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Louie from OH wrote on October 10, 2020

We purchased these as a thermal backing for our dining room curtains, which are fairly see through, which we enjoy for the Spring and Summer, but we wanted more insulation and privacy for Fall and Winter. We have back tab curtains (not top tab). Still, these worked perfectly. Very ingenious design so as to allow them to be used for top tab, grommet, or rod (though rod-type curtains would require an extra rod). Time consuming to attach them to our back tab curtains and it added significant overall weight but suits the purpose. Very happy to have found these. We actually ordered more for our bathroom curtains for same reasons!

Kim from TN wrote on December 15, 2017

These curtain liners are the best. They darken the room very well and so easy to hang. Definitely will purchase again.

Ron from NC wrote on March 02, 2017

Good product, just as described on website, blocks out the daylight from morning sun and most important, allows uninterrupted sleep.

Aliceo from TN wrote on March 17, 2016

I cannot sleep with any light coming into the room. This blackout curtain does exactly that. I did not notice any smell and I have a super sensitive nose. They are absolutely perfect for this very picky person.

Sue S. from IL wrote on March 14, 2016

These are a good fabric for liners. They drape nicely. Others that I saw were more like plastic. These liners had options for hanging with different drapery style, That makes them more versatile.

Pris from IA wrote on November 18, 2015

I love the liners. Looked for some time for something like this. Not hard to hang and provides a lot of protection from the cold. Made a big difference in my living room.

RM from TX wrote on September 19, 2015

Panels keep the heat out extremely well. Improved the temperature inside immensely.

Anonymous from wrote on April 07, 2015

Works fantastically, needed room darkening and the are perfect!

Pattie from VA wrote on January 14, 2015

Exceeded my expectations. Very good quality and worked perfectly in our bedrooms

Great product for the price

Tara from CA wrote on October 09, 2014

It definately blocks out the light, except that light does come through on the top and bottom of the curtain, so it could be a little longer. But it does its job overall and the early morning light no longer wakes me up. I would definately buy this product again

Anonymous from NH wrote on August 13, 2014

I have a glass slider on the west side of the house that gets afternoon sun. It gets very warm in the living room where the slider is. The panel was placed behind the drapes already there and it made an amazing difference with the temperature of the living room. It darkens the room very well. It will also help keep the room warmer in the winter. Excellent product. Easy to hang.

Tammy from KY wrote on July 07, 2014

Halfpint from CA wrote on July 08, 2013

We live near a major highway and the road noise is bothersome. This curtain makes the room MUCH quieter. We're sleeping much better, thank you. (Previously tried another brand that was ineffective.) The black out feature is great, too. Hung with tab-top curtains. Sags a bit between the rings, but the curtain rod is high enough above the window that it's not a problem. Fit our 52" wide curtain panels.

K from IN wrote on March 27, 2013

I have been looking for a product like this for MONTHS.....and I have finally found it! It works light coming in! Lots of other websites didn't explain their product very well, so the product I got didn't seem like the product I ordered. On this Touch Of Class website, the picture explain very well exactly what you're getting!

Geri from NY wrote on March 23, 2013

Does the trick, just make sure you hang your curtain rod above the window since the liner drops down a few inches from the rod when using the gommet rings.

ksp from CT wrote on January 07, 2013

these were more than I wanted to spend for curtain liners, but they work very well. They are soft enough to gather well when you open your curtains and do a great job at blocking light. I'm buying another pair for the guest room and eventually to replace the useless "black out" curtains I have in my sons room.

happy with these curtains

ks from CT wrote on September 19, 2012

They are much nicer than the black out curtains I bought previously and they work better also. I like that they can be hidden behind my current white curtains and they don't feel like plastic, so the curtains still hang nicely

betty coooper from IL wrote on August 08, 2012

They do darken a room to some extent. Since they are only made in 45" width ( pretty sure that was done on purpose as most drapes are 52" wide ) you have to but two panels to cover one 52"wide window. Too much light comes in between the two panels. Will be returning them tomorrow.

Mandi from TX wrote on July 10, 2012

After purchasing and returning several "room darkening" curtains... I was skeptical of these. However, they turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! I have white curtains, and wanted something that would filter all of the light out without looking too dark (ugly) behind an almost white curtain. These are perfect! They are easy to hang, and provide hotel quality darkness. I would recommend these to anyone looking to actually "darken" a room.

El from OH wrote on December 14, 2011

These liners were exactly what I was looking for. I am very pleased.

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Works great I really likeisabelWorks great I really like it5

Don’t buyCassieThe clips that come with this are very flimsy. Wouldn’t hold the liner in place. Also, if you use them, you can’t use French pleater hooks on your curtains.2

Mirlaur85Beautiful curtains for a glam home decor4

Does darken room somewhat, but I find it better ..BunnieluvFor energy efficiency. It really does a tremendous job almost completely blocking any draft ( especially cold winter drafts)- making the room a lot warmer while also allowing us to utilize more space in the house because the parameter of our rooms is no longer freezing cold.5

Elegant as curtainsBK keaI use them as curtains because the fabric isar elegant, classy and they do block out light so great for winter. This is my second set.4

WorksKat123123Good fabric, easy to sew, works to block light. I cut the fabric to size to match my existing ikea curtain length, then hemmed and sewed onto the curtains. There is a way to attach the blackout curtains with plastic pieces included in the package but it was easier for me to sew each panel.5

CurtainJenn1037Like perfection beautiful5

niceLtCol Da foot too long but a quick hem will make the room look good5

50% darkeningDesertbellaI put this liner under my blackout curtains. Window has blinds on it as well, so it was basically 4 layers. It blocks about 50% of the light only. Not comparable to the curtains I got from England that block all the light. Wish Ikea would look into other company’s blackout/thermal curtains and make something easily available in the US. Quality of liner is very good. Fabric is soft looking like satin. Only not thick enough. The tape on top is very good.3

Nice dimmingDian6I know these are supposed to be liners, but I'm using them as curtains. They're thick enough to dim the light coming in. And I like the color and texture. Very neutral.5

Light blockersDecor mamaI really wanted these to add protection for my sanela curtains. The velvet is really gorgeous for the price point. Just a bonus that they blocked light and the summer heat.4

Excellent light blocking curtainsKarenthatsmeWe bought 2 sets of these curtain liners to use as dividers between rooms, using tension rods to hang them. They look elegant, & they not only keep out light, allowing our guests to sleep, but they muffle sound, as well. I keep them folded & draped over a hanger when we're not using them.5

Soft to the touch.Sandy512These curtain liners are soft to the touch and hang nicely. They darken the room, but are not black out liners. Very happy with them.5

Gold girlIt’s great quality and color. Look fantastic5

Katerina NVery elegant and beautiful5

Keeps out the Vegas sunSJ2019These liners are super thick and wide. I have them on my patio sliders and they definitely make a huge difference during the sunny and hot Vegas days blocking out a good amount of heat and light.4

Nickname of whatCurtains: they said they keep out the light but they do not at all1

BeautifulYanatI like it. They are so cute.5

jenjeThick fabric, nice color and sheen5

Awful Directions but worksESWFNeeded something to darken my kids room and while it isn't completely blacked out, it definitely helps. I paired these curtains with the Vivian curtains from Ikea. Ikea is usually straight forward and easy when it comes to directions but these are just awful, they make no sense at all. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I found several sites that show you how to attach the plastic pieces together to the curtains. Some people have complained that the plastic is flimsy and breaks and maybe for the heavier curtains they would but it worked fine with the curtains I used. I also love the fact these are not permanent and can be taken off at any time.4

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Set of 2 27"x80" Blackout Liner Panel White - Eclipse


No need to part with your existing curtains! Attach the Eclipse™ blackout Thermaliner to any curtain to experience the light blocking, noise reducing and thermal benefits of Eclipse Curtains. Eclipse Thermaliners are perfect for the bedroom, kid's room or nursery, providing the ideal sleep environment for the whole family. Easy to use hooks are included and provide a simple hanging solution. Rod pocket hanging option fits up to a 1.5 inch curtain rod. Rod sold separately. Hanging instructions included. Each Thermaliner™ panel measures 27 inches wide by 80 inches long and is designed to provide blackout coverage for windows up to 54" wide. Each package contains two 27 inch panels. 100% Polyester. Easy care, machine washable, tumble dry, do not bleach.

Rod Pocket

The curtain rod slips through the pocket, creating elegant gathers with clean lines.


Blocks out nearly all sunlight with its energy-efficient design that protects against outside heat and cold while giving you maximum privacy.
DIY - How To Make Blackout Curtains - NO SEW BLACKOUT CURTAINS

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Featuring patented Thermaliner technology, the Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Curtain Liners can transform any regular curtain into an Eclipse Blackout Curtain. Reduce the noise and light entering any room, while keeping your current drapery in place
  • Reduces both light and noise
  • Eco-friendly energy savings up to 25%
  • 27" wide liners are available in 60" and 80" lengths to discreetly fit existing curtains
  • Two white liner panels per package
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable

Never let distractions outside keep you from enjoying peace and quiet inside. Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Curtain Liners can imbue any existing drapes with all the benefits of Eclipse’s renowned line of Blackout curtains. Laboratory tested to reduce ambient light by 99%, Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Curtains Liners have also demonstrated the ability to minimize noise pollution by 40%. In addition to blocking light and dampening noise, Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Curtain Liners insulate any room for environmentally-friendly energy savings on heating and air conditioning.
Sold as a pair of 27” wide panels, the Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Curtain Liners discreetly hang behind existing curtains. Featuring the same light reducing, noise dampening, and energy saving benefits as the rest of Eclipse’s renowned range of blackout curtains, these liners allow you to quickly add functionality to existing drapery without replacing your current decor. Use both panels behind wider window coverings for optimal insulation and reduction of ambient light and sound. Easy to use hooks quickly attach to any existing curtain, or use a separate rod for maximum versatility.

Liners are sold as a pair with rod-pocket that fit 1.5” diameter hanging rods. Panels measure 27” wide and are available in 60”, and 80” lengths. 100% Polyester. Machine wash gentle, non-bleach, tumble-dry low. Imported.

Liner pairs blackout


DIY - How To Make Blackout Curtains - NO SEW BLACKOUT CURTAINS


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