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This video was especially fun to make because Marco said during the second of the MarcoLive streams that he and Star saw Bill Cipher on one of their adventures. So that probably means that Gravity Falls and SvtFoE are canon to each other!

The final episode of season 2 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil was one of the most depressing moments in the history of television animation. Everyone (whether they want Star and Marco to be a couple or not), felt like they wanted to lock themselves in a dark room until season 3 aired (which wasn't for another five months!) In this video we can see another person's reaction, Mabel Pines'.

Clips in this video are taken from the following episodes:
SvtFoE S2E22 - Starcrushed
Gravity Falls S1E9 - The Time Traveler's Pig

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Before you start sending me PMs asking me, I do support Starco. They have the best chemistry out of anyone on the show, and they would literally do ANYTHING for each other!


//Gravity falls reacts to FILM THEORY// (PART 3)

Published 5 months ago


yeah I know that sometimes it's kinda hard to read what's Ford thinking/saying
I apologize for that.

Also I think that for some time Dipper's missing one arm- I-





the video:
Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN'T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)

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Gravity Falls Theme [Music Box Ver.][Extended Version]

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10. Who Is Soos' Father

Soos "I still stand to what I say, he can take a hike."

9. What Does The Author Know About Bill Cipher (And How Did He Learn It)?

Ford "The less you kids know the better."

Gideon "NO! I demand you tell me everything you old man!!!" launches himself onto Ford and starts shaking his collar

Ford "Get off of me you freak show."

Seeing who Ford was also tricked by Bill and how Ford kept secrets from him and everyone else made Dipper feel less trustful to his second great uncle.

8. What's With The Tapestry in the Northwest Mansion?

Pacifica "Either way, I hate my family." Dipper pulls her into another hug of comfort.

7. Is the Future Predetermined?

Wendy "How did that even happen anyway?"

Soos "Maybe someone had a giant baby?"

Bill "For me, I just don't think about it and let what happens happen. Besides that Time Baby is quite a whiner."

6. What's the Deal with Old Man McGucket?

Ford and Stan "They got that right."

5. What Is Dipper's Name?

Dipper mutters under his breath "We all ready know this."

Mable "Not everyone does Bro."

Dipper doesn't reply to the one who doomed everyone in town.

Pacifica "Birthmark?"

Dipper "I've teased about it so I tried to hide it."

Ford was amaze to see a star constellation birthmark on his great nephew's forehead.

Gideon "That's.. I don't.. Star.. Better.. Then mine." Gideon didn't have the right words to explain his shocking expression.

Soos "Dude that's awesome!"

Robbie "Whoa, Freaky little man."

4. What Did The Author Do in the Other Dimension?

Stan "Yeah, what did you do to get a criminal record?"

Ford "You don't want to know."

3. Is There More Meaning to the Circle Than We Know?

Dipper "Circle?" it hit him like a thousand bricks, "The Cipher Circle!"

Bill "Correct Pine-Tree."

Wendy "It's weird how we all come together and is connected."

2. Why Are There So Many Creatures in Gravity Falls?

Bill "That's true."

Dipper "I so want to see all of it."

Honorable Mentions
What's Up With Gompers The Goat?

Stan "He came onto my lawn one day and now he thinks he owns the place."

Ford "It's my house Stanley, there for it's my lawn."

What's The Origin of The Shape Shifter?

Dipper "What is it's origin?"

Ford "I found it in an egg."

Dipper "Yeah, but where did it come form? Where are it's 'Parents'?"

Ford was about to answer but then stop because he didn't know the answer.

What Happened to Carla McCorkle?

Stan "Oh Carla 'Hotpants' McCorkle, where are you now babe."

What's With All the Symbols?

Shinshinjane "I always re-watch the episodes to see more symbols that I might have missed."

1. What's Bill Cipher Up To?

Dipper "That is what I want to know."

Ford points angerly at Gideon "YOU SUMMON HIM TO OUR WORLD!?!"

Gideon "I only wanted to rule the world" Replies meekly at the author.

Soos "Those are some good questions."

Shinshinjane "And that is why fans love to write about Bill and what they and others think of what's Bills background is and how it's ties to his plans."

Ford "Then it's stupid to have people to write about Bill!"

Shinshinjane "See that? Right there is why others don't like you, even I don't like you. You're almost as bad as Mabel."

Ford "WHAT?!"

Wendy "Chill out dude, don't have a heart attack."

Robbie "Or pop a blood vessel." 

Ford just grumbles to himself.

Gravity falls reacts to funny videos/gacha life/bill x dipper


Falls reacts gravity


Gravity falls reacts to funny videos/gacha life/bill x dipper


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