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New Edwardian Front Doors

Bespoke Edwardian Front Doors, available up to a maximum size of mm Wide, mm High and 44mm Deep. This size should suit most appropriate period entrances. The designs available date approximately between to You can select your preferred choice of timber and panels &#; choose from softwood, hardwood or oak.

Edwardian Britain was a short lived period and was very similar in style to the Victorian period. The stained glass colours used changed from the well know Victorian Red, to Edwardian Blue. In terms of door design, the heavy mouldings and technical detail were dropped in favour of lighter, less detailed designs. This period saw a rise in the popularity of multiple glazed panels. Many towns and cities had front doors featuring three or more panes of stained glass. This therefore allowed a lot more light to reach inside the home.

You can purchase these doors fully bespoke directly through our website, or over email/phone. You can also visit our shop in Stockport, where we have many beautiful examples available for viewing.

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New doors are best suited for period properties. Not only do they stay in keeping with the style, but they combine both function and security. Furthermore, your entrance door will help provide a clear statement about what can be found within. In addition, it&#;ll provide that all important first impression, which is highly valued today.

Add Bespoke Glass Panels To Your Order

You can add to your chosen Edwardian front door a number of traditional stained glass or etched glass panels. Either glass would suit this period well, and look simply stunning. We can copy any existing design you provide us with, or we can reproduce one with you which we have previously created.

You can view our traditional stained glass designs by clicking here. Some of these designs are available to view at our shop first hand, where you can really appreciate the quality of the work. Be sure to visit us if you can!

Need Help? Get In Touch!

If you are not certain about which door would suit your property, or if you’d like to discuss the specifics involved, please get in touch by calling us on . You can alternatively email us at: [email protected]


Bespoke Edwardian Style Doors

Would you like a new Edwardian front door for your property? We design and handcraft completely bespoke front doors in the most popular Edwardian styles.

Our Edwardian door designs are thoroughly researched for authenticity and are based on the many originals we have in stock. If you have something particular in mind we are happy to work with you in order to create your perfect door.

Our doors are made from the high quality hardwood, hardwaring and perfect for use externally.

Below you can view further examples of the Edwardian front doors we have designed and manufactured for customers across the United Kingdom.

Add Bespoke Edwardian Stained Glass Panels

We can also create Edwardian style stained glass panels when needed. We have a large range of Edwardian designs we have previously made which you can browse for inspiration. You can have any of these designs re-created in your desired colours and sizes, or create one with us.

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Victorian and Edwardian glazed front doors

Below is our current selection of Victorian and Edwardian Stained Glass front doors crafted using Engineered Hardwood , a very stable and durable construction. We can also make doors from solid hardwood and also Accoya , please contact us for details . All of these doors are totally unique, brand new and already glazed with beautiful stained glass.

Although the stained glass is already fitted it can of course be replaced with a different style of stained glass if you prefer, please contact us before ordering if you would like us to do this for you. Please note that doors that are shown complete with door furniture and or painted/varnished may be for illustrative purposes only , please check full description for details , should you require painting/varnishing please select the relevant option (where available) when ordering online, or contact us to discuss the range of options we offer.Please note the price quoted  for painting or varnishing is for the exterior surface only.

Door size not right for you? If you have picked a stained glass door but it's slightly large for your requirements, it may be possible to trim it to size. Please contact us for details if this is the case.


Important please note:

The stained glass door panels are made using traditional methods. We use hand floated glass that includes all the irregularities natural flaws fissures and bubbles of antique Victorian glass

Stained glass panels :  The pictures on the website are digital images and stained glass panels may vary from the colours/shades in the actual stained glass panels received .

The glass used is hanfloated “cathedral glass” and will also vary from batch to batch .

We cannot guarantee paint finishes , we do however use top quality branded paints  i.e Dulux or Johnstones paints .

We do not recommend the use of water based paints or oils as they may cause delamination .

We do recommend using oil based paints and varnishes .

We may recommend Farrow & Ball colours but will match the colour using Johnstones oil based paints .

Farrow and Ball external paints are water based and we do not advise the use of water based paints .

Shrinkage is common in new timber doors.

All new solid timber doors including Engineered doors have an element of moisture normally around 12%.

In time this may reduce to about % and then stabilize,if this drying out process happens to quickly i.e when south facing and without protection i.e

When  no porch or overhang , dark colours i.e black can be problematic.

When fitted to a heated environment and  also dependant on local conditions.

Radiators in hallways should be turned off for the first few months and should not be within 2 metres of the door. Mouldings panels and joints  can shrink slightly causing gaps .

This  would not be considered a fault with the construction of the door or paint finish, but a natural occurrence under certain conditions of new solid timber doors.

The gaps around the moulding would be best filled with a flexible mastic filler

and the gaps on the joints filled with 2 part filler then repainted


Door Warranty

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Reclaimed Edwardian Front Doors

Below is our current selection of Edwardian reclaimed front doors, all of which are totally unique.

When looking through the reclaimed external doors pages it is worth bearing in mind that any of the solid panel doors can have the top panels removed and glazing bead added ready to accept beautiful stained glass panels. We can also replace the existing glass with stained glass if you prefer.

We are happy to do this for you or if you would like to do this for yourself please see my blog page for detailed information on how to do this along with pictures of the process.

If you are looking for reclaimed internal doors from the same period, please have a look at our selection of beautiful Edwardian reclaimed Internal doors.


You may also like to view our range of reproduction Victorian and Edwardian front doors .

Victorian and Edwardian style stained glass front doors.



Doors edwardian front

Victorian Front Door Styles

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Combine traditional Victorian and Edwardian front door styles with the cutting-edge performance of Endurance's composite doors.
Design Your Door

composite front doors

Victorian Style Composite Doors

Composite doors are one of the most popular choices on the market for homeowners looking to combine classic aesthetics with state-of-the-art performance. Endurance doors are available in many different styles, and one of our most popular ranges is the Classic Collection. These high-performance doors combine cutting-edge security hardware with a solid timber core with an elegant appearance to boost your home’s kerb appeal.

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Victorian front doors are one of the most highly sought after and distinctive styles in our Classic Collection. If you’re looking for Victorian or Edwardian front door styles, there’s no need to expect 19th Century performance along with their appearance. When you choose an Endurance composite door, you will enjoy the latest advancements in door design with timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion.

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Our HomeView Door Designer offers a simple to follow step by step process, enabling you to construct your ideal composite door and see how it looks on your home.

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What Are Victorian Front Door Styles?

Victorian front doors have always been, and look set to continue to be, one of the most popular styles around. If you’ve heard about the popularity of these designs but are unsure what exactly qualifies for this classification, we can help you recognise these elegant door designs and decide if they are the right fit for your home.

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Victorian and Edwardian front doors are characterised by a distinctive aesthetic with their panels. In the mid-to-late 19th Century, four-panelled doors saw a sharp rise in popularity, and this continues to be the case right up until the present day. In this era of history, homeowners were keen to make a grand impression. Victorian front doors achieved this by often choosing sidelights with decorative glass, featuring all kinds of designs from textured and a milky opaque look to intricate stained patterns.

Victorian vs Edwardian Front Doors

For many people, the classifications of the Victorian and Edwardian eras are used somewhat interchangeably. By their definition of which monarch was on the throne, the Victorian Era spanned from to , and the Edwardian Era following from to With the briefness of the latter, many people will group these eras together into one &#; certainly when it comes to the designs of these eras.

When it comes to choosing Victorian front doors and Edwardian front doors, there are few differences in their overall distinctive designs and they share the highly desirable aesthetics that make them so sought after for homeowners all across the UK.

Victorian and Edwardian front doors alike are renowned for their elegance and classic appeal. Both of these designs were created to make a grand first impression for any visitors to the property. Then as now, your front door is a vibrant way to express your personality, your character and that of your home.

New Front Door Prices
Advantages of Composite Victorian Front Doors

Advanced Security

Endurance composite doors improve upon Victorian front doors due to their advanced security. This wouldn’t have been a major concern for homeowners in this era, but it is increasingly important now and moving forward. Potential intruders are always looking for more ways to exploit any vulnerabilities, and our composite doors don’t have the weaknesses of Victorian front doors. Endurance doors feature the impressive ABS Ultimate locking cylinder as the advanced solution to all your security needs. With its intelligent design and anti-pick and anti-drill capabilities, you’ll have total peace of mind with 21st Century technology.

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While Victorian and Edwardian front doors offer gorgeous aesthetics, they won’t provide the same exceptional performance that homeowners would expect now. Security, robustness and durability have moved on, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the desirable aesthetics to enjoy these modern benefits. Endurance composite door combine style and performance without sacrifice. You can get the look and feel of a Victorian front door while enjoying the cutting-edge security, strength and durability that your home deserves.

Advantages of Composite Victorian Front Doors

Bespoke Accessories

The popularity of Victorian front doors coincided with the most dramatic developments of the postal service, leading to the soaring popularity of letter plates within these. As such, if you’re looking to recreate the most authentic Victorian and Edwardian front door styles, you’ll want to make sure your composite door accessories look their best. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of hardware to complement and enhance the overall look and feel of your traditional-looking composite door.

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Our composite doors can be designed in the style of Victorian front doors, and our vast selection of accessories allows you to create the bespoke look that’s right for your home. In addition to letter plates, you can choose from different looks and feels for handles, knockers, pull knobs, locks and much more. When you’re designing your Victorian front door or Edwardian front door style, you can explore the wide range of options available while understanding that whichever you choose is expertly manufactured and installed to deliver high-performance results.

A Modern Take on a Design Classic

Here at Endurance, we understand that homeowners don’t want to compromise on any aspect of their composite door design. That’s why our expert manufacturers allow you to combine traditional Victorian front door styles with the state of the art performance that you would expect from a modern composite door.

Our doors are available in three distinct collections &#; Classic, Urban and Country &#; and the Classic Collection is the ideal choice for those looking to recreate the authentic Victorian front door styles that remain enduringly popular. This range features many different four-panelled options for you to choose from, including some of our most popular composite door styles such as the Etna, Eiger and Bowmont options. It is a testament to the continued popularity of Victoria front doors that the Etna door, which is hugely evocative of this authentic style, continues to be a favourite for homeowners.

At Endurance, we don’t want to simply evoke these classic designs &#; we want to improve on them where possible for your contemporary home. While you may be keen to capture the traditional Victorian and Edwardian front door aesthetic, you can also improve on their performance. Many Victorian-era homeowners wouldn’t have been too concerned with security, but this is a priority for us. Our composite doors feature advanced locking mechanisms and are made with a resilient solid timber core for inherent strength and durability. This makes them a true improvement over Victorian front doors without affecting their appearance.

Design Your Victorian Front Door with Endurance

Design your dream composite door online today.  If you’re looking for a modern take on traditional Victorian and Edwardian front doors, look no further than Endurance. Our composite doors are available in a range of bespoke styles with countless customisation options. Refine the look and feel of your new door with a range of hardware options and accessories to deliver the best performance every time without compromise.

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For Victorian front door styles, you can choose the Classic Collection and explore the customisation options you have available. Take inspiration from these incredibly popular options and put your own spin on the design for a truly modern take on a design classic that will never go out of style.

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Replacing the Old Front Door - Palladio Palermo

A popular style for some of the finest, early 20th century Edwardian buildings.


Our success is driven by the continued satisfaction of our clients.

&#;We have now used the London Door Company on three separate occasions over a period of twenty years. The service has always been exceptional. The craftsmanship, design and fitting are outstanding.&#;

Ms Norton

South East London

&#;The London Door Company were great from start to finish. We love our new front door. It has completely transformed the front of our house and you can see and hear the quality when you close it behind you. I have no hesitation to recommended them.&#;

Dr Walters

North East London

&#;A seamless, thoroughly professional service from design to installation. I can honestly say it was a most pleasurable experience and we now have a high quality, stylish door to enjoy thanks to a highly skilled team of designers and craftsmen.&#;

Mr Brady

South East London

&#;From my first consultation to the door being fitted, the service I received was great. Our designer helped to turn my vision into reality and I am so pleased with the results.&#;

C Spiteri

North London

&#;We love our new doors. Our designer was very attentive to our requirements during the design stage and the service we received when they were fitted was quick and efficient.&#;

Richard and Yvonne


Handcrafted in the UK

35 Years Experience

Entirely Bespoke

Time-Served Craftsmen

Handcrafted in the UK

35 Years Experience

Entirely Bespoke

Time-Served Craftsmen


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Old English Doors

Beautiful entrance doors in the Edwardian style:

In the Edwardian era, design moved away from the typical, elaborate style the Victorians were renowned for. Consequently, design focused on simple elegance. In terms of door design, the heavy mouldings and technical detail were dropped in favour of lighter, less detailed designs. If you&#;re looking for a simple, elegant door, we can help you.

We offer a fully bespoke, made-to-measure service. Our skilled team will design and create solid quality, durable wooden entrance doors in the Edwardian style for your property. We&#;ll consult with you during the design stage, so you choose everything from the colour of your door to the finish of the hardware used. We also stock an exclusive range of door furniture that beautifully compliments our Edwardian doors.

If glazing is required, we can assist. We work with a local glazing artist that produces stunning designs using traditional skills. We can also work with you to restore, replace or reproduce existing stained glass too, where needed.

Working with Old English Doors:

We commend your decision to avoid the cheap mass produced Edwardian front doors available from big DIY chains. Our beautiful, quality wooden doors are unique and they stand the test of time.

To ensure the utmost quality, we exclusively use Accoya&#;s high performance wood, which is rated as having “class 1 durability&#; and is virtually rot proof. It is designed to last over 50 years and has superior paint retention qualities. Further, to ensure security, our front doors are reinforced with a steel inlay and fitted with ABS diamond standard locks.

Our wooden front doors are designed and manufactured by our skilled team of craftsmen, in our Nottingham-based workshop. Although we&#;re located in the East Midlands, we&#;re happy to deliver anywhere in the UK.

We offer a wide selection of door furniture, hardware and accessories for your door. To browse through our catalogue click here.

Elegant Edwardian front doors that are safe, secure and beautifully designed.


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