Smokescreen had studied every battle the Wreckers had been involved in. The Human Factor After arriving on Earth, Ultra Magnus again attempted to instill some discipline into Bulkhead and Wheeljack, but this only led to Wheeljack temporarily quitting the team. Chain of Command The Wreckers served as a vital asset to Team Prime during the twilight days of the war, usually handling large swaths of enemies on their own Evolution and proved instrumental in securing the Nemesis during the final battle of the war. Deadlock

Known members:

Live-action film series

How am I gonna stop some big, mean Mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer, use a gun. And if that don't work? Use more gun.

The Wreckers, Leadfoot, Roadbuster, and Topspin, were a trio of engineering geniuses who came to Earth aboard the Autobot spaceship Xantium. The Wreckers rarely left the secret Autobot launch facility at Cape Canaveral, partially because caring for the ship dominated their time, and partially because they were assholes. The Wreckers helped engineer the Autobots' feigned exile from Earth and assassination by Starscream, and later participated in the battle for Chicago. They proved effective, if vicious, fighters, dismantling their fair share of Decepticons, challenging Shockwave and rescuing Optimus Prime from an embarrassing situation. All three of them would continue fighting and would be among the surviving Autobots, accepting Earth as their true home. Dark of the Moon

After the Battle of Chicago, Harold Attinger formed a secret faction of the CIA known as "Cemetery Wind" to hunt down all Transformers regardless of faction. Leadfoot was among the many casualties of the hunt, and his death was revealed to the surviving Autobots by Cade Yeager. Hound sadly took off his hat in respect for his fallen friend, and Optimus Prime vowed to kill the person responsible for Leadfoot and the other's deaths. Age of Extinction

Topspin was very fortunate, as he was given sanctuary in Cuba with Seymour Simmons. He spends most of his time pestering him to go to the beach or play volleyball for fun. The Last Knight

Known members:

Bot Shots

The Wreckers were an elite Autobot fighting force famed for their habit of not fighting fair. Topspin's online bio

Known members:

Angry Birds Transformers

ABTF-screen WreckerSquad.jpg

Yes, even the inhabitants of Piggy Island have their version of the Wreckers! This Squad of Autobirds is famed for toppling towers and popping Minion Pigs aplenty... and when they're all together, earning more gold coins in the process. Cha-ching! Angry Birds Transformers

Known members:


Transformers: Earth Wars

When Optimus Primal convinced his comrades to go and help Sentius Magnus, Springer agreed by "the Wrecker way". Equilibrium


Foreign names

  • Japanese:Wreckers (レッカーズ Rekkāzu)
  • German:Schrotter ("Wrecker")
  • Hungarian:Rontók ("Ruiners")
  • Italian:Demolitori ("Demolishers")
  • Korean:Wreckers (레커즈 Lekeojeu)
  • Mandarin:Léitíng Zhěngjiù Duì (China, 雷霆拯救队, "Lightning Rescue Team"), Huíshōu Jiùyuán Duì (China, 回收救援队, "Reclaim & Rescue Team")
  • Turkish:Yıkıcılar ("Wreckers")



This article is about the Autobot group. For the comic, see Universe (comic).

The Wreckers are an Autobot combat unit in the Generation Onecontinuity family.

The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. The Wreckers tend to be a close-knit combat unit that consider themselves the best of the best. They're often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim.

Because of this, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate.


Marvel UK Generation One comics

The initial roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Roadbuster, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin and Rack'n'Ruin. They were later joined by Broadside, Sandstorm and Springer (who became the team's leader after Impactor's death). Target:2006 Both Roadbuster and Whirl appear to be absent from the team later on. Distant Thunder! Roadbuster reappears amongst the Wreckers eventually, but Whirl is never seen again. Time Wars Inferno is later affiliated with the team. Firebug!

Known members:

After the team takes major casualties during the Time Wars, the few survivors (Springer, Broadside and Inferno) joined together with other "outsiders"—both Autobot and Decepticon—to form the (aptly named) Survivors.

3H comics

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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The Wreckers were still, by tradition, considered an Autobot force, despite being on Maximal-era Cybertron, and accepted even Decepticons and Predacons into their ranks following the takeover of Cybertron by Megatron and his Vehicon armies. Universe (comic)#Transformers Universe: Featuring The Wreckers

Known members:

Dreamwave Generation One comics

The Wreckers split from the Autobot forces after the disappearance of Optimus Prime in a space bridge explosion. Led by Springer, they clashed with Ratbat's Ultracons in the Tagan Heights for a time The War Within: The Dark Ages before reuniting with the Autobots and the Lightning Strike Coalition immediately prior to the Age of Internment. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

Known members:

Later on, during Shockwave's reign on Cybertron, the Wreckers were a small but elite task force of Autobots dedicated to keeping the peace wherever (and however) necessary.


When the Stunticons were released from imprisonment in Cybertron's detention banks, the Wreckers responded in kind. This, however, was after Menasor had already wiped out the Omnibots and defeated Defensor. In the battle, both Whirl and Roadbuster were apparently killed before Ultra Magnus took charge and brought Menasor down. War and Peace

IDW Generation 1 comics

The Wreckers are the Autobots who get called in when the odds of success are nonexistent, but the job needs to be done anyway. Assigned to Varas Centralus after the Decepticon infiltration on that planet went to Phase Six, they were pulled out and sent back to Cybertron at the order of Optimus Prime when the Autobot leader suspected that Thunderwing may have been behind the disappearance of the Calabi-Yau. Stormbringer #2

The Wreckers arrived just in time to save Nosecone and Afterburner. They then proceeded to take Bludgeon's team apart without breaking a sweat. Stormbringer #3 Thunderwing was slightly more challenging, but the Wreckers suffered no apparent casualties. Stormbringer #4

When Thunderwing popped up again guarding a cave on on Corata-Vaz, Optimus Prime sent for the team once again. Spotlight: Cyclonus

The wreckers were once again deployed to liberate the Garrus-9 prison complex from the control of the Renegade Decepticon Overlord. It became one of their most famous deployments, but also one of their most costly. It became known as The Wreckers' Last stand. Last Stand of the Wreckers

Known members:

  1. Extra large stuffed unicorn
  2. Sde 1
  3. Baby bully dog
  4. Scriptures about peaceful sleep kjv
  5. Shawano speedway

The Transformers G1 Wreckers Scale Chart

The Transformers G1 Wreckers Scale Chart

Deviation Actions

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An Unoffical Scale of the Generation 1 Wreckers
This Scale is not 100% considered accurate.
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I saw a poster that was supposed to be used as cover art for one of the IDW comics.  It had Kup, Springer and Blurr and it said the final battle of The Wreckers.  I assumed since the cover showed them and said that that all shown were part of The wreckers.  I may be wrong about it.  I also remember seeing a poster with just Springer and Kup and it said something about The Wreckers.  I really thought Kup was one of the original members of the 'team'.
Transformers Saga All Wreckers Scenes

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Heroic Organization

Special Abilities/Weapons

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Battle the Decepticons in the dirtiest battles

Type of Heroes

Autobot commando squad

Wreck and Rule!
~ The Wrecker's motto

The Wreckers are an elite Autobot commando squad, composed of the best and toughest fighters around. They first appeared as a recurring force in Marvel's the Transformers UK exclusive comics.


Marvel's the Transformers (UK)

The Wreckers were Emirate Xaaron's special ops squad, with their earliest chronological appearance in Cybertron: The Middle Years. Their first mission was to successfully assassinate Decepticon dictator Trannis. However, this lead to the more ruthless Straxus replacing him.

Target: 2006

n 1986, the roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Roadbuster, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin, and Rack'n'Ruin. The team were set to be at the business end of Operation: Volcano, killing ten of the most deadly Decepticons as they converged on a staged conference, with Ultra Magnus as back up. Without Ultra Magnus around to help, however, they would have been massacred soon after and they came close to backing out. After Roadbuster, Whirl and Twin Twist found themselves defending a small Transformer fram a bullying Decepticon, they were inspired to do their duty. The Autobot Triple Changers, Broadside, Sandstorm and Springer, were sent in as Magnus's replacements.

However, when Megatron unknowingly called off the Decepticons' advance, the Wreckers' plans were also cancelled. However, one of the Decepticons, Macabre, had stayed behind to kill Emirate Xaaron, and Impactor sacrificed himself to save the Autobot leader. Impactor named Springer his successor as he lay dying.

Led by Springer

After the incident, the Wreckers began working with Ultra Magnus. Together, they captured Optimus Prime when he returned to Cybertron, having been fooled by Decepticon misinformation into believing that he was a facsimile. They came close to executing the "imposter" but he was saved by the intervention of Outback. The Wreckers then tracked the pair until Emirate Xaaron was convinced of Optimus Prime's identity. The Wreckers worked with Optimus Prime in a number of raids on Decepticon bases until he and Ultra Magnus were both transported back to Earth.

The Wreckers next saw action as a unit during the conflict with the insane Autobot scientist Flame, who was planning to activate an unstable reactor at the heart of Cybertron. He kept the Wreckers busy by sending an army of zombies against them, with their resolve taking a dent from the fact that their former leader Impactor was among the undead. With the help of Ultra Magnus and the Sparkabots, along with Decepticons Flywheels and Trypticons, the Wreckers managed to force their way into Flame's control room but too late to stop him turning the reactor on. Emirate Xaaron sent the Wreckers and the others to safety, intending to sacrifice himself to shut the reactor down, although in the end it was Impactor, who had recovered his old memories, who did the job.

Taking on Galvatron

Following this, the Wreckers journeyed to Earth having learned that the insane future Decepticon Galvatron was at large there. However, the mission was a disaster from the moment they arrived: Transporting to Galvatron's location using time bridge technology, they found that not only were Cyclonus and Scourge with Galvatron but they had arrived in the middle of a heavily populated human city, meaning they were hampered by the desire not to harm humans. Springer managed to bring the battle to an end by luring Cyclonus and Scourge away from the city. The other Wreckers went to his aid, but Galvatron escaped in the confusion, leaving them with no option but to return to Cybertron.

In order to prevent a repeat of the disaster, Sandstorm and Broadside, together with Inferno, were sent to Earth by shuttle to act as recon. Once they had pinpointed Galvatron's base, Springer followed with not only the other Wreckers but also the Decepticon Mayhem Squad. However, they found that Galvatron was backed up by Megatron, along with Scourge and Ravage, and found themselves heavily outgunned. Despite retreating back to their ship, nearly all the Wreckers and Mayhems were wiped out, and the others only survived because of the arrival of Rodimus Prime with reinforcements.


The incident effectively meant the end of the Wreckers, with only Springer and Broadside still alive from the regular roster. They and Inferno subsequently joined up with surviving Mayhem Squad members Carnivac and Catilla, together with the lost Autobot Skids, to form a new group, the Survivors.


In one timeline, the Wreckers survived until the year 2510, when they killed the last Decepticon, ending the War. Afterwards, Rodimus Prime handed the Matrix to their leader, Springer. However,Triton, a Decepticon double agent who had infiltrated the Technobots, disputed this, suggesting Ultra Magnus should inherit leadership. The two sides began a fierce debate, with Whirl arguing the Wreckers ended the war, so had a right to leadership, leading to Roadbuster being shot by Scattershot. Sandstorm retaliated by killing Triton and soon the Autobots had split into factions fighting a whole new war, to Rodimus's despair.  

Regeneration One

Regeneration One does not take place in the Marvel UK continuity

Transformers IDW

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Aligned Universe

See main article: Wreckers (Aligned)

Transformers Cinematic Universe

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