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Pot tourists hoping to shop at Arizona's adult-use dispensaries can now enjoy their purchases in the comfort of a private hotel room

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa, a four-star boutique hotel in central Phoenix, just announced the state's first weed-friendly hotel suites. This weekend, the hotel began accepting reservations for rooms where guests are allowed to smoke, vape, or eat legally purchased cannabis products. The rooms start at $140 a night, and can be booked by contacting the hotel directly or via the “AirBnB of weed” website Bud and Breakfast.

These new rooms, located on the west side of the property, have additional air “scrubbers” to help clean dank weed smoke out of the air. The hotel will also provide additional deep cleaning of each room between guests. Smoking weed in the hallways and common areas is still prohibited, and customers are not allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere in the hotel.

“We are a cannabis-friendly hotel and have a cannabis-friendly event company that is elevating and educating the community about cannabis,” said vice president of operations Daron Brotherton in a press release, KTAR News reports.

The Clarendon has taken a number of steps to help first-time weed shoppers take advantage of the state's adult-use industry. The hotel will offer guests a car service to drive them to a local dispensary, where adults can stock up on weed products and even rent pipes or bongs. 

Guests will also have the chance to order in-room pot-infused dinners prepared by Chef Derek Upton, aka The Arizona Cannabis Chef. Upton, who has been featured on Netflix's Cooked with Cannabis and Food Network's Chopped 420, is also hosting Elevated Under the Stars, a 6-course infused fine dining experience on the hotel's rooftop deck. 

Weed-friendly hotels are an essential element to promoting pot tourism. Most adult-use states prohibit cannabis use in public, and most hotels and vacation rentals will impose fines on people who smoke weed on their premises. Because of this, tourists who shop at legal dispensaries are often forced to break some sort of law or regulation if they actually want to smoke the weed they just bought.

While most corporate hotel chains still view cannabis users as a threat, many new smaller businesses are seeing pot tourism as a major opportunity. More cautious luxury hotels are offering a variety of CBD-based experiences, but braver businesses are opening themselves up to accepting full-on pot use. And in Canada, where adult-use weed is federally legal, a growing number of pot-friendly resorts and hotels are springing up all across the country.

Sours: https://merryjane.com/news/arizonas-first-420-friendly-hotel-is-officially-taking-reservations-for-its-cannabis-rooms

420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago Illinois are the perfect way to partake in a safe and comfortable setting with other accepting weed friendly people.

Recreational use of marijuana state became legal in Jan 2020 with the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act! It is now legal to purchase and consume cannabis in the state of Illinois. However, sadly this doesn’t mean that you can just light up anywhere.

It is still illegal to light up in public places, and there are not many weed friendly hotels in Chicago. Hotels generally are not very friendly when it comes to any kind of smoking so you probably never find a place if you search for smoke friendly airbnb near me. The solution my friends is weed friendly Airbnb Chicago!

We put together a list of our favorite 420 friendly Airbnb Chicago to help you find a great place to stay. So sit down, light up and kick back, we’ve got you. Feast your eyes on the best 420 friendly rentals Chicago, you are going to love them.

420 Friendly – “Blue Sky Apartment” Patio & Grill – About $130

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly “Blue Sky Apartment” Patio Grill

9 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

The Blue Sky apartment is one of the number of 420 friendly Airbnb in Chicago hosted by Roberto in Portage Park Chicago Illinois. With a unique style and friendly attitude, Roberto truly is our top pick of hosts for 420 friendly apartments Chicago.

The apartment has an incredible array of interesting features and items collected from travelling. It is a safe and comfortable place to stay for a 420 friendly vacation Illinois.

The blue sky apartment is located in the safe and convenient location in a multicultural part of the city.

This transportation close by and its apartment is suitable for the groups of nine with three bedrooms and four beds. If you’re looking for a small room Roberto has other rooms on offer that we feature below.

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420 Friendly – Room #7 Last minute booking 24/7 – About $45

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly Room 7 Last minute booking 247

4 guests| 1 bedroom| 2 beds| 1 shared bath

Another one of Roberto’s 420 friendly airbnb you can smoke in is room seven which has a private entrance, a queen size bed and a full size bed. Although the room looks a little bit cramped with the two beds inside there is also a walk-in closet we can store all your stuff so your bags are not in the way.

This room is suitable for a couple or or suitable for groups of four looking for a budget weed friendly lodging option.

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420 at Cheltenham’s 4 NBA All Stars – About $170

Airbnb Chicago 420 at Cheltenham’s 4 NBA All Stars

8 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

With an XL living space, and a super host owner Shomari, this cannabis friendly Airbnb Chicago is the perfect pad for larger groups who need a full place to themselves.

People who have stayed here have had great communication and found it really comfortable with warm cosy betting and an equipped kitchen.

There is a lot to do nearby with Soldiers Field, Museum of science and industry and Obama library all under 20 min away.

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420 & gay-friendly lodging! Private bedroom ^_^ – About $40

Airbnb Chicago 420 gay friendly lodging Private bedroom ^ ^

3 guests|1 bedroom|1 bed|1 shared bath

A fresh and modern apartment is our favorite weed friendly Airbnb Chicago that is also gay friendly. This is possibly the best-looking weed friendly Airbnb in Chicago.

The apartment is located in West Ridge which is a little further north than some of our other weed friendly Airbnb properties on our list, but you’d be extremely comfortable with the larger room of the apartment and a friendly weed loving host to partake with. This Airbnb is clean and great for both short-term and longer-term stays.

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420 Friendly – Rm#4 “Mary Jane Suite” Patio/Grill – About $50

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly Rm4 Mary Jane Suite PatioGrill

3 guests| 1 bedroom| 2 beds| 1 shared bath

The “Mary Jane Suite” is room number four in Roberto’s portage Park 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago. It has a really interesting paint and furniture layout which reminds me of the 60s Beatles album, I just love it.

This is the better of the available smoke friendly Airbnb rooms so you will be really comfortable, but please be respectful and only smoke in the backyard patio or in the living room as per the hosts request.

This 420 friendly rental Chicago is in a quiet and safe neighbourhood call portage Park which is located only a couple of steps from 24-hour public transport to take you anywhere in the city.

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Loft Style Private Apt (1 Room- 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago) – About $24

Airbnb Chicago Loft Style Private Apt 1 Room 420 Friendly

2 guests| 1 bedroom| 1 bed| 1 shared bath

A budget, but clean and friendly for 20 friendly Airbnb in Chicago. The loft style apartment is sparsely furnished but has everything you need for a chilled and relaxing weed friendly stay.

The apartment is not quite in downtown Chicago but it is only a quick ride on public transport into town with transport available 24/7.

You can smoke weed anywhere in this for Airbnb with smoking allowed inside but you’ll have to smoke your cigarettes outside. Just make sure that you leave on time. Your host Josh has a strict policy on late departures so please make sure you’re not late to leave.

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The Paris Room in Logan Square – About $32

Airbnb Chicago The Paris Room in Logan Square

2 guests|1 bedroom|0 beds|1.5 baths

Located in Logan Square, one of Chicago’s most artistic neighbourhoods, this 420 friendly Airbnb Illinois is only one block from the local cannabis dispensary making your trip really convenient to get supplies. There is also free private parking included for the duration of your stay.

This Illinois Airbnb listing isn’t really openly 420 friendly but they mention that the cannabis dispensary is close by. Make sure you confirm with your host where exactly they allow smoking before you light up though, some hosts only allow it in certain areas.

This Airbnb listing is one room in an apartment with four bedrooms so there will be other people staying with you – For this reason please make sure you contact the hosts before booking to make sure that they are also smoke friendly to avoid disappointment.

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LT – 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago Rm#3 Great 4 Business/Studies – About $35

Airbnb Chicago LT 420 Friendly Rm3 Great 4 BusinessStudies

2 guests| 1 bedroom| 1 bed| 1 shared bath

In a safe and quiet part of Chicago with a bus stops steps away this 420 friendly Chicago Airbnb exceeds expectations. Your host Roberto has some really cool and interesting furnishings in his eclectic and cool weed friendly lodging. This is room three of four in the lodging.

You’ll have access to the rest of Chicago with the 24-hour public transport available nearby, but if you just want to chill out and relax tribute there is HDTV with a Blu-ray player Netflix in the living room. You can smoke in the backyard or in the living room and dining room only.

We think this is a better option than a 420 friendly hotels in Chicago as you will get to experience more of the area. This place is located in an incredibly multicultural and diverse neighbourhood so you will feel safe but also have a great time exploring the different cultures of the area.

Cannabis Condo on Cheltenham 4BR

cannabis friendly airbnb in Chicago

8 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

The Cannabis Condo on Cheltenham is another great cannabis friendly Airbnb in Chicago from the same super host Shomari. The condo is in the same building but slightly larger than the other property, so it is great for big groups.

Heaps of recent guests have said that the place is sparkling clean on arrival in the hosts a great communication. You have no trouble staying this spacious well-appointed and located Cannabis friendly Airbnb.

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Explore Cannabis Friendly Lodging

The barriers against cannabis are breaking down across the world. Progressive communities are becoming legal havens for marijuana users who are enjoying personal freedom like never before. Cannabis tourism is no longer simply a fringe industry—it’s a fully developed trade for travelers and businesses keeping in step with changing times.

But finding cannabis-friendly places to stay can still be a challenge for domestic and international travelers. Even with the advance of legalization, those on vacation often have to partake away from their lodgings, in secret or inconvenient places. 

Bud and Breakfast is a comprehensive website that links cannabis-using tourists together with sympathetic hotels, inns, residences, and resorts. We search the entire world to find accommodations where travelers can enjoy marijuana use without fear or unreasonable restriction.

Our simple, straightforward booking service removes all the guesswork for travel customers and finds 420 friendly rentals with all the comforts and amenities of top-rated and popular hotels. The Bud and Breakfast community covers in-demand destinations across the world, whether you’re traveling to a 24-hour city, a peaceful lake resort, a spectacular mountain range, or a quiet rural cottage.

When you book with Bud and Breakfast, you’ll get clean, comfortable and convenient accommodations that will truly let you relax however you please. We’re the web’s most complete resource for marijuana hotels, and we’re committed to making it easy to find quality homes away from home for the modern traveler.

Thanks to decades of misinformation and conservative law enforcement; marijuana fans we once forced to enjoy this organic substance in secret. But times have changed, and now marijuana consumers can proudly enjoy without fear!  With unique accommodations at every one of our marijuana friendly hotels, Bud and Breakfast is positive it will be a vacation to remember for all involved.

Whether you want to experience the majesty of the Rockies or hang out by the seaside in Hawaii, we have a breath of 420-friendly lodging options to choose from.

Bud and Breakfast’s lineup of marijuana-accepting lodgings spans the globe. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway in the Rockies, New England, the Pacific Northwest, Canada or Las Vegas, or planning a longer trip to Spain, Costa Rica, Jamaica or Hawaii, the hotels and inns on Bud and Breakfast offer the ultimate experience in comfort and leisure.

Each property on Bud and Breakfast has its own unique character. Our partners include lakeside resorts, private cottages, B&B’s, in-city apartments and houses, cabins, bungalows, and traditional hotels. You’ll experience all the comfort and amenities of world-class lodgings with the freedom to relax however you choose.

At Bud & Breakfast, we make it our business to know where the hottest marijuana-friendly lodging is, including the international destinations! We update our site regularly with the very latest 420 rental destinations as soon as it hits the map.

But we didn’t want travelers to settle for bare-bones, hostel-style accommodations or 420 hotels that didn’t go the extra mile to create amazing experiences.  Designed to make guests feel right at home, each of our Bud and Breakfast locations is operated by the property owners themselves, guaranteeing a custom experience unlike any other.

For too long, the only options for responsible, cannabis-using travelers were the most basic facilities with minimal features and amenities. Bud and Breakfast goes beyond the hostels and campgrounds to find marijuana lodging that’s equal to the high quality of world-class rooms and accommodations in top vacation destinations.

Our list of marijuana-friendly hotels, houses, inns, and resorts is regularly updated to include all the newest rentals as soon as they become available. All of the hosts on the Bud and Breakfast roster go the extra mile to ensure every guest has a pleasant experience in a welcoming, tolerant atmosphere. You won’t find a more customer-centric vacation encounter anywhere else on the web.

Booking your marijuana vacations at Bud & Breakfast couldn’t be easier. Simply decide where and when you would like to go from a list of marijuana-friendly hotels, B&Bs, and other 420 rental accommodations. All you need to do is pick the one that is right for you.

On our site, you will find details about what each destination offers including a breakdown of amenities, local attractions, and, most importantly, the house rules*. Once you have found the perfect destination for you, pick the dates and simply click BOOK NOW.

Booking rooms in marijuana hotels and resorts on Bud and Breakfast is as simple as any travel site or agency on the web or elsewhere.

  • Tell us where and when you’d like to visit. Use the sliding icon to set an acceptable distance from your main destination to stay. You can also filter your results by amenities by checking any of the boxes on the page.
  • Select an establishment from our list of marijuana-friendly hotels and rooms. Every page contains a description, list of amenities, room rates and fees, nearby attractions and house rules. We give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your stay.
  • Click on “Request to Book.” You’ll be directed to the Cart page to verify your reservation and see the total amount you’ll be charged, including fees and taxes.
  •  Enter your card-billing details, discount code, any additional information you’d like to provide the host, and click on “Place Booking Request.” You’re all set!

Interesting In Becoming A Part Of The Bud & Breakfast Community?

Bud and Breakfast offer property owners a unique partnership. As more and more destinations legalize marijuana, many vacationers are on the lookout for marijuana-friendly accommodations.  At Bud and Breakfast, we work with property owners from all over the world to promote and list their rental property to acquire a growing list of guests from all over the world.

Book Today!

At Bud and Breakfast, we’ve taken everyone’s expectations of marijuana-friendly hotels and turned them on their heads. Book your room with Bud and Breakfast for a staycation, vacation or special-occasion stay.

*  Each of the 420-friendly rentals will have their own set of house rules so be sure to pay extra attention.

Marijuana Friendly Hotels

Bud and Breakfast is where you’ll find welcoming 420 friendly rentals in some of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant vacation destinations. Whether you’re seeking luxury accommodations or casual lodging, we make it easy to book relaxing and convenient rooms in cannabis-tolerant establishments.

Become a Member of the Bud and Breakfast Community

Bud and Breakfast is always on the lookout for new establishments to add to our list of marijuana hotels and 420 friendly rentals. If you’re the proprietor of a cannabis-friendly hotel, resort, house or apartment, we’d love to make you part of the global Bud and Breakfast community.

You’ll find an “Add Your Property” button in the top-right corner of every page on this site. Click it and head straight to our information form, where you’ll have the opportunity to tell us everything about your destination. The more you describe your amenities, house rules, smoking policies, and location data, the easier it will be for potential guests to find just what they’re looking for.

Current photos of your accommodations—especially the room itself—go a long way towards generating more interest from prospective guests. Use our guidelines to upload images of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and exteriors to give users a clear picture of what they can expect.

Once your account is final, you’ll be able to control and adjust all the settings on your listing. Bud and Breakfast charges a very modest commission on bookings through our site. Joining the growing cannabis tourism industry is a snap—and a profitable one at that.

Sours: https://www.budandbreakfast.com/
California Airbnb offers \

Unlike other USA cosmopolitan cities, Phoenix Arizona offers its visitors a unique experience of the urban energy surrounded by the fascinating desert landscape. It is also the home of some of the best pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix Arizona rentals that you and your pet can enjoy.

Look as the city unveils under your feet on top of the Camelback Mountain or take your furry friend for a long walk around Papago Park the home to the Desert Botanical Garden and Phoenix Zoo. Get familiar with the culture of Phoenix at the Heard Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, and Musical Instrument Museum. And to wrap up a perfect day you can choose between a laid back evening at Roosevelt Row or an adventurous hike through the South Mountain Park and Preserve from which you can have a fantastic view of the entire region.

And most importantly, you can enjoy all these attractions without having to leave your pet friend at home. So we have provided you with a list of top 11 pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix AZ properties, that can be yours for as long as you need them to.

Beautiful Home with Heated Pool! Sleeps 13 – About $250

Airbnb Phoenix pet Beautiful Home

A true desert fantasy. This fantastic property in Cave Creek, a Western-themed town, will be ideal for a larger group since it can accommodate up to thirteen people. With so many golf courses, hiking trails, saloons, bull riding activities, and shops nearby it can be used by a group of friends who are looking for an exciting getaway location.

This enormous property with a huge pool is the place where you want to be when the sun begins to set. Secure and quiet neighborhood completes the relaxing package that this pet-friendly Airbnb offers. 

13 guests | 5 bedrooms | 5 beds | 3 baths

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Awesome Desert/Tuscan Home for 12-Central Locale – About $290

Airbnb Phoenix pet Awesome Desert

Up to 12 people and a pet can relax and forget about their worries in this Tuscan Style home. Secluded within the natural desert landscape, every corner of this property is carefully designed to represent the true spirit of Arizona. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a breath-taking pool surrounded this property can be a place of tranquility and rest after a long day of exploring the nearby attractions like Piestewa Peak or Dreamy Draw Park.

And if you get bored inside this rustic house, you can always explore the many patios that this home has to offer. Along with its kind and responsive host, your every requirement and need will be met. 

12 guests | 4 bedrooms | 7 beds | 3 baths

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Private Guesthouse on Luxury Estate. – About $89

Airbnb Phoenix pet Private guesthouse

But not everyone likes to travel in large groups. For those adventurers, who are looking for a more luxurious stay, away from hotels, this private guesthouse can be a possible solution. Two guests and their furry friend could have fun throughout this entire home. Located in the heart of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale area, this pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix Arizona has a splash pool and a large shared backyard.

Visit Phoenix and stay close to all the grand attractions, but still be able to enjoy the tranquility of a peaceful environment in the evenings. Comfort and plenty of space are guaranteed in this lovely home.

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 1 bed | 1 bath

Check Current Price Now

⭐Reduced Rate ⭐Family Amenity’s +  ADA compliant – About $19

Airbnb Phoenix pet Lowest Most Amenities

A more modern solution for a larger group of fourteen people. Even though this house has some vintage features here and there, it will provide its visitors with a glimpse into the life of modern-day locals. It is also a perfect place for q person with a disability to enjoy a lovely stay. 

The hot tub can be used from December until February, but there is a pool for those hot Arizona summer days. Moreover, the one who gets the master bedroom can indulge himself/herself with a jacuzzi bath. 

14 guests | 3 bedrooms | 9 beds | 2 baths

Check Current Price Now

Desert Paradise Guesthouse – About $85

Airbnb Phoenix pet Desert Paradise Guesthouse

A modern version of a rustic Arizona style, that will make you feel like you are one with your surroundings. A family of four or a group of friends can turn this guesthouse in the northern part of Phoenix into a base for further exploration of this enchanting area. Only 25 minutes away from downtown Phoenix, you could have it all – the proximity of every possible attraction but also the magical view at night. 

But the pictures of this pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix Arizona rental do not do it justice. Since its superhosts make this spotless home into what it is – a true pleasure to stay at. 

4 guests | 1 bedroom | 2 beds | 1 bath

Check Current Price Now

Huge Suite!! – 8 minutes to DT, Old-Town & Airport – About 50

Airbnb Phoenix pet 800sf Guest Suite

A budget-friendly solution for people who travel with their pets. If you are looking for a place that is not that pricey but with all the necessary commodities to provide a good stay, then you might consider this option. Only 8 minutes from downtown, in the Arcadia Light District, you could relax in a big suite that allows smoking in the yard, but also has a jacuzzi and a saltwater pool. 

A door locking system will make you feel safe and you will without any care be able to take a closer look at different restaurants in the area. Also, very convenient for people who need a place to stay near the airport. 

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 1 bed | 1 bath

Check Current Price Now

Jonathan’s Phoenix Getaway – About $130

Airbnb Phoenix pet Your Phoenix Home

Just what your Instagram picture needed. One of the most beautiful properties on our list that is also budget-friendly is this pet-friendly Airbnb. You can take your girlfriend or boyfriend on a romantic trip to Phoenix and make this your getaway home. It is also a perfect match for any group of six visitors and this pet who wish to stay at a spotless, spacious, and safe house with a pool. Most importantly, this Airbnb rental is located in the artists’ part of downtown, so you would in the center of all happenings.

Moreover, this unique rustic home with modern, original features will turn your every Phoenix memory into an unforgettable one.

6 guests | 2 bedrooms | 2 beds | 2 baths

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PHX/Scottsdale Home Gem, Great location, pets OK ! – About $100

Airbnb Phoenix pet Biltmore Arcadia gem

Only 10 minutes away from old town Scottsdale, you can book an entire house that can easily fit up to 6 people. You will find that the house has been recently remodeled to meet your every need. It is a quaint home, welcoming all visitors who are looking for a place where they can relax and enjoy. 

Although this home is located very close to different restaurants, the friendly host is also there to point you in the right direction and give good suggestions about what you should do during your stay. 

7 guests | 2 bedrooms | 5 beds | 1 bath

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Central ASU-AIRPORT-POOL Orange-alope Manor – About $195

Airbnb Phoenix pet Central ASU

Nestled between Arizona Grand Resort and the Buttes Resort, only 10 minutes from the airport, is this pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix Arizona rental that is fun for children, cool for friends, and a heaven for you. With a three-bedroom and one-bathroom arrangement, it can easily welcome up to 7 people and a pet friend. Use all the potentials of its huge yard by sunbathing by the pool, grilling, playing darts, or just reading a book. 

Don’t worry if you left toothbrush or your dog’s water bowl – the lovely host will provide you with all the essentials that are needed during your stay.

7 guests | 3 bedrooms | 3 beds | 1 bath

Check Current Price Now

Tatum Villa Pool/Hot Tub, Location – About $175

Airbnb Phoenix pet Great Events location

No matter if you are a golfer, on a business trip, or just vacationing for pleasure. This rental is an absolute must for anyone traveling with many others (no more than eleven). Located in North Scottsdale, Tatum Villa has four bedrooms that are at your disposal, as well as a pool, hot tub, a BBQ grill, a patio, 

Plan a day indoors, and prepare a delicious homemade meal inside a fully stocked kitchen. Due to the abundance of space inside the house, there is no need to worry about feeling crowded and nervous. Therefore, there is plenty of room for everyone. 

11 guests | 4 bedrooms | 4 beds | 2 baths

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The Hideaway – Scottsdale Arizona – About $248

Airbnb Phoenix pet The Hideaway

Yet another picture-worthy home that will make anyone admire your trip and your home away from home. Beautifully designed and decorated, this pet-friendly Airbnb Phoenix Arizona vacation rental boasts 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Therefore, up to 12 lucky people can take advantage of the opportunity to stay at the house as beautiful as this one. Located near Sunset Ridge, it can also be ideal for staying extremely close to all activities and attractions. 

Even though a picture says a thousand words, in this case, they can only provide you a mere glimpse of it. If you do decide to book it, you will find it more spacious and more amazing in person. 

12 guests | 5 bedrooms | 12 beds | 3 baths

Check Current Price Now

Thank You For Reading!

I hope that this list will be helpful for your next trip to Phoenix, Arizona. If you have decided to pick an Airbnb of this list, you are more than welcome to share your experiences. Write to me in the comment section below! Safe travels!

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