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  • I was just telling my physician how I prefer my prescriptions filled at this friendly mom and pop type pharmacy, rather than say a CVS which is always crowded.

    Picked up my prescription from here about four days ago. Had to call them today Jan 20th, 2020 for some information only to find out that they are now closed for business and have been taken over by Walgreens. WTH!

    So much for that. So long Throggs Neck Pharmacy it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

  • I have been going to this pharmacy for many years and let me tell you that i have yet to have a problem with any of my medications and or service.
    They stand by their customer service motto and they stand by following their customers allergies to medications.
    I have been prescribed medication and even with advising my Dr.s what meds i am allergic to they insist to prescribe other meds that have somewhat of what i am allergic to. BUT, this pharmacy has called me and advised me about the reactions with meds on every occasion. that is a big plus for me.
    They are NOT rude, they welcome you with a smile, the young ladies at register are always helpful and the Pharmacist are always available to answer any questions you may have.


  • This Pharmacy is the best!!  Great customer service. They also deliver.  This pharmacy makes life easier for my elderly mother.  Say No to Rite Aid and CVS.  Yes to Throggs Neck pharmacy.
    They are wonderful.  Well run establishment.

  • They recently added their own line of vitamins and supplements, along with an array of homeopathic products.  Still love this place: when anonymous mega-chains churn out prescription after prescription, these folks do it right by providing friendly, personal care.  The store also seems a bit more spruced up, even if they're still small and can't compete with the mega-square footage of a CVS or Rite-Aid.

    11/10/2011Previous review

    It's very telling that a Rite-Aid is diagonally across the street from the Throggs Neck Pharmacy, a CVS is less than a quarter mile away, and this establishment is still packed during all hours of the day.  The staff here is friendly, the service is quick and the pharmacist actually takes the time to talk to you.  CVS, Rite-AID and all those other chain drug stores may like to boast they do the same thing, but they are more like a pill factory than anything else.   Every time I needed to speak to a pharmacist in one of these places, it seemed as if I were imposing.  Most of the time they were curt, made no eye contact and tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible.  (Well, ok, Mr. Pharmacist guy, I know it's not exactly glamorous to talk about leaky orifices, but exactly what did you think you signed up for?).

    The only thing I don't like about Throggs Neck Pharmacy is their limited stock.  It's also a bit pricey and the shelves could stand a dusting from time to time.

    But if you go here to drop off your prescriptions and ignore the merchandise, you will find a great local pharmacy that actually cares about the people and the neighborhood it serves.  That's all I need to have in a pharmacy.

  • Outsganding customer service. Everyone espouses an unwavering "can do" attitude accompanied by responses that are unfailingly prompt, pleasant and insightful. It is easy to tell a workplace with a culture that emphasises exceeding customer expectations. This is especially significant to a family business that sits in the shadows of three of the big chains. It is always a pleasure to come here.

  • Extremely well trained staff.  The staff is always a delight, very caring and nice, will answer any and all questions before you leave, unlike CVS or RITE AID who just rush you off.

  • Very nice, very quick. I was in and out in minutes, no issues. They were the only place within miles with the nebulizer we needed.

  • I was referred to this pharmacy by a local doctor and to go here was the best advice he could have ever given me!  They are quick to fill your prescription even during the peak hours (10 minute wait was the longest and that was only the first time I went because they had to confirm my insurance).  

    Before this, I had nothing but awful experiences with the Riteaid across the street (1+ hour wait, cashier with an attitude, and out of the meds I needed quite a few times, etc).

    Seriously, my visit to them to get my scrips filled is the ONLY thing I look forward to when I am sick :)

  • i have ben there to buy some non prescription items & found the ladies at the register very nice & helpful now I just noticed in the window they are filling prescriptions for cvs also so I am going to start using them for my scripts because I cannot stand rite aid & those rude & nasty people in there pharmacy I only used them for convenience so i hope to get better service at throgs neck pharmacy

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Welcome to Throggs Neck Pharmacy

img-homeThroggs Neck Pharmacy takes pride in its knowledgeable and friendly staff who provides you and your patients with personalized service. Our quality products are complemented by our attention to detail and dedication to accurately fulfilling your medication needs. We also offer an assortment of medical supplies, health care equipment and mobility assistive devices.

In our many years of business, we recognize the importance of the products and services we provide. What we offer is an essential part of your health management. With that, we give you our commitment! You can count on us for all types of pharmacy services from compounding, prescription refills, medication therapy management and special packaging.

Please call 718-823-6353 today for a quote on medical supplies or to set up a generic plan for your medication therapy plan.

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'It’s a real loss.' - Community 'stunned' after Throggs Neck Pharmacy closes

News 12 Staff

Jan 22, 2021, 4:06am

Updated on: Jan 22, 2021, 4:06am

Members of the Throgs Neck community are stunned after their local pharmacy abruptly closed. 

The community says Throggs Neck Pharmacy has been a staple in the neighborhood for many years and they thought it wouldcontinue tobe for many more.

"I was here on Saturday to pick up a prescription, and they were open, and they said nothing at all,” said customer Nancy Roman. 

While the pharmacy owners declined to speak, the chairman of the Pharmacists Society of New York says this is an unfortunate trend with local and independent pharmacies. 

"Business is challenging for everybody right now, including pharmacies. You know a lot of the stores may have lost some walk-in traffic,” said Pharmacists Society of New York Chairman Steve Moore. 

Besides the pandemic downturn, he says the pharmacy benefit managers tend to reimburse independent pharmacies less for filling prescriptions - making it difficult for them to stay afloat, which in turn hurts the community. 

"They’re really helpful in so many different areas, very nice people, so it’s a real loss. I hope they reopen,” said Desina, a customer of the Throggs Neck Pharmacy. 

News 12 reached out to Walgreens for details on how customers and employees will be affected but has not heard back yet.

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