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Sony's PS5 is also equipped with a new controller. Important features are already well known, but the DualShock concept in the video delights fans. It provides great features for gamers.

PS5 gives you a new controller, which may be called "DualShock 5". Sony has revealed new features for the gamepad. As a result, you get more precise haptic feedback when playing games than before. For example, you should know clearly between two car accidents
Tackle in racing games and football games. You should also pay attention to the differences between several soils, such as from grass to mud or sand.

Adaptive triggers in the shoulder buttons continue to allow developers to program the resistance of the buttons to give you a better feel in certain gaming situations, such as stretching an arc.

PS5: The first pictures and concepts

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Do you want a PS5 package like this?
[Source: Giuseppe Spinelli ["Snoreyn"] / LetsGoDigital]

However, Sony has not revealed its design and other features. The concept video above shows Sony what the dream pad looks like. Designer Giuseppe Spinelli "Snoreyn" released the clip in collaboration with Dutch technology magazine LetsGoDigital and is now watched by millions of viewers. Most people are enthusiastic.

PS5 controller concept with many features

At first glance, the controller is similar to a PS4 pad, but it is very different in several places. The analog joysticks are interchangeable, there is a USB C port for charging, there are other buttons and more. The following is an overview of the key features of the controller concept:

  • USB C connector and 3m cable
  • 2500 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth function
  • The player status bar on the touchpad can also be closed
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Interchangeable analog joysticks
  • Headphone jack
  • Game sound and chat buttons
  • 2 removable buttons on the back
  • 3Switch user profile with switch
  • New housing gives better grip

Not only do we like the wide range of features, but especially the possibility of replacing components such as analog joysticks. As a result, players can attach the bat that feels best to them without having to use a new controller or the hassle of placing rubber accessories on a standard simulated bat.

As shown on the mat in the video, it is just a concept and may not be the official controller for the PS5. On the other hand, Microsoft's Xbox Series X controller and these innovations have also been released.

Interesting ideas for PS5 development kits

Interesting ideas for PS5 development kitsNot just game consoles

The PS5 will be released at the end of 2020, but the game industry is still waiting for an opener. Sony will show the design of the game console and controller at the conference. Spinelli wrote in the video: "PlayStation 5 is coming soon." We hope he is right.

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The PlayStation 5 unveiling is now just over a week away according to the latest leaks, with Sony slated to show off the PS5 on Thursday, June 4th. 

This is the date that loyal PlayStation gamers will finally see what sort of pixel-pushing  weapon they will be able to wield in the upcoming next-gen console war, as well as what PS5 games they will be able to call upon.

And this will be a relief, as while Microsoft has been building its gamer ranks with a full Xbox Series X console reveal, as well as monthly game and feature unveilings, all PlayStation gamers have had to hang their hopes on is the PS5's new DualSense controller, which was shown off with a few images by Sony back in April.

This lack of communication by Sony as to what the PlayStation 5 will look like has, as you would expect from avid gamers, has led to the production of a series of concept designs for the console, with this heart-stoppingly beautiful visualisation the most recent.

Interestingly now, though, an incredibly futuristic concept of the DualSense controller in action has broken cover courtesy of talented motion designer Iskander Utebayev, who posted his simply jaw-dropping controller concept on Instagram. Check it out below:

And there we were thinking the real DualSense controller looked advanced! This futuristic PS5 gamepad has multiple moving parts, a pop-up touchscreen, light-up buttons (with shortcuts to the PlayStation Store, system settings and achievements) and a super slick design.

The gamepad is shown cycling through plenty of quality games, with the incoming AAA title Cyberpunk 2077 among them, as well as just what sort of functionality it is capable of.

And, while the real DualSense controller for PS5 will be nowhere near as advanced as this concept (all those moving parts and that pop-up, touch-sensitive screen would cost mega bucks), it is still cool to see just what could be possible in the future in terms of console controllers.

It also excited us even more for the real PlayStation 5 launch and to get hands on with the real DualSense controller and play some of the mind-blowing new PS5 games we've been teased with. Fingers crossed that early June unveiling date proves accurate.

Sours: https://www.t3.com/us/news/futuristic-ps5-dualsense-controller-is-the-playstation-5-gamepad-of-our-dreams

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