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Luxury Apartments in San Jose, CA for rent.

Embark on the journey of ultimate modern living at The Platform Apartments in San Jose. Elevate your style with high-end finishes and conveniences with our studio, 1, 2 3 bedroom apartments available for rent. We’ve created more than a space to live, we’ve shaped a destination where community and life to be harmonious. Discover your all-access pass to shopping, dining, and entertainment at the BART station next door – all a short ride away. Visit our apartments in San Jose for rent and find out why residents love The Platform!

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The Platform Urban Apartments

  • Q:

    Does this community has elevator?


    Yes, The Platform does have elevator access.

    Western N., Business Customer Service 

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  • I moved in 2 months ago.

    1. good amenities, everything is new.
    2. Close to freeway, so you can get places fast.
    3. Across the street from Safeway/cvs
    4. There is a nice neighborhood nearby that you can go on walks to.
    5. Parking lot (costs 150 for a tandem spot or 100 per spot for individual spots--pretty pricey).

    Cons: things breaking all the time.
    1. Their fire pits have not been turning on. They look pretty in concept but not when they don't work.
    2. 3 of 5 electric chargers are broken. They fix them and they break again the next day.
    3. The people. I guess this complex has a lot of self righteous  people living here who think others will clean up after them. People throw their stuff into the garbage room without putting their trash in the allocated special garbage shoots. People have their dogs shit all over their place.. literally saw someone watching their dog shit and not clean up.

    I'd recommend this place, if you can turn a blind eye to all the issues. This place is NOT cheap, so it would be nice if things work and people who live here are not scum bags.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Western N.

    Western N.

    Business Customer Service


    We're glad you're having a good experience overall. We are always looking for ways to improve though, so please reach out to us at (669) 245-3230 when you have a moment if you wish to discuss your feedback. In the meantime we look forward to continue providing a great experience for you!

  • So Danielle apparently left and this place is back to having nothing handled. Danielle clearly didn't transfer or communicate with the other team members any of the things that were supposed to be done in my apartment. Even so, I started the process again with new maintenance requests and surprise- nothing is being handled. No update, no work done. Dear Platform Urban:  you need to train your employees better or manage them better. It's one or the other.  It really sucks that I am not comfortable in my own home and I've been living here since February. Thumbs down.

    Changed to three stars, all of them to Jason Taylor in the leasing office. If you want to move here, ask for him. On his own- he is a five star guy. Always follows up with me when I happen to speak with him.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Western N.

    Western N.

    Business Customer Service


    Hi Jennifer, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that the work has not yet been completed, however we understand the facilities team is scheduled to complete the work today. Should you have any further concerns, please contact our Customer CARES Manager at (888) 962-2737. We look forward to getting everything resolved. Thank you.

    After a rough beginning, things are looking up. If leasing- go see DANIELLE in the office. She is AWESOME!

    Back to one star. Left for a week due to heavy construction going on. Very very loud drilling noises throughout the day that will be going on for at least two weeks. And still going on. Came back to find the hallway smelling of garbage and a fruit fly infestation. Fruit flies all over my door. I had to spray my whole door down with Lysol. Imagine coming home, exhausted, with luggage, after spending 1k to get away from the construction noise only to come back to a foul smelling hallway and fruit goes EVERYWHERE. Must be a problem with their "trash room" they advertised but when I moved in - "oops, there was a problem with the trash room and uh.. yea. That room is nixed from our layout. It's there but we can use it." Called the office and was told they would have someone come down and take a look, as well as clean up my door. Surprise surprise. No one came to do either, and there's still Lysol residue on my door. Also, it's 8am now and the drilling has begun again. Do. Not. Move. Here.

    Quick note before reading*

    Im unhappy with my living experience here, I would give it one star- but my three star rating I decided on is because of the maintenance guy here- Emelito - he has been SUPER AWESOME with helping me when he can.

    Since I have moved in- the trash room on my floor has been "broken"  and I have to go to another floor to throw out my trash. I've been here for two months already. There is a mosquito and gnat INFESTATION around their landscaping (that is very poorly cared for) to the point where I cannot use my patio space- because when I tried to enjoy my patio space, I got bit several times all over my arms and face! Not fun, not fun at all. The pup wash amenity is GROSS- looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a year, dust, dog fur, weird stains on the counters- BLEH. I felt like I needed a hazmat suit to use it. Next- I have had a water leak from the sprinkler system in my bedroom closet/ which resulted in several 1/4 cords and pedals getting water damaged, and oh- not to mention an attempted break in because the fencing of the building I live in is not secure- anyone can hop it- to my toilet bubbling whenever I turn on the sink and the maintenance crew scratching up my toilet in their process of trying to fix the issue. Oh wait- it wasn't my toilet clogged, it was a problem with the building pipes. Imagine having a maintenance crew during covid disrupt your work day and flush your toilet a gazzilion times while running your sink nonstop trying to fix a BUILDING PROBLEM. Water is free for them apparently- no problem, I'll pay for the costs associated with figuring out your pipe issue- being a music teacher and violinist and all. Yeah. Not to mention-- due to their negligence in handling the break in situation (the team not fulfilling requests like replacing my window screen to let me feel safer- when they could have) I have been super stressed and unable to work the past week. Fast forward a couple weeks and now dark brown water filling my tub when I am trying to take a bath. Imagine putting bath salts, essential oils, and skincare treatment in the tub and letting the water run, hoping for a relaxing evening after the security breaches at this building, only to find minutes later your tub full of brownish water. There is definitely something wrong with the water here. I have gone through THREE zero water filters in the last month?!?? Wtf?!? Don't make it your home, it's done nothing but add stress and negativity to my life so far.  And has drained me of money- the money used to buy products to ward off their infestation- hefty PGE bill, extra water filters, loss income from inability to work. It's like I'm paying to suffer. Do. Not. Move. Here.

    Oh, and another thing- the handles on the cabinets are super cheap and the some edges are razor sharp. I have asked for them to be replaced especially because I am a violinist- and they said they cannot do it. I've cut my fingers, pretty badly, twice already. And last thing- the garage door is always wonky- the gate opens 50% of the time for me. I pay $100 a month for parking that I cannot access each day. Each time I come back it's like -- hmmm I wonder if it will open today? And if it does- I feel a huge celebratory surge of success when the garage door actually opens.

    I have lived at Quimby, Lakeshore Landing, Avalon Silicon Valley, Belmont Hills, Anton Menlo, and LINQ.  Never ever have I had so many issues at a place.

    Thank you, Platform Urban. From now on, every single place I live in the future will be like heaven.

  • Photo of ana a.
    ana a.
    South San Jose, San Jose, CA

    i honestly regret moving into these apartments !!! let's start off with not being safe !! bad management never answer phone calls ! some janitors are rude not all of them !

    - landscape is horrible ! can't enjoy my patio because the plants are long af and have spikes in them

    - dog pee everywhere don't even clean it ! that's how you know how dirty there owners are and lazy !  poop in the the stare way in the basement parking spots ! some dogs are aggressive and i've felt like the owners can't even handle them !

    -garbage area pack ! boxes all over the floor bags left rotting with flys and nasty smell !

    -cars always getting broken into ! you call the office and all they have to say is we are not responsible ? like wtf isn't these apartments supposed to be safe ? luxury living ? no security at all ! these apartments get good money and cant even afford to hire good security ? but we have to pay $100 for each parking spot to have people scratching and breaking into your car ?

    -neighbors are way to noisy you can clearly hear them walk or when they are showering jumping making alot of noyse its past midnight somepeople work and have to wake up early.

    -water pipes in the basment parking spot always  leaking ! always !!!!

    -residents have to pay for parking when there's cars outside the gate waiting for someone to open the gate so they can go park for free !!!

    - manegment will send 10000000 emails but wont do nothing to fix problems !!!

    there's more TO add !!!

    -basement PARKING area Trash everywhere

    -found a syringe needle behind My car arter 2 Months of limbung THERE janitors go TO Pick up " garbage" but until today havent Picked that nasty shit !!

    please dont come and apply to these apartments you will regret it ! i repeat do not move in !!!! look for other options !!!!! but if you want to come and live here be prepare for more things !!! you will always have home problems as well !!
    dont let the outside fool you you will be unhappy here and wish your contract was over !!!!!!!!


  • Well ... they sure know how to email me 1000000 times about offers and as soon as I inquired I got zero communication and that immediately raised red flags . If I can't get information as a potential resident how much assistance would I get as a tenant . I text and left multiple voice mails and no response . So as of now I'd def say 1 star .

    Business owner information

    Photo of Western N.

    Western N.

    Business Customer Service


    We're sorry we have been difficult to reach, Andrew. That is unlike us. Please reach out to our Customer CARES Manager at (888) 962-2737. It is our goal to answer all of your questions.

  • The management really does not care about their tenants.
    - They do not respond to emails or calls in a timely fashion, if at all.
    -Gym is open 8-5, when prior to move in I was told it would be 6-10pm (we are paying for these facilities)
    -Upkeep of the building is not good - dogs at the pool, dog poop in various locations, trash chutes/ trash rooms are often cluttered and filthy (a litter box spilled on the ground leaving cat poop everywhere)

    Overall, not a great experience. Beautiful building but it lacks a kind and helpful management team.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Western N.

    Western N.

    Business Customer Service


    Hi Victoria, thank you for taking the time to share this insight with us. We are sorry to hear that you have not received responses from our team in a timely matter. We appreciate your feedback and will look into your concerns regarding dogs at the pool and the cleanliness of the trash rooms. We have recently started a new service vendor for cleaning the trash rooms.  If you would like, please email us at [email protected] to schedule a phone appointment to discuss your concerns.

    The gym is currently open daily from 8am to 10pm.

    Western National Property Management

  • Facilities...are just s***.
    All new. But not deserved.
    In my memories, no water, all of sudden shut down electricity often which manager didn't know why, broken new

    - Noisy party people, clubbing sound,
    - foot steps on elevator buttons all the time, (shows the level of residence.)
    - trash is on isle whole week, trash room has a bunch of abandoned trash on floor,
    - huge pets huge pees all around. ( I'm so sorry for janitors)

    - every door makes creaking sound even doesn't closed room door well.
    - unknowingly sagging floor
    - the living room woods are wet lol~

    you cannot choose this apartment.
    Not secured AT ALL!
    Your cars and bikes will not be safe from thieves and car scratchers.
    There were 3 security guards.. I've seen them several hours for a few days though...well.... well...well!!! Stealing and breaking in happens in the parking but they stays in their car and only lobby with phone playing where seemed nothing happened. Aren't they supposed to walk around and keep on eyes our properties???

    Although neighbors scratched your car IN THE PARKING LOT even at your spot, OR somebody rummaged your car, management is not able to help you.
    I can't trust this management who doesn't look like helping or keeping your properties in safe. I lived in Domicilio and lawrence station such as luxury apartments before but I've had many serious problems ONLY in this apartment which I hadn't had ever.

    Please FIND ANOTHER PLACE if you have enough money for rent fee.
    Please don't waste yours. Yours is more valuable than this only looking good apartment. Don't be deceived.
    The taste will be bitter than you expect.

    Business owner information

    Photo of Western N.

    Western N.

    Business Customer Service


    We are sorry to hear about your concerns, Ellie. We care deeply about our residents and would like to work with you to improve your experience and discuss your feedback. Please reach out to our office, and we'd be happy to get started.

  1. Max mini tow yard playset
  2. 2 single vanities in bathroom
  3. Tile outside corner
  4. Dog tail vector

The Platform

Located within Market Park, one of the largest planned mixed-use developments in The City of San Jose’s history, The Platform is a 551-unit multifamily apartment complex with 37,500 square feet of retail space. This transit-oriented development will be the nearest apartment community to the new Berryessa BART train station, allowing residents to walk to nearby BART platforms.

HMH handled entitlements, including helping add retail space later in the process, in response to The Mayor’s goal of bringing more jobs to San Jose. Engineering challenges included managing ground water, since the site included underground parking covering almost the entire property. Integrated efforts by HMH’s planning and engineering groups helped process one of the first regional Low Impact Development storm water features in San Jose. This allows The Platform to reach its density potential while having all of the public and private water treated in one location. Collaborating with project consultants, HMH also instituted a plan for the routing of infrastructure that allowed for a more efficient and more cost effective construction of the development’s base podium, or foundation.

Learn more about the 120 acre transit oriented development.


  • Land Use Entitlements and Land Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying

Key Facts

  • Client: Western National Group
  • Client: San Jose Flea Market Entitlements
  • Implement Low Impact Development for community water quality
  • Coordinate with other agencies for efficiency
  • Facilitate entitlement fluctuations
VTA's Eastridge to BART Regional Connector Overview

Does The Platform Urban Apartments have any available units?

The Platform Urban Apartments has 31 units available starting at $2,588 per month. Check out the Price and Availability section for the most up-to-date unit information.

How much is rent in San Jose, CA?

For information on rent prices and other rental trends in the area, check out our monthly San Jose Rent Report.

What amenities does The Platform Urban Apartments have?

Some of The Platform Urban Apartments's amenities include in unit laundry, patio / balcony, and dishwasher. To see the other amenities this property offers, check out the Amenities section.

Is The Platform Urban Apartments currently offering any rent specials?

The Platform Urban Apartments is offering the following rent specials: $1,000 Look and Lease. On Select Units. Restrictions apply. Call for details. Expires 10/17/2021, and Up To 6 Weeks Free. On Select Units. Restrictions apply. Call for details. Expires 10/17/2021

Is The Platform Urban Apartments pet-friendly?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments is pet friendly.

Does The Platform Urban Apartments offer parking?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments offers parking.

Does The Platform Urban Apartments have units with washers and dryers?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments offers units with in unit laundry.

Does The Platform Urban Apartments have a pool?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments has a pool.

Does The Platform Urban Apartments have accessible units?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments has accessible units.

Does The Platform Urban Apartments have units with dishwashers?

Yes, The Platform Urban Apartments has units with dishwashers.

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