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Is it possible you’re a Pleiadian starseed? A loving, beautiful soul that has incarnated on Earth infused with pure Pleiadian energy and DNA? 

In this post, I deep dive into what a Pleiadian starseed is, their beautiful mission here on Earth, major signs that confirm you are one, their soul origin, plus how to make contact with your soul family.

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What is a Pleiadian Starseed?

Pleiadians are highly creative, loving souls who originate from the beautiful star cluster, Pleiades. They exist in the fifth dimension, born from a realm of love and creativity.

They’re both beacons of light and knowledge, here to help humanity move towards the Golden Age of Transformation.

Encoded with true Pleaidian DNA and encryption codes, Pleiadian starseeds need to undergo a starseed awakening to trigger their natural born abilities. And their abilities can be vast! 

Pleiades is known to be a central hub or ‘school of learning’ for ALL extra-terrestrial souls.

This ‘school’ is nothing like we can imagine; it’s said to evoke incredible nurturing talents, heal feminine and masculine energy imbalances and hone creative energy.

As a result, the Pleiadians have been inspiring the artist energy within humanity since the dawn of time. These abilities on Earth can show up in many different forms; from traditional healing arts, social care, environmental stewardship to creative expression. 

Often, Pleaidians have many gifts they aren’t aware of; ever found yourself trying something completely new only to find you’re surprisingly good at it? That is typical Pleiadian energy.

Whilst they’re not the masters of learning (orions and sirians have that advantage), they are adept at picking up new skills quickly. 

Words that describe Pleiadian starseeds best: nurturers, motherly, artistic, intuitive, knowledge keepers, joyful, sensitive, loving, transformative.

What is a Pleiadian Starseed’s Mission?

Pleiadians are here to perform a broad, but beautiful mission – to help heal and uplift humanity ready for the Golden Age of Transformation, which is meant to start in 2032 (though it’s heavily debated).

Every 2,160 years, Planet Earth enters a new astrological era. Around two thousand years ago, it moved from the Age of Aries, also known as the Age of Empires, into the Piscean Age, the Age of Idealism.

This time, it is moving into the Age of Knowledge, the Aquarian Age. 

Pleiadians are soul healers. Their heart and crown chakras vibrate at an incredibly strong frequency, and as a result they’re naturally drawn to roles that involve healing and unification.

Think holistic coaching, herbalism, medicine, advocacy, even highly logical roles such as law where injustices need to be balanced.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking they play a supporting role. Pleiadian starseeds are very much the visionaries, darers, dreamers and leaders in innovation and creativity. They embody the child-like artist waiting to be freed deep within our core.

They believe in the impossible and are masters at seeing new solutions to old problems. This is why they’re so fundamental to life on Earth at the moment, as we prepare to enter into a new age of ascension.

Many Pleaidians feel a sense of deeper purpose here on Earth as though they were here to perform a very specific role, but struggle to locate it. I think this is perfectly normal.

The idea of a ‘specific purpose’ or mission is a man-made concept that we adopt during our experiences on Earth.

Our ‘purpose’ or mission doesn’t have to be world-changing to mean something. To live, laugh, love and bring light to your life and those around you, be it animals, humans or even Mother Gaia, wholly embodies Pleiadian energy.

It radiates unconditional love, trust and harmony. No matter what you do, whether it falls under typical healing practices or not, you can choose to display these qualities.

Am I A Pleiadian Starseed? 22 Major Signs That Suggest You Could Be

This list details the most common pleiadian starseed characteristics, but every pleiadian soul is different so you might have more traits than mentioned here.

1. Sensitive

You feel more sensitive than other people. You may have been told to ‘toughen’ up as a child or were called a ‘crybaby’. You’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs. 

2. Emotionally Intelligent

Can you read other people like an open book? Are you skilled at knowing when something’s wrong with someone even if they say it’s not. Pleiadian starseeds are extremely emotionally intelligent and can quickly pick up on subtle clues and nuances.

3. Intuitive

You often have a gut feeling that you can’t explain. It feels intense at times. You feel anxious when you don’t listen to it. You lean towards operating with your heart and not your head.

If you’re out of alignment with your true self, you might lead with your logical mind instead; the polar opposite of what true Pleaidian energy encourages us to do.

4. Amazing communicators

Pleiadians have a way with words. They naturally command charisma and charm, but in a gentle, wise, non-manipulative way. They are wise elders, and often are more mature than their Earth age. They are very authentic and genuine.

5. Strong sense of purpose or unfilled purpose

Do you feel like you’re missing out on something special? Like you came here for a specific purpose or mission but you’re not sure what it is. You might not have undergone your starseed awakening yet.

Pleaidian starseeds often have a strong drive and devotion to their ‘raison d’etre’ or ‘reason for being’.

Note: I strongly believe the purpose of life is to simply enjoy, live and love. A purpose doesn’t mean a ‘world-saving mission’ like in movies.

6. Nurturing or Motherly by Nature

Opposite to Sirian energy, the Pleiades is home to the divine feminine or mother energy. You’ve most likely been called the mother of the group, or have nurturing qualities.

You offer kindness, warmth and an aura of trust to others. You can be a male and still have feminine energy (which is a good thing!).

7. Strongly empathetic

Not only are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but you can literally feel what they’re going through. You embody and take on this energy for yourself, sometimes without even realising.

Even if everything in your life is well, but someone you know is suffering, this might lead you to take on their anxiety, panic and other troubled emotions.

8. True humanitarians

You are drawn to helping in some way shape or form. You realise this world can and will be better. You feel drawn to helping people, animals, children, a charity or other worthwhile cause.

Pleadians often give time and energy to something close to their heart. They are the true humanitarians amongst Earth souls.

It’s also possible you’re a crystal child.

9. Drawn to healing arts e.g. reiki, color therapy, counselling

Pleadian starseeds are highly advanced healers. Healing can take place in many different forms. You might be drawn to writing, journaling, counselling, childcare, reiki, sacred geometry, color therapy, crystal healing, heart chakra healing, medical services etc.

10. Loves spirituality, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, space

You have a thirst for knowledge, and love discovering new information in the fields of astrology, astronomy, alchemy, and metaphysics. You’re drawn to the unusual and mystical, no matter how ‘weird’ it is deemed by society.

11. Strong aversion to harm and violence

You can’t stand seeing or hearing cruelty in any form. Even behaviour many would deem acceptable e.g. seeing animals in a zoo, rattles you to the core.

You can’t understand how people can be so cruel to one another, to animals and to Mother Earth.

12. Good with children and animals

Children and animals are naturally drawn to your calming and inviting aura. You feel like you can communicate with them via non-verbal means. They can naturally pick-up on your innocent and child-like energy.

13. Extremely skilled healers

You consider yourself a natural healer. You may have a soothing presence, warm hands, a deep understanding of others, despite not having lived through their experiences. You are able to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions to their problems.

14. Understands polarity and balance e.g. yin/yang, light/dark

Pleiadian starseeds, despite being predominantly feminine, recognises when there’s an imbalance.

You understand that there can’t be light without dark, yin without yang, good without dark, that one cannot exist without the other. You realise that they are crucial to understanding when to embrace change.

15. May suffer with generalized anxiety, depression or low self-esteem when out of alignment or in pre-awakening stage

Starseeds in general may suffer with this one. When you’re too bogged down in the trials and tribulations of everyday life and it’s stressors and forgetting who you are at the core, you’re likely to suffer with some anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.

This is the same for those who haven’t gone through a spiritual awakening yet too.

16. Gentle in nature

Pleaidians carry an old, gentle energy. It can be likened to a grandmother’s nurturing aura.

17. People-pleasers

Often to their own detriment, pleiadian starseeds are people-pleasers. Their gentle, loving energy can be taken as being ‘weak’ in a highly masculine society.

One lesson pleiadians must learn is that ‘no’ is a complete sentence. If you’re going to suffer because of it, you shouldn’t do it.

18. Perfectionists

This goes hand in hand with the people-pleasing. You’re likely a perfectionist and will spend hours fussing over little, intricate details that don’t really matter. Another lesson for pleiadians is to remember to see the bigger picture in life.

19. May be drawn to roles that involve mental, social or environmental healing: think writing, counselling, psychology, environment, ecology or social advocacy

You might be drawn to roles such as: writer, counsellor, ecologist, social worker, nurse, biologist, teacher, mental health advocate etc. Typically, you’ll like roles that contribute to a better, healthier and kinder world.

20. May be a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Because of their highly emotional and sensitive nature, Pleiadian starseeds are likely to have a lot of water placements in their natal chart i.e. sun, moon, rising and south node signs.

21. May be drawn to water and marine animals if originally from Lemuria

It’s believed that Pleaidians were one of the first beings to populate the long lost land of Lemuria. Lemuria was said to be a water continent on Earth, full of marine animals. You might love dolphins and whales in particular.

Can I Contact the Pleiadians?

Yes! You can. The best way to reach them is by tuning your internal body or soul system with their frequency. 

One thing to note though, which confuses many people, is that Pleiadians are not people. If you were to travel to the Pleiades constellation, you would not find a group of people living in a civilization like ours. What I’m really referring to when I talk of the Pleiadians is Pleiadian energy

If you were to contact the Pleaidians, you are contacting and communicating with an energy field; often referred to as the P Field (Pleaidian field) for short.

Interestingly though, this energy field can interact with you in any matter or form that’s comfortable. It’s why some many associate Pleaidian energy with an angel-like being or a ball of blue light that comes to them in their dreams or half-waking state.

It will show up in the most comforting way possible to you as an individual. 

You might think that contacting extra-terrestrial energy is scary, but remember you’re not reaching out to aliens, but rather your star family. They’re your closest kin in the universe, they’re not hostile and unfriendly as mass media portrays ETs to be. 

Pleaidian love is unconditional. It holds no threat to you, demands nothing of you and withholds no appreciation from you. 

What Do Pleiadian Starseeds Look Like?

This is a good question and is highly controversial in the spiritual community. You might have read that Pleaidian starseeds are Scandiavian looking by nature, with blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin etc. 

But I don’t think this is true. This concept came from a book written in the 1970’s by a channeler, who saw Pleaidian energy in a human format.

Like I said earlier, this energy can come to you in a way that’s comfortable for you. This is an individual interpretation, not a generic feature of the Pleaidians. 

I don’t believe a soul looking for expansion and ascension, here to perform a beautiful mission would choose a body based on its features and looks.

Soul energy is not fical, it’s not caught up in the 3D nature of life.

Souls are ‘matched’ to a body, a vessel if you like, based on its genetic blueprint, its karma and predetermined life experiences.

Tall, short, dark, light, fat, thin, any person can have Pleaidian energy within their DNA.

The Pleiades in Ancient Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has a beautiful and creative story as to how the Pleiades came into existence. It’s said that the seven bright stars commonly seen within the Pleiades represent the seven daughters of Titan Atlas and the Oceanoid Pleione.

The daughters were pursued by an aggressive hunter named Orion until Zeus, worried for their safety, transformed them into a cluster of stars so they couldn’t be found.

Can I See The Pleiades Cluster? 

Yes! Also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, the Pleiades is found within the Taurus constellation, roughly 440 light years away from Earth.

Despite what many believe, there are over 800 beautiful blue stars within the Pleiades cluster. On a super clear night, you can see many of the stars with the naked eye.

A sure sign you’re of Pleiadian origin, or at least carry some form of Pleiadian DNA is feeling drawn to the Pleiades constellation. 

The constellation only formed around 100 million years ago, which is super young in comparison to the overall age of the universe.

As the stars within the Taurus constellation are burning a hot luminous blue, souls originating from Pleiades are said to be ‘young’, or at least young in terms of soul age. They could still be hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Are You a Hybrid Starseed?

Many starseeds feel a connection with more than one starseed type. It’s possible you’ve lived previous ‘lives’ in other star systems and collected a cluster of energy.

Read through my other starseed posts to see if you resonate with those too. If you do, you’re likely a hybrid starseed.

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Would you like to know which starseed markings YOU have in your birth chart? Click here for my eBook that describes starseed markings for 12 stars and star systems!

Pleiadian starseeds are people that have had a previous incarnation in the Pleiades before incarnating on Earth.  Although Pleiadian starseeds are not all the same, they do have some common qualities.

In this post I will discuss the traits of starseeds from the Pleiades and the traits of Pleiadians themselves.

Pleiadian Physical Appearance 

The Pleiadians are from the planets associated with the stars in the Pleiadian star complex located near the constellation Taurus.  Pleiadians may exist in several dimensions including 3D through to 9D.

Pleiadians tend to be very slim, tall and look very Nordic with light hair and light skin.  They have defined cheekbones and jawlines.  While Pleiadians may typically have light skin, many people (myself included) have had contact with dark skinned Pleiadians that seems to be the result of living on a planet with high UV.

When beings are actually incarnated into the Pleiadian star system they may look Nordic but once we incarnate onto Earth – we incarnate into Earth bodies which are much more varied in appearance.

Hence, Pleiadian starseeds here on Earth do not have to look  completely like a typical ‘Pleiadian’.  However, starseeds will have some physical traits typical of Pleiadians, like strong jawlines, blonde hair, hooded eyelids, high cheekbones and long, willowy limbs.  Pleiadians are also androgenous although the sexes are differentiable.

Are you a Pleiadian Starseed?

Pleiadian Starseeds on Earth 

The Pleiades lacks duality in that everything is viewed as a spectrum instead of two(or more) separate states.  This lack of dichotomy results in a more balanced perspective where reality is viewed through the lens of unity.   This is why Pleiadians have chosen to help humans in their spiritual evolution as a species at this current time.

Pleiadians will help humanity to view reality through a lens of unity – ie they will view dichotomies as spectrums.  We can already see this happening in our current society as we begin to view gender as a spectrum.

Pleiadians have mastered the art of living with a balanced heart chakra; a heart chakra that has both feminine and masculine energy flowing equally through it.

Most humans today are operating from their lower three chakras and have yet to operate from a completely open, balanced heart chakra.


The Pleiadian Mission

Pleiadians have agreed to assist with human spiritual evolution through operating as spirit guides and as starseeds.  Pleiadian spirit guides are here to connect with humans and aid them into living with an open heart chakra.  They operate primarily through spiritual connections with humans.

Pleiadian starseeds operate primarily through physical connections with humans.  Pleiadian starseeds agreed to incarnate into the bodies of humans, so that when they remember who they are and remember their gifts they are able to connect with humans and share their knowledge.

Are you a Pleiadian Starseed?

Pleiadian Starseeds tend to have the following traits:

  • feel like the ‘black sheep’ in their family
  • drawn to the night sky, astronomy and aliens
  • they don’t understand social hierarchy
  • tend to have lower blood pressure, lower body temperature
  • drawn to the paranormal and metaphysics
  • highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic
  • creative, active imaginations
  • feel like they have a mission on Earth, to help humanity wake up and contribute to the collective consciousness ascension
  • interested in humanitarian efforts
  • challenge social norms
  • may have food sensitivities
  • nurturing and may have healing abilities
  • mystical and nature-loving
  • love to share love – sometimes too much – trying to please everyone
  • they are usually an energy vampire’s favorite dish
  • they can be very emotional – often resenting how easily they can tear up
  • people subconsciously enjoy their presence because they give their energy easily to others
  • they may be born into families that are suffering intergenerational trauma/abuse/addiction in order to integrate the family karma and break the cycle
  • they are likely to make great parents


Pleiadians tend to embody the frequency of energy that is associated with the heart chakra.  Pleiadians are concerned with unconditional love, nurturing and unity. They are currently helping humanity learn to embody the heart energy.

Pleiadians have a strong relationship with sex and sensuality.  Sacred sex is the physical manifestation of love and when sacred sex is used to express unconditional love – it becomes a very powerful tool for energy work.

Pleiadian Starseeds and Pleiadian Energy Integration

Pleiadian starseeds are born with varying degrees of integrated Pleiadian energy.  Pleiadian starseeds with a lot of well integrated Pleiadian energy will be born with innate Pleiadian abilities that do not diminish as they approach adulthood.

They will not need to work at learning how to unconditionally love or how to unconditionally BE loved.  They will be able to always keep their energies strong and replenished regardless of the situation.

These people are RARE!  Most Pleiadian starseeds are born with at least some degree of poorly integrated Pleiadian energy that needs to be integrated consciously as we mature.  Pleiadian starseeds are often awakened in order to begin this integration process through spiritual development.

Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds with Well Integrated Pleiadian Energy

When a Pleiadian starseed has worked on their spiritual growth to the point where their Pleiadian energies are well integrated, they will find that they are able follow their inner compass to find their life’s purpose.

They will be able to love someone unconditionally, meaning that they will no longer withdraw their love because that person upsets them.  When someone upsets a Pleiadian starseed with well integrated energies, they will feel that negative emotion but still be able to express that emotion in a loving, balanced way.

They will no longer feel jealousy because they have learned how to truly and unconditionally love themselves.  They will know they are enough even if they are rejected.

Pleiadian starseeds with well integrated Pleiadian energy will make excellent parents, as they will be able to continuously give their own energy to their child until they have taught that child to replenish his or her own energy.

Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds with Poorly Integrated Pleiadian Energy

Pleiadians with poorly integrated Pleiadian energy will feel depleted or energy deficient most of the time.  They will withdraw their love from someone when that person upsets them and they will think that’s normal.  They will also be easily upset when someone else judges them harshly.

They will have poor emotional boundaries and not know how to stop giving their energy away.

They may also suffer from anxiety as they tend to operate from fear when not operating from love.  They will get jealous because they haven’t learned how to love themselves unconditionally.

An easy way to test if your Pleiadian sexual energies are fully, well integrated or if they need a little bit more work is to examine your orgasm.  When you are approaching orgasm are you breathing deeply, in and out or are you tensed and holding your breath?

If you are inhaling deeply (and pulling the sexual energy inward) and exhaling (releasing the energy) as you approach orgasm – you are likely to have well integrated Pleiadian energy.

If you are tensed up and holding your breath as you approach orgasm, try breathing deeply and rhythmically as you approach orgasm.  If you are unable to do it, you may need to release trauma to integrate the Pleiadian energies.

Find out how to integrate your Pleiadian energies here!  

Do you resonate with the Pleiades?  You can read my post about identifying Pleiadian starseed markings in your birth chart here.

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Signs You're A Starseed + What To Do About It


If you've ever heard the term Starseed or the name is brand new to you, I'm going to paint the picture for you so you can determine if you're a Starseed and what to do about it.

What Is A Starseed

A Starseed is an old soul with deep spiritual wisdom, that's been lying dormant, having arrived from other solar systems or star constellations. They've had many incarnations in other star systems incarnating on Earth at various times. The children of these star seeds, the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, have incarnated fewer times. They are also Starseeds but not necessarily "new" souls - they've typically had just been on Earth fewer times.

At some point, the Starseeds choose to incarnate on Earth to share their light, knowledge and participate in the planet's evolution to fulfill a divine mission and bring positive change to the world.

The first inkling you may have that you might be a Starseed is that you don't belong here. I've written before about my life as an Indigo (Indigo being a type of Starseed). I've never felt like I belong here, and for years I assumed it to me that I just hate California. Now I know that it's not so much I loathe being in California (although I certainly do hate living here for the moment), it's about Earth is a foreign place for me.

Starseeds are very empathic, and when they activate their powers during a spiritual awakening, it allows them to step into their purpose to do something about the problems they see in the world.

Basically, you're an overachieving spiritual babe, here to remember who you truly are and trust your intuition. You'd do that through dreams, near-death experiences, and other life-changing experiences.

You're being called to shed the programming that you've been taught here, deal with the trauma and loss in your life so you can get on the path of your Soul's growth.

Sounds kind of overwhelming, right? Help the world? I know for me at first I was like, come on, bruh. Me? My little platform in my corner of the internet isn't going to help THE WORLD.

But, when you think about how does change in the world start? By making a positive impact on other people. You don't have to help everyone on the planet; it starts with one person. You are then helping the next person and the next person.

Here's the one thing you must know: just because you are a Starseed, or have an inkling that you may be one, doesn't mean that your purpose will be awakened. For that to happen, you have to choose to allow it to happen by trusting the process, the history you've lived, and decide to take the path less taken.

Starseed Signs

Just like anything on the internet, when you go through and try to figure out something, you will find a bunch of different signs of what it means to be a Starseed. For me? Some of it is just a bit too out there for even me to latch on to. So I will share with you the signs that make sense to me and ask you to keep what resonates and discard what doesn't. Because if we're being honest, there's no handbook for this stuff.

Early on, you were deemed to be a "space cadet." As a kid, people called you out at weird, different, odd - whatever adjective they chose to let you know that you're not like the rest. (Thank GOD!)

You're a wisdom seeker. Always looking to answer those deep questions like "what's the meaning of life?" "Why am I here?" "Why is the word abbreviation so long?" You know those questions that keep you up and make your mind feel like it always has 900 browser tabs open.

You feel like you don't belong here. No matter where 'here' is, you feel like you're always a tourist no matter where you are, but find glimmers of belonging when you encounter like-minded souls who feel the same way.

At times, you can become agoraphobic because going out in the world can be too much in terms of energy, negativity, and disappointed with what we see happening in the world. You will have to force yourself to integrate into society, but always do it on your terms, and along the way, you'll find your community.

You are very intuitive and psychic. Nothing gets by you, and you can spot a phony from a mile away. You've got a way of knowing things that others don't. Sometimes you'll get tagged as a know-it-all or judgemental is you peg a person as a bad seed before they've revealed their real side to the world.

Your empathy can be crippling. You're so empathic that you need to limit your time in crowds or at parties. At a party, you might be the person who seeks out the dog or cat to hang out with because you get each other.

Animals and babies are drawn to you. You find that when there's a baby that seems not to like anyone else at a party, they love you. They know you get it (or at least are on the path to getting it), and because they've recently seen the face of God, they see someone in you that is also connected to the Divine. Animals trust you, and you may find that you're the best damn animal massage therapist that animal has ever met.

You're the epitome of "Mystery Diagnosis." Ever go to the doctor with a complaint and left them confused? They have you take all the tests that they have, and still, they're unable to figure out why you're cold all the time or days of extreme fatigue when you've done nothing to be exhausted over. Maybe it's the random heart palpitations as your heart chakra is rebalancing or the tingling in your hands and feet as your energy continues to align. Memory lapses and headaches happen out of the blue as your crown chakra continues to open. Of course, it should go without saying, see a doctor to make sure you don't have any serious issues going on before you decide you're a Starseed having a Starseed experience. 

You're spiritual. Beyond the constraints of religion and orthodoxy, you are eager to learn as much as you can about spirituality and your spiritual path. The path your parents laid out didn't jive with you, so as you become an adult, you've been on a lifelong journey to find out the mysteries of the universe. Which at times has left you with some guilt and shame in regards to learning about that which many would label as outside the lines of traditional religion and inching towards the occult and New Age.

Hidden knowledge + mysteries of the world are your jam. From the Pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle to aliens and ghosts, you're beyond intrigued. It leads you on to ley lines, energy, portals, Atlantis, quantum physics, psychic abilities, astrology, numerology, tarot, and the list goes on. You can't get enough, and you'll never get enough because you have an idea that what's being taught on Earth is a sanitized version of history, and they've got to be hiding something. Right?

Paranormal is normal. You've had an experience with spirits for awhile. Maybe you had these experiences and then shut off your abilities after an experience, or the experiences have never stopped.

If Metaphysics was a topic in high school, you'd been in the Honors class. Once you found metaphysics, or you're new to it, you feel like you've stumbled upon the key you've been looking for in helping you to answer those questions you've been asking all your life. And while I don't think we're ever supposed to uncover all the mysteries of life, you feel like metaphysics makes so much sense that you can't understand when others who don't know a thing about it are quick to dismiss it.

Old Soul in aisle one. People instinctively spill their secrets to you and seek your advice to make them feel better. They may be older than you, but they just know that you'll be able to help. Because you're always seeking the knowledge, you always had some excellent advice to share that can help others when it comes to substantial issues.

Petty bullshit annoys you to no end. People that get upset about the dumbest things in life bother you. They think you're aloof and believe you are better than everyone else. While you shake your head, wondering why they don't seek more profound meaning and invest time in self-improvement. You live beyond the 3D muggle world and find yourself having an aversion to being concerned with the materialistic part of life that so many others are enamored with.

You know you've got a big purpose, but struggle to identify it. I get it; here you are dropped on this planet, become an adult, and know that you're here for more, but what exactly? Discovering what your purpose will require you to lose your ego, tune into God, and forget everything you've been taught here to see your true path.

You're more rock 'n' roll than others. And by that, I don't mean necessarily that you love rock music as much as you genuinely have a hard time with authority, whether it's your boss, the government, society, whoever. You value freedom so much because being enslaved to anything, or anyone goes against what you believe in.

Holistic could be your middle name. You will look for any natural remedy that you can find because you know natural healing isn't a fad. You've seen how alternate healing modalities have improved your life.

Many friends are acquaintances. There are very few that genuinely get you or ever see the whole you. You develop a deep bond with very few here.

You love being of service to others. It's the reason why you're here, after all. Helping others is something you find yourself doing all of the time, even if you know that it may not be in your best interest finding yourself at times being taken advantage of by the takers of this world.

You see repeating numbers. Those repeating numbers, also known as angel numbers, show up when you're beginning to have a spiritual awakening. The more that you pay attention to these numbers, you'll be able to discern what it means for your life. As you take the right steps aligning with your purpose, see these numbers as affirmations or new clues of what to pay attention to.

Types of Starseeds

There are a bunch of types of Starseeds, and to be honest, I don't know them all. It's not like I can order up the Encyclopedia Starseed over here. If you're a Starseed and one of the types I mention doesn't seem to jive with you, there may be a type out there that rings true for you if you do a bit of googling.

Also, as you read these - take them with a grain of salt. Even though I've done hours of research on this, there are no clear cut definitions nor any definitive authority to say this is it, period, end of the story.

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Let's start with the Star Children...

Indigos - the majority of Indigos were born in the 70s. Their indigo name comes from their common aura color of indigo, which corresponds with their 6th chakra, the third eye. They are not new to Earth as some are former star seeds that had incarnated before but chose this time to come in to bring in new ideas.

They have a high IQ, have a strong will, are obsessed with making things fair, refuse to sell out, trust their intuition, and are often edgy, whether it be with their appearance or language, which is in complete alignment with their warrior energy.

Sometimes Indigos are confused about their purpose or never step into it. Their third eye was open early on in life, closed sometime in their teen years. If they so choose, they can reopen their third eye by choice.

Sometimes they find that they have autoimmune diseases or have been diagnosed with ADHD and find it difficult to heal in this lifetime with society's chemical or unnatural remedies. Indigos came here to break down the barriers for the work of the Crystal children.

Indigo children tended to incarnate into dysfunctional families to help them build up their warrior essence.

💎 Crystals for Indigos - Phenacite for your third eye, Tektite for your intuition, Golden Labradorite to help you discover your purpose, and Lepidolite for anxiety.

Crystals - many of the Crystal children are the offspring of the Indigos that began to incarnate in the 90s. They bring crystal energy with them that corresponds with their crown chakra, the 7th chakra, and have a strong connection to the Divine. You can think of them as a human crystal here to bring in a stable, high vibrational frequency.

You'll find that their psychic and telepathic abilities are higher than those of the Indigos. They don't second guess their feelings and are attracted to those with open hearts. They are natural healers and don't have a lot of material needs.

They are also incredibly intuitive. Some Crystal children have been diagnosed with Autism and have delayed speech. They are thought to be operating at a higher frequency where they are telepathically communicating.

The Crystal children have laid the foundation for the Rainbow children and are usually have at least one Indigo parent.

💎 Crystals for Crystals😉- Goshenite for your crown chakra, Prehnite for healing, Datolite for heart expansion and Apophylite for telepathy.

Rainbows - lots of the Rainbow children were born in the 2000s to Crystal parents. Their rainbow energy includes all the colors and their frequencies. Here as natural healers and non-judgemental, they are here to love humanity and restore the balance on the planet.

Rainbow children never incarnate into dysfunctional families as they insist on being in happy homes. They have increased psychic abilities and need to rest more often; otherwise, they tend to get anxious about the state of the world. At the same time, they've reached a level of Christ Consciousness and are the embodiment of it as they've completed some degree of ascension.

💎 Crystals for Rainbows - Dumortierite for your psychic abilities, Sugilite for rest and Rhodochrosite for anxiety.

The star children; Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, have been surmised to either have originated from the Pleiades and Sirius solar systems.

Pleiadians are loving and have a strong desire to make others happy as they embody the divine feminine energy. They tend to be magnets for energy vampires because they inherently want to help broken people. Their heart chakra is usually their strongest, and their throat chakra is their weakest as they have a hard time expressing their feelings. They may also struggle with self-worth issues.

💎 Crystals for Pleiadians - Green Heulandite to keep you safe from energy vampires, Datolite for your heart chakra, Angelite for your throat chakra and Apatite for self-worth issues.

Sirians are spiritual ambassadors bringing truth to people. The star system is associated with wealth, good fortune, and power. 

Sirians tend to have a natural affinity to water and mermaids and dolphins. They may also have a natural affinity to Atlantis, Sumeria, and Ancient Egypt.

They were metaphysicians in past lives, teaching the knowledge to others. As kids, they may have been diagnosed with ADHD as they like to daydream because they find the 3D world dull and unexciting. They have a small circle of friends, even though they are hard to get them to open up.

💎 Crystals for Sirians - Larimar for your love of the water and it’s creatures, Clear Quartz for your metaphysical work and Lepidolite to calm your nerves.

Lyrans are some of the oldest souls and said to have contributed knowledge to Lemuria and Atlantis. They tend to be fearless and upfront, embracing their life here as confident people. They are pioneers and trendsetters and maybe a sort of a freedom fighter. As wisdom keepers, they are drawn to underdogs and wanting to help them win.

They may have a strong affinity for birds and cats.

They're highly energetic and tend to be leaders. They're also adventurous by nature, wanting to learn from many different experiences.

💎 Crystals for Lyrans - Hematite to keep you grounded, Natrolite to help you tap into wisdom, Heliodore for your leadership and Ruby for your adventurous side.

Orions are here to balance their ego with their spirituality. They tend to be unapologetic as they radiate masculine energy. You'll find they've got a competitive nature and perfectionists. They also want all of the knowledge as they are quick learners so they can have more knowledge than someone else.

They've got deep compassion for the planet and can be a bit of an activist. They're also quite sensitive underneath that ego and need time to recharge.

💎 Crystals for Orions - Moldavite for ascension, Fluorite for learning and Red Jasper to recharge.

Andromedans are also believed to be Sumerians and/or resemble ArchAngels. They tend to be nomads and have a hard time choosing where to stay as they desire freedom all the time. So commitments and burdens are not their jam.

They have an affinity for angels and are the rarest of the star seeds. They're to fight injustice and want everyone to express their authentic selves.

💎 Crystals for Andromedans - Smithsonite to help you settle down, Purpurite for your desire for freedom, Herkimer Diamond to help you stay in contact with the Angels, Rutilated Quartz to help you fight injustice and Fulgurite for staying authentic.

Arcturians here to create a better future by being a positive influence on spirituality, technology, science. They are our pioneers helping us to usher in a new future with a focus on stability and sustainability.

They have a natural affinity for sacred geometry and crystals. They know that there are lessons and information to be transmitted to them.

They're logical thinkers, tending to be great teachers and counselors giving solid advice and always point out the details that others may miss.

💎 Crystals for Arcturians - Ametrine for logic, Chrysocolla for teachings and Blue Chalcedony for counseling others.

Starseed Awakening Stages

  1. Life crisis. Whether you get hit with a significant bout of depression, 3D life makes you annoyed, you're feeling exhausted, you have an accident, feel like you're lost, burnt out and over it... some event or collection of events lead you to wonder is this it? And if it is, oh boy... this is gonna blow. Take this as a sign that you need to address what's going on inside, heal the hurt and emotional trauma so you can begin your spiritual awakening.

  2. Beliefs are challenged and changed. You may have been raised to believe one thing, and now you're questioning all of it. Something that you took to be true, after some research, doesn't resonate with you anymore as you start to see things for what they are not as they were told they were.

  3. Slow down, cowboy. You might find that you feel like you're stuck on a highway behind grandma. She's going a cool 15 mph, and you want to floor it, but alas you can't. There's a semi blocking you in. Slow your roll and start reflecting because, in the quiet, you'll find the answers you seek.

  4. Let's get spiritual. Change Olivia Newton-John's song, and you're ready to get spiritual, not physical. Metaphysics starts to excite you, and you become immersed in wanting to learn it all. You will shift your focus from the outer world and your ego to allow the spirit to rise.

  5. Kumbaya of epic proportions.  You no longer identify with one side or the other, no matter if it's politics or culture. You'll find that when you pick one side over another, it means that you choose to identify with your shadow self. Your shadow self reveals itself when you see things in others that make your blood boil and are the things within you that you'd like to pretend don't exist. Pot meet kettle. You'll see that you won't be so eager to project things you hate about yourself onto others and embrace the law of polarity.

  6. Clean relationships start with you. You realize that you cannot show up as two different people anymore. You can't show up one way online and a different way at church. You will find that being in a clean relationship with yourself means that you are who you are with everyone. Taking it to relationships with others - honesty reigns supreme. You and the people in your life need the truth, and it starts with you.

  7. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Numbers, symbols, sounds, patterns, synchronicities become an everyday thing for you now. AND they help you to continue fulfilling your purpose as confirmation that you're on the right path.

  8. Your purpose becomes clearer. As you're inspired, filled with new inspiration and divine downloads, you start to see the path that was once unseeable. You'll also feel some fear or experience blocks, and this is just the universe testing you and making sure that you've genuinely discovered your purpose, and you're not following a whim.

  9. You are one with God. As you've shed the superficial self where you felt alone and separate, you've now connected to the Divine. There's no religion to bind you, just love that connects you. You see yourself as an extension of the love and show it to others here.

Activate Your Starseed Power

Reject the old programs. Essential to activating your Starseed power comes down to shedding the status quo. While you've been here, you've been taught to go along with the program, and dropping the fear of rejecting the conditions and constructs that society has put in place will be tough. You'll need to focus on fulfilling your purpose and rejecting who your parents and your community told you to be.

Activate the Light within. As a Starseed, you are also a lightworker here to bring healing in some fashion to the world. To share the light, you need to heal the trauma and address the triggers within so that you can continue on your path. Being a victim and identifying with the trauma you've experienced will keep your vibration low, and as you know, to shine your light, you need to raise your vibration. This challenge is one that only the bravest Starseed undertake because once you heal the trauma, the work of self-love begins, and that can be another terrifying chapter for some.

Find your purpose. Not everyone will find their purpose. Some people have no desire, and others are too afraid to uncover it, let alone live it. When you begin your journey to rediscover your purpose, you might find it hard. Harder than understanding calculus, at times. Your mission will require you to shed some of the labels that you or others have applied to you, step back from the distractions, and energy vampires to seek your purpose. You may find that your purpose lies in paying attention to where your mind wanders when you're not busy doing the 3D life here and asking yourself how you can help the world.

Forget feeling comfortable. Growing and learning require you to get uncomfortable because you're going to be pushed to the learning edge. The learning edge requires you to go outside your comfort zone and get more comfortable with not having all the answers and feeling the fear when you're being nudged to do something you've never done before.

Being in service. Living the life of a Starseed requires that you be in service of love and truth to help others get out from under the weight of spiritual and energetic oppression. Sounds pretty deep, doesn't it, but what does that even mean? Someone might need you to help them, and at first glance, they may be coming to you for a haircut (or whatever it is that you do), but magically there will be so much more that goes on in the relationship. They will naturally feel that you understand, and you can help them to make progress in their life. It's never just a haircut or a cup of coffee; it begins the flow of love from you to them so they can be more, too.

One of the biggest obstacles to stepping into your Starseed experience is trusting that you have the answers within. And knowing that you are a Starseed gives you a new piece of knowledge to help you in gaining wisdom about your purpose.

p.s. I had a client recommend this lady for Starseed origins. I haven’t booked a reading and this isn’t an endorsement nor is this an affiliate link, but if you’re interested you can check her service out here.

This Alien Channeler Says He Speaks to Extraterrestrials

Eva Marquez (Pleiadian Starseed) combines guidance of her guides, energy work and amazing energy of the Language of Light, symbol of the Flower of Light, Merkaba and colors to assist you in asking for a miracle - in manifesting. Zibu Angelic Symbols are fluid graceful symbols that were brought to me by the Angels. . All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. From shop SacredCreationShop. 977 likes. Integrate the archetypal patterns of 7 major star systems by working with Galactic Light Codes and Language of Light activations. begin transmission…. Starseed/Lightworker DNA Activation Attunement with the Language of Light – 1 Hour Via Zoom, Skype, Phone or WhatsApp. The speed of light in the vacuum is not constant. Pleiadian cosmology . it is an integrated language, sometimes referred to as the universal language of light, or … Aug 30, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Nina Warglycke. Users … Kindness Gallery. Discover (and save!) Within these dimensional spaces you will begin to connect to aspects of your own light energy. Archangel Michael; Briefings from the Crew; Cathars; The Master & The Order; Men of Light; Videos; Know More Earth; LOL DMs: Direct Messages. It differs from the usual Young Earth Creationist c-decay hypothesis though. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 65.00. .“senzar is a language that flows between alphabetic characters, mathematical symbols, and musical notes. . we speak to you always with language, symbols and tones of energy that best resonate with you! Add to cart . Pleiadian DNA has been used to develop many human beings in this universe, including those of our solar system on Venus, Mars, Maldeck and Earth. Read more about Zibu in my published book entitled “Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology.” Gratitude. SoundCloud Awakening the World ° Pleiadian Arcturian Lyran~Sirian Council Light Language Galactic Transmissions of Transformation by Languages of Lights published on 2017-11-10T06:32:26Z. This IS the Plejaren symbol, used in Atlant Source of abundance comes from a new reality that is not clouded in negative beliefs. High quality Pleiadian gifts and merchandise. Judith Zavala is a channel to various cosmic and angelic energies. For ALL who view this, you see something special within it… a key to an inner gate way for should YOU choose to recognize it. Add to cart. 5 out of 5 stars (68) 68 reviews $ 152.75 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Pleione - A Pleiadian Star Queen angelheartstudios. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 65.00. The Pleiadian alphabet (1 Viewer) Thread starter therium; Start date Dec 1, 2018; Tags ... Also notice the D symbol matches exactly the Greek symbol for delta. I immediately recognised ‘The Star Languages’ as another form of the Language of Light. Pleiadian Light Language Dictionary. soul eye) Blue Eyed Light Pleiadian for Trang Notes for the client: I absolutely love her energy. The even more ancient symbol for theta was a circle with a plus sign in it, which is also the astrological sign for earth. Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20130402 The PLEIADIAN SOUL SYMBOL Used In Atlantis & Lemuria: Now Held In Agharta (Inner Earth)! 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 reviews $ 24.65. ideographic language can convey a tremendously complex concept in a single character. ⚖ White Dragon Orion Starseed Ambassador ⚖ | I am Chosen, Created & Called, 4 the Highest Purpose of All, Chosen as The Divine Earthly Manifestation of Queen Mother Goddess. These are dimensions they work well within and from which they contact other worlds. Pleiadian Physical Appearance The Pleiadians are from the planets associated with the stars in the Pleiadian star complex located near the constellation Taurus. 5 Week Online Course Integration of Galactic Archetypes. Their eyes are bigger than human eyes, and the tone of the color of their eyes is different too. How often have you said you need more money, I don’t have enough or I can’t afford that? Rev. Love. This group of the Starseed is meant to spread love and creativity. Cherokee legend states that their people originated in the Pleiades and they came to this world as starseeds of light and knowledge. A page dedicated for those who want to show their love and appreciation for the great Galactic Channeler/Pleiadian Contactee Victoria Pleiadian


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Your Starseed Ancestry - 12 Starseed Types

Your ancestral lineage doesn't just come from your current Earthly incarnation or even the DNA you possess in this lifetime. We’re all multi-dimensional beings who have ancestors and ties to other planets and galaxies. If you feel the pull of the night sky when you're outside in the evening, your soul has spent time in other star systems. Hello, fellow starseed. It’s nice to meet you again.

Some of your ancestors are literally out of this world, and it's time you got to know them. There are physical and spiritual traits of various starseeds, of which there are many, but we’re sharing 12 of the most common. It’s likely you have multiple lineages, so more than one of these might feel like home to you. As you read these traits, feel into which resonate with you, and call them in during your next meditation.


Mintakan Signs and Traits:

Orion Starseed Traits:


Arcturian Starseed Traits:

Pleiadian Starseeds


Draconian traits:

Sirian Starseeds

Here are the Sirian Starseed Traits:

Lyran Starseeds

Lyran Starseed Traits:


Is it possible that other planets in our solar system once supported life? Absolutely. And still could in other dimensions and planes of existence. This includes Venus, which brings us to our Venusian starseeds. Venusians live in the fourth dimension and they are also called the Hathors. Hathor is an ancient Egyptian cow-goddess of love and motherhood. It’s said she’s from Venus and seeded Venusians on Earth to teach love.

Venusian (Hathor) Starseed Traits:

Martian Starseeds

Some Martian starseed traits include:

Andromedan Starseeds

Polarian Starseeds

Hadarian Starseeds

Hadarian (Beta Centaurian) Starseed Traits:

Agarthan (Inner Earth) Beings

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Ancient Aliens: DNA Reveals Human/Alien Hybrids (Season 7) - History

Pleiadian starseed symbols

" Jenine: “Thank you Adora. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest The seven pointed star is connected to the Elves & Faeries, as well as connected to the seven sisters of Pleiades. Sirian starseed symbols. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light provide this fascinating chronicle of human spiritual evolution from a galactic perspective. It is central to the symbolism of Buddhism because it blooms by rising from the depths of muddy water and floating to the surface. Oct 1, 2016 - * The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light: "We are here now. The Starseed Reading (Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, and Pleiadian Starseeds AND Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow Children) PisceanSpirituality From shop PisceanSpirituality As a Pleiadian Starseed you are my very soul-family and I love you dearly. Whoops, our bad Pleiadian eyes Jun 16, 2007 · My earth body is in its 66th year and is named Eleanor Marie (I prefer Ellie but some call me Ellie Mae or Miss Ellie), my ET name is Amppa; I am a hybrid - 1/2 Earthling, 1/2 Pleiadian. As you, a Starseed, awaken to your high vibrational radiant light and spirit, more of your manifestation ability comes into focus. You are an outsider. Also a call to the doctors and all the people in the medical sector to help expose the truth. The Starseed Cauldron starlight I am. Pleiadian symbols and sacred geometries are the shapes that hold symbolic power for Pleiadians The Pleiadians value balance and harmony above all, and this is represented within the symbols they. We will relay to you the meaning and awareness that these graphic symbols can provoke in the viewer’s being. What is the Mission of Arcturian Starseeds? Many of these incredible alien beings have a soul contract to incarnate on to Earth as Arcturian Starseed beings. Traces of bases (photos) Ascension of the sexes. e. 01pm AUST EST 9. pleiadian sacred symbols - Google Search. I was born on September 29th, which it turns out is the feast day in Britain of St. I was a Starseed. Pleiadians also have a very nurturing energy…Often why darker players/souls are attracted to them, I myself have dated only pleiadians up until now… they just came to me, it just happened… but they’ve all been pleiadian. Bloodstone is the stone of our ancestors, reaching across the ages, fortifying one's heart with courage. pleiadian operation ‘andara’ phase 1 included the deployment of protocol “command pb stardust’ where pleiadian medical officers and healers used advanced crystal energy technology to access the central nervous system of the starseed human body to ease physical body discomforts and correct energetic imbalances in the layered body system. It means that you are self assured, and people trust you because they can sense the deep wisdom within you, even though they may not know that in terms Jul 01, 2020 · Starseeds have come here during this time of planetary ascension to assist and awaken humanity. See more ideas about the pleiades, starseed, nordic aliens. twin flame characteristics One of the twin flame characteristics is the so called magnetic attraction referred to as love at first sight. Mystical. "Whether you're familiar and at home with the stone kingdom or just getting started in this glorious realm, For Starseeds: Healing the Heart-Pleiaidan Crystal Meditations is an Star Maps, Pleiadian Language reviewed. IV These Are The 2 Main Groups. The High Priestess is also known as Persephone, Isis, the Corn Maiden and Artemis. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. I have spent eons working with the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance. Nov 28, 2016 · Nordic Aliens were depicted in ancient civilizations worldwide as angelic beings descended from the sky to share spiritual wisdom. Customize your pleiadian poster with hundreds of different frame options, and get the exact look that you want for your wall! this light data is derived directly from etheric link-ups with the great central (cosmic) race and from inside earth alliance intel! these transmissions are targeted only for upper 4-d resonate starseed beings and cannot be decoded from a 3d-matrix level! May 10, 2020 · arcturus is a giant orange star. They are highly evolved souls with an unfathomable amount of wisdom hibernating in their core. November 23, 2020 at 7:08 am | 1 comment. The Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme is a series of 7 attunements facilitated by the Pleiadian Light Beings of the Star Alcyone. Starseed symbols are geometric shapes that hold symbolic meaning. He is an ex NASA engineer and also claims to be a Taygetean Pleiadian starseed. When activated, Starseeds don’t need to be told what they are, they inherently know. Jun 12, 2008 · (The Pleiadian star system is located about 26°–28° Taurus. We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters. D. In Hans Christian Andersen’s original version of “The Little MERMAID,” the MERMAID eventually transitions from the sea unto the st ☆ rs or AIR, hence the name, A(I)Riel given by DISNEY…This syncs/sinks back to the (INTER)STELLER‘s sea COW. Gain empowering perspectives on 2021 and beyond with our unique content. Arcturus is said to be quite an old system of stars. This is because spiritual awakening or enlightenment have been used to describe many things, it is similar to love is used to having a choice for ice cream. Sirius is also known colloquially as the "Dog Star", reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog). ꧁Pleiadian Starseed꧂ | Spread love, light, and positivity to all! 5 hours ago · Pleiadians (channeled messages). True Starseeds in harmony with the Creator exhibit certain personality traits and manifestation of powers inherited from their ancestors. Starseeds are also extremely intuitive, psychic and empathetic. Weaving together the world-renowned teachings delivered through Cori's best-selling books with Tarot traditions of the past, they bring a new interpretation of the exquisite journey of self-discovery hidden in the Tarot's archetypal 5 hours ago · Pleiadians (channeled messages). These symbols are also sometimes called sigils, or light codes and light language. Item doesn't include CD/DVD. these books come at the right time, just don't waste any time now that you've been given this gift. #Religion #Spirituality #Occult #Paranormal | The Pleiades are a mystifying cluster of stars believed by many to be a source of spiritual wisdom. Pleiadians wased initially discussed. They are attracted to these symbols often because of a strange sensation they get which often feels like a 'knowing or memory' of what the symbol represents energetically, despite what the symbol is For Starseeds: Healing the Heart-Pleiadian Crystal Meditations ebook by Ruth Starseed Hoskins - Rakuten Kobo FLUXSENSE - "Pleiadian Alienation" by Altar Records (official) Pleiadian II 24K (made to order) — SACRED SKULLS You need to be a member of Galactics, Starseeds, Crystals, Star Travelers, Pleiadians and more to add comments! Comment by Tara Pelton on June 16, 2020 at 7:46pm Wow just catching up, thanks for your insight xo The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. They are able to communicate with dimensions most others are not. Quick Overview: Starseed Pilgrim is a simple game where your character jumps around. "For Starseeds: Healing the Heart-Pleiaidan Crystal Meditations, twenty-eight healing meditations open the spiritual seeker to higher consciousness and heal the heart. . A heptagon is a regular 7-sided polygon. It is said that many Starseed children were born in the 1980s, and even more so in the early 1990s. 1. Wiki Entries (23) {Updated} Starseed’s In A Nutshell . Dr. Direct member of the Ashtar Command. The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program is a planetary ascension journey into the fourth dimension. Mar 27, 2021 · Moldavite: Moldavite is a green tektite, known as the gemstone born from the stars. More information People also love these ideasPleiadian Books: "Ancient Pleiadians Return," "New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory," and "Journey to Our Neolithic Self" are three books co-authored by the Pleiadian wisdom being (Sincera) and the Harvard PhD starseed (WJ Qin). Mar 10, 2019 - Explore Rachel CC's board "Pleiadians", followed by 382 people on Pinterest. 26. Jan 11, 2015 · Many of you are from the Andromedan Starseed Family, and you will feel very strongly the incoming cosmic waves of light. these books come at the rig…more I tried reading it when I was 20 and it seemed too out there. Aug 06, 2012 · STARSEED SYMBOLS & SHIPSIDE SPACE-LIVING “I bring word from the Oracle. Without the Anahata, the purpose of Starseeds is lost. Feb 11, 2020 · Ultimately, what this means, is that while you cannot learn how to find your starseed markings, you can often recognize or identify starseeds by their gifts. Saved by Jean Eliz. One fact sheet explaining the markings and how they were found. By The Numbers Pleiadian Collective. The song is the vibration of your home world. ꧁Pleiadian Starseed꧂ | Spread love, light, and positivity to all! 15 Symbols Originating from the Sirians Can Bring You Improvement and Enhancements Sacred Circuitry Who is Bashar? Bashar is a being of extraterrestrial origin (Essassani race), a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 26 years through channel, Darryl Anka, bringin Mar 25, 2021 · 2015 Pleiadian Channelings. Jun 6, 2020 - Negli anni Sessanta fu data notizia di ritrovamenti effettuati al largo delle coste del Perù, ma poi non se ne è saputo più nulla: forse resti di Mu Chaska ★☆ Starseed • 564 Pins More ideas from Chaska ★☆ Starseed New Moon Rituals Full Moon Ritual Full Moon Spells Witchcraft Magick Wiccan Spiritual Cleansing Moon Magic Chakra Meditation 7/abr/2016 - Explore a pasta "Starseed" de Bella no Pinterest. It's easy to identify whether you're a Pleiadian Startseed with these 10 undeniable personality traits. 00 USD 24k Gold with Platinum Details . Starseeds are advanced beings that originate from far-distant stars and galaxies, whose mission is to assist earth into the Golden Age. nina starsong is a matrix system de and re programmer and ambassador for the galactic federation of light speacializing in ptsd Jun 11, 2009 · Seriously, this Pleiadian message around 3–4 AM today June 11th 2009—yes it’s an 11 day—was nothing more than them confirming what Steve Rother channeling the group said was a potential “drop” into our world around July 21-22, 2009 a couple of months ago. This is the message for all, but especially for all starseeds. Appearance wise, Starseeds often have large eyes, long necks and angelic faces. I distinctly remember my star family telling me “I had to stay” ( at 2am, in the front yard, under the street light, at my flower bed) and my “earth mother” taking me back inside with me reaching, as hard as I could, to grasp them and go home with them. We love you. By Kabamur Taygeta. ꧁Pleiadian Starseed꧂ | Spread love, light, and positivity to all! Dec 16, 2019 - Explore George S. 3. GET YOUR FREE NUMEROLOGY REPORT: https://bit. Starseeds are highly evolved souls with dormant wisdom. She sits at the gate before the great Mystery, as indicated by the Tree of Life in the background. Pleiadians are often associated with water due to their past on Atlantis and Lemuria, but they are humanoid looking, walking on two legs and with two arms. 20% Off with code ZAZZLEGIFT20 Arcturian Starseed Light Language Symbol T-Shirt. There still exists newly developing 3D planets in the Pleiades, but the Pleiadians that communicate with us are usually 6D and 9D. Nordic Aliens Sirian Starseed Past Life Memories Image Rock Alien Races Aliens And Ufos Crop Circles Light Art Ancient Egypt Orion Teachings From Ancient Egypt This is a continuation of my past life memories in Egypt (as a male) around 12,600 B. The Pleiadian starseed presently hold chairs on the council which over see the for the greater facts of the universe and remain a tranquil race of extra-terrestrials. May 21, 2016 · Pleiadian Starseeds: Common Traits. i keep building stuff in my mind as well as in Sep 07, 2018 · Arcturian Starseeds often share many traits, characteristics, and skills with Arcturians and even possess similar physical qualities. II 75M: Total Pleiadians Incarnated. Some used (and are infused with) Earth genetics too. Today She breaths on us bearing health and well-being. Oct 1, 2019 - Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. You will then be able to vibrate at that rate (learn the song). The Pleiadians brought dolphins to Earth – we know so because JFK's spirit has contacted a human through automatic writing to tell us so. i am completely into building machines and theoretical physics seems cool too. See more ideas about starseed, nordic aliens, aliens and ufos. . Starseeds are here on earth as representatives of their civilizations. YouTube: LyricFreak01. Jun 1, 2020 - Explore Shelly G. Sirius & our starseed connection The planet Sirius is the brightest star in heavens. You feel that you are from other worlds. Find your starseed characteristics Dalai Lama, Power of 3, Pleiadian Starseed Group, ERA De Aquário, Haitian twins talk/Marassa Jumeaux, Thirteen Realms, Heaven's Embrace, Rainbow Holistic Therapies, Pleiadian Groups and Pages, Galactic Confederation of Light. Jan 12, 2013 · My Plejaren/Pleiadian name is Ensiel although my ‘Soul-twin’ Azhuril has the A. She has led thirteen sacred journeys to Egypt. Jan 27, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Hudson Ching. called 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien called Samjese. What that represented was Sirian past, Pleiadian future, an integration of those two energies. Nurturing. How they see Prime Creator. This stylish new age, spiritual apparel also features the angel number 11:11 and beautiful sacred geometry. YOU ARE WELCOME TO ENTER THE LIBRARY OF THE MOST TREMENDOUS TEACHINGS EVER KNOWN: THE PLEIADIAN KEYS TO THE LIVING LIBRARY "EARTH" 5 hours ago · Pleiadians (channeled messages). Geometry: A tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid composed of four triangular faces. This Pleiadian Starseed design features 4 different Light Code (Light Language) symbols – Awakening, Centered, Abundance & Sacred Unity. This Page Image listing is for the exact 1 Pleiadian light beings blessed Tachyon - ized water infused - Dazzling small/medium sized - Positive Safe Energy Generator. The seven bright stars that helped guide Greek sailors are: Alcyone, Merope, Celeno, Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. This wider history of our solar system restores the long-forgotten connection of humankind with Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth. We are a collective consciousness from the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Civilizations of Light, who are dedicated to assist humanity to transition into a new Era of Peace, Harmony, Unity, Oneness, Prosperity, Love and Wellbeing for Planet Earth. Aug 01, 2020 · An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds. They also can incarnate on earth from any of those dimensions. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life. Aug 20, 2020 · Aldebaran, Arcturus, the Pleiadians, Sirius… these and many other star systems regularly send Starseeds out into the galaxy to do their good work. Jun 30, 2017 - Explore mira c's board "Sirian Starseed" on Pinterest. Pleiadian Symbol Code Activation. Many people on our planet right now are of An Nov 15, 2012 · Visionary author Patricia Cori and metaphysical artist Alysa Bartha present a true tool of transformation, empowerment, and awakening--a must-have for serious Tarot readers, spiritual seekers, and starseeds everywhere. Starseeds from the Pleiades for example, are very gentle, easy going and extremely sensitive. You are missing the awareness of time. See more ideas about spirituality, starseed, nordic aliens. So, for instance, a typical Pleiadian woman would look very much like this channel in size. This ebook includes starseed markings for 12 star systems! Tetrahedron as a Pleiadian symbol. Think of all the different cultures across the planet and the ages who’ve had the Sacred Bull or the Sacred Cow as a primary deity or symbol. Just like other starseed races, Pleiadian starseeds are old, highly evolved souls who have come to Earth to help transition humanity from 3D to 5D, also called New Earth. Just needs some love. Jun 11, 2019 · The entire Pleiades cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. They also used the symbol of the seven stars. And though they may come from a faraway galaxy, lightyears away, they have found a new home living here on Earth. 16 Signs That You Could Be A Pleiadian Starseed: 1. extra-terrestrials that most look like humans. i have a warrior and mechanic instinct. After this life you will easily locate your home world. imgarcade. The Pleiades consists of seven bright stars. “Over multiple millions of years, there have been many warring conflicts that generated deviations from the natural order and caused an assortment of aberrations, such as planetary grid damage and consciousness body fragmentation throughout our Universe. Feb 17, 2021 · Starseed markings. Are you a Star person or Starseed? Brad told me that when he had compiled this list of attributes of ‘Star People’ he had no idea how many people would be affected by it. The beautiful and radiating out Love Heart is the centre of every Pleiadian Being. 5 hours ago · Pleiadians (channeled messages). Indigo starseed markings. “Snowy Summit”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, Eliza Ayres, 2015. James Carwin serves as a medium who delivers 5 hours ago · Pleiadians (channeled messages). This special Ebook from the collective pleiadian energy, offers Ten power symbols which are helpful tools in the creating of your reality and world. Everything ready for take off. You were born after 1968. Interestingly, milk is a symbol in stories about Skanda, the second son of Shiva and Parvati. This is a returning. This is another SYNContinuation of my twin, Jim‘s, latest blog post. Template of the readings I do, including Draconic Chart, Natal Chart and Summary of dominant traits. See more ideas about starseed, spirituality, indigo children. I learned I am a Sirius Starseed because I often use triangles instead of A or V, communicating with symbols. 5 out of 5 stars (36) $ 5. There are two distinctive types of people upon planet Earth, at this time – Starseeds and Star Terrans. Jul 09, 2015 · Mynzah, everytime I read this, things stick out to me and I smile. there's a May 10, 2018 · Awakened Starseeds. Much of the understanding of starseed in New-Age circles — in relation to "walk-ins," soul transference, space visitors, etc The Pleiadian Starseed. Posts about Pleiadian written by synchromiss. As you might remember, I interviewed Dale Harder around 4 months ago as he contacted me intrigued with Swaruu´s information. My interpretration is that Putin has a transformative role for Starseeds, helping to hold the energy of reuniting humanity on Earth with the Galactic Community. You will also learn how many Andromedan starseeds are incarnated on Earth now and their important mission. although I remember when first finding out about pleiadians, saying i want a pleiadian girlfriend… wham, it just I am intrigued by the starseed popularity on the web which led me to research on the Pleiadians. With support from her diverse Star Family, and activation from the Atlantean crystals on the Starseed Quest in 2012, she began assisting other Starseeds. The Pleiades consist of seven bright stars. Starseeds: Pleiadians The Pleiades are an open star cluster, also called the Seven Sisters; It’s also called subaru in Japanese — yep, this is where the automaker’s name comes from; Like Sirians, much has been discussed about Pleiadians Scotts Bait and Tackle, the Shop on the WWW, Fishing Reports and Info Daily! About The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light channelled through ~Asara~ “We are here now. They have been known for thousands of years, surrounded by fascinating legends and stories even to this day. Big eyes and light blue. called 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien named Samjese. In ufology, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials purported to come from the Pleiades who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. You'll NEVER meet another one like me. And, you may be a Starseed The signs of a spiritual awakening is often hard to pin down. A Pleiadian starseed is a soul whose origin is from the Pleiadian star system, right next to the Orions belt. Highly empathic. The Pleiadians are most similar to Earth humans. It says a lot about divinity. Starseed Series: Pleiadians Starseeds. There are certain symbols that have the capability of leaving a permanent and strong impression on your mind, even if you just look at them. Aug 04, 2020 · Chances are that you do not have just one Starseed origin because most do not. Are you a Pleiadian Starseed? And what is a pleiadian starseed anywayswhat are the characteristics and traits? In this video I will explain exactly what iIt activates your DNA and light body, awakens your psychic senses, and raises your light levels. And a 15 minute audio astrological reading confirming several of my ‘Starseed Markings’. Sep 23, 2020 - I am often asked what the difference is between a Lightcode and Light Language. When the Pleiadians suggested a book about her life which they would infuse with unique activations for Starseeds, it seemed way out of reach. not metal) The heptagon is one of the most primal Pleiadian symbols because of their connection with the number seven. Because of this, their look and for is very similar to ours. 20% Off with code ZAZZLEGIFT20 Starseed Dragon Locket Ring 9 Select Precious Metal Plating All 24k Gold Plating . GLOBAL PERSONAL CONTACT AND COMMUNICATIONS ARE UNDERWAY! The Starseed Psychic Activation Transmission is a powerful activation to waken the 3rd eye and provide a means to keep this energy flow clear as well as giving you a simple technique to switch it on and off so that you can learn to differentiate better between psychic insights, imagination and hunches. Jun 05, 2018 · Starseeds experience a total amnesia as to their true identities, however, each is encoded with an activation switch. The heptagon is one of the most primal Pleiadian symbols because of their connection with the number seven. , published his meticulous research pertaining to alien symbols in a book titled, Symbolic Messages: An Introduction to a Study of “Alien” Writing. 3. Pleiadian symbols Pleiadian symbols. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Jan 23, 2017 - Discover your starseed origins and incarnations with this guide by The Starseed's Compass. Emotionally repressed. Dec 18, 2012 · The Pleiadians are emissaries of light from the Pleiades Star Cluster emanating from the star Alcyone. Twin flames and soulmates mirror each other with the energies the souls are giving out. Gemstone Selection: Choose from (Pictured above Left to Right) Amethyst, Moldavite, Kyanite, Apatite, Labradorite, Tanzanite or Cat's Eye Labradorite - All 100% Natural and Authentic! Jun 19, 2018 · Soul Recycling means that after your death you will be tricked to get into a new body (reincarnation) but before that your memories will be erased Related Posts:Reincarnation & Free Will: Christianity, Occulted Books, Constantine,… March 31, 2019 The Force Awakens | Breaking through the Archon Matrix - Sean Stone w/… February 29, 2016 Soul […] Shop for the perfect starseed gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. pdf), Text File (. Blue Apatite is a stone of psychic activation and cosmic connection that makes you clearer, brighter, and more tuned in. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping Signe I tried reading it when I was 20 and it seemed too out there. The number seven is so essential to them for a few reasons: Their home constellation comprises of seven stars, at least according to the naked eye. Dec 02, 2020 · Aliens. contacted 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien named Samjese. With The Sirian Starseed Tarot, they bring a new consciousness to the tried and tested realm of the Tarot. Oct 18, 2020 · These Starseeds are known for their empathic qualities and their ability to shine their light on the darkest corners of humankind. Top Row: #202 Pleiadian Healing Crown, #307 The Pleiadians, #123 Pleiadian Light Matrix. Explore starseed types and characteristics. Len'Mana Lee, curriculum developer for the Global Community Communications Starseed Schools for Teens and Children, has worked professionally as an educator for more than 4 decades and has had extensive experience teaching many orders of starseed. In astronomy, the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters (Messier 45 or M45), is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. Jul 19, 2015 · There are many signs of twin flame characteristics, however sometimes we don't realize the signs and synchronicities that take place during the meeting of your twin. From what I know pleiadians come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and these beings are extra-terrestrials and look very similar to humans. The Pleiadians are from the planets associated with the stars in the Pleiadian star complex located near the Pleiadian Starseeds on Earth. 25,26, 27, 28 and 29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. It is said that the Pleiadian aliens all originate from the Pleiades star cluster. extra-terrestrials that a lot of look like humans. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Feb 12, 2018 - Pleiadian Emmissary of the Light. You may not want to come back to this world. The artifact is the earliest known portrayal of the Pleiades cluster in the West. I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad. Jan 6, 2021 - Explore Victoria Pleiadian's board "Pleiades & Pleiadians", followed by 244 people on Pinterest. All pleiadian posters are produced on-demand using archival inks, ship within 48 hours, and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. 46. You may recognize her from her celebrated role on Night Rider. It can connect you with the guidance and energy of your Star family and your Starseed aspects—Pleiadians, Sirians, & Arcturians especially. . 00 USD Nov 28, 2012 · For Starseeds: Healing the Heart-Pleiaidan Crystal Meditations, twenty-eight healing meditations open the spiritual seeker to higher consciousness and heal the heart. The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the "dog days" of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians in the southern hemisphere it marked winter and was an important star for navigation around the Pacific Ocean. Blue Apatite. Pleiadian Physical Appearance. This great Egyptian sky Goddess bears a star-spangled belly that stretches over the earth like a protective atmosphere. 8. During this time, the earth’s electro-magnetic field drops to zero, and the Pleiadians are here to assist the flow of Love and Light to all of us who are on earth during the zero point transitional period. extra-terrestrials. The predominant frequency of Andromeda is the Gold Light,and the Light Codes activate the creation of Beauty and Harmony through Art, Music, Dance, Poetry, Architecture and Creative Writing. Cloaking within the Solar system. There are quite a few and the Pleiadian is one of the best and most revered. Meier’s contact with this Pleiadian lady led to an around the world Jul 24, 2015 · Pleiadian starseed come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and are. 01 USD All Black Platinum . You finally get to find your way home. There are many such symbols which connect with the Pleiades. In In THE STARSEED ACTIVATIONS 004 we activated the first 4 light codes in The Starseed Mission Codex. Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds with Poorly Integrated Pleiadian Energy. Once again, in your desperation to rationalize the beliefs you hold, you throw other cultures under the bus regardless of where they come from or what they mean. ꧁Pleiadian Starseed꧂ | Spread love, light, and positivity to all! Jan 27, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Hudson Ching. They just find the behavior and intentions of the society on earth confusing and illogical, these starseeds are very good at understanding hidden intentions even when they are young. So it The old, hierarchical way we did things over the last 13,000 years has been very Pleiadian due to rebels from that sector taking over for a short time, followed by the ruthless Cabal or Illuminate who took over after them, who were reptilian in nature. You are sooo Pleiadian, you are so in tune with the 7 sisters, with the Pleiadian experiments on the planet. How to tell if you or your child is a starseed/indigo child. 4. This stylish new age design also features the numbers 11:11, beautiful sacred geometry & Light codes to help shift your energy to a higher THE PLEIADES STAR SYSTEM. Apr 28, 2019 · pleiadian operation ‘andara’ phase 1 included the deployment of protocol “command pb stardust’ where pleiadian medical officers and healers used advanced crystal energy technology to access the central nervous system of the starseed human body to ease physical body discomforts and correct energetic imbalances in the layered body system


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Who are Starseeds?

Starseeds are beings in the human form living on Earth their human lives. But their spirits originate from another Universe, Galaxy, Star System or Planet.

Technically speaking everyone on our Planet has arrived at some point from somewhere. But the difference is that Earthlings have incarnated here hundreds of life times coming back again and again to repay karma, learn the new lessons and (hopefully) increase the amount of light inside themselves.

Starseeds task is still to learn and experience, but mainly to share their light, knowledge and spread kindness on our so violent Planet.

When you think of the beings from other Planets – the Aliens – probably the film “Predator” comes to your mind picturing the Alien as a bloodthirsty and cruel creature. I don’t want to say that all Aliens are friendly and lovely. But in reality in the eyes of the Universe community – they are humans who are cruel and violent ones.

My story

Some time ago I got a feeling that I’d been watched by someone. The feeling persisted, so I decided to take a look with my psychic vision who was that. I noticed a golden thread stretching from me through the Cosmos to someone on Sirius. He introduced himself as my Twin Flame and said that I was originally a Sirius girl as well. He mentioned that there were twelve of us at all in the Universe, but he is the nearest to me from them. So he keeps an eye on me. in the middle of his speech he burst into laughter! “What’s so funny?”, – I asked. “Sorry, couldn’t help it, the way you look”, – he explained. “Let’s take a closer look at you, shall we?” – I continued, – “Maybe you’ve got six legs, and then it will be my turn to laugh!” “I haven’t got any legs in your understanding. I’m non physical”, – he replied.

By the way my big brother looks like the flashes of orange and yellow lights constantly pulsating and changing their shape in my psychic eyes.

That’s how I found about my Home Planet (actually Sirius is a Star).

I’m not completely new to Earth though. It’s my 22nd incarnation here.

Ever since whenever I need support,advice, anything, – I can always talk to him. He is always there for me…

P.S. I’m not sure that he is him. It seems that he hasn’t got a gender assigned to him at all. I just call him “he”.

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Starseed types

There are three types of Starseeds depends on how many lives they’ve lived on Earth:

✨ Old Souls Starseeds. Their history on Earth would normally stretch from Atlantean times. Old Souls Starseeds would reincarnate from time to time to offer humanity their Home Planet’s love and wisdom enriched with the Atlantean knowledge.

✨ Starseeds that started to come on Earth after the Atlantean times. They make up the majority of Starseeds living on Earth now. Their first lives would be very short allowing them to adjust to the conditions on the Planet and preparing to fulfil their mission in the following lives when they reincarnate to support mankind during the spiritual awakening times.

✨ New Souls Starseeds include the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. It’s often their first incarnation on our Planet, and they usually find living on Earth shocking and hard to fit in.

Preparing for the first ever incarnation, a Starseed will have an intensive training on the inner planes spending a lot of time in a sort of the Cosmic Library downloading the knowledge of life on Earth.

Indigo Children and their Characteristics

Indigo Children are a wave of the Starseeds being born on Earth in the late 1950s, most the 1960s and the 1970s.

They are called “Indigo” because of the distinctive colour of their aura. Blue is the colour of Archangel Michael who is known as a Warrior Archangel.

Indigo Children share similar characteristics:

# strong willed and stubborn;

# intuitive, often psychic;

# creative;

# intolerant of unfairness;

# hippies in soul and rebels against the rules and the system.

Indigo Children are the Spiritual Warriors. And their mission on Earth has been to draw the World’s attention to how unfair, outdated and rotten the political, economical and racial situations have become. They’ve been born to break down conventional systems.

Crystal Children and their Characteristics

Crystal Children are the next wave of the Starseeds that started to come to Earth in the 1980s to approximately 2000.

Their aura is crystal clear and shimmering which gave the name to this new group of Starseeds.

They are directly supervised by Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel of clarity, purity and joy.

Crystals share a physical trait that many of them have beautiful and luminous eyes, often unusually shaped.

As children they sometimes are “late developers” only because they have other means of communication.

They are pure of spirit and very connected to nature.

Crystal children are healers.

Characteristics of Crystal Children:

# touchy – feely, emotional;

# often artistic or musical;

# enjoy solitude;

# pure hearted;

# are healers or have a calming presence;

#passionate about supernatural phenomena and superheroes.

Crystals came to Earth to teach compassion, tolerance, kindness, patience and gentleness.

Rainbow Children and their Characteristics

Rainbow Children are a new generation of Starseeds. They are kids, teenagers and young people being born after 2000.

Because they find it difficult to relate to the human emotions, Rainbow Children are sometimes diagnosed with Autism.

Here come the traits of Rainbow Children:

# loving and generous;

# high energy;

# positive and happy;

# sweet, but strong;

# brave and able to withstand hardship;

# late to start speaking;

# technologically advanced and easily understanding new gadgets;

# love animals and nature;

# likely to be telepathic.

Rainbow Children are the only Starseeds that don’t feel lonely and alienated. They are so sweet and charming that everyone can’t help to love them.

The mission of Rainbow Children is to heal and re-balance the distorted energies of humanity and the Planet.

If something inside is telling that you are a Starseed, then you 100% share “Indigo”, “Crystal” or “Rainbow” mission depends on which year you were born in this life time.

But you have to consider yourself a Starseed or an Old Soul Starseed if it’s not your first visit to Earth, and your history on the Planet stretches centuries and centuries back to past.

For example, you first experienced life in the physical body ages and aeons ago whilst supporting the Atlantean experiment. So you are an Old Soul Starseed. But in this life, your date of birth is in the 1970s. You have the rebellious spirit and feel you are born to change the world! All because you have joined the “Indigo Club”, and Indigo Power has enriched your aura!

Let’s take a look at Starseeds characteristics now:

Are you a Starseed? Starseeds characteristics

#1 You are interested in extraterrestrials, in life on other planets. Sometimes you stare at the sky full of stars and wonder maybe someone else in the Universe, maybe on that far far away planet which looks like a tiny shiny dot, is gazing at the night sky now…

#2 You feel that you don’t belong on Earth, that you’ve been dropped off a Space Ship and forgotten here.

#3 You’ve been teased as a child for being different.

#4 You are interested in technology and gadgets (if you are from Sirius). My favourite subject at school was maths. I’m passionate about all computer and Internet things. The website you read now is fully designed and done by me – the fact I’m very proud of! Nevertheless I have to say I do struggle with technology all the time. I couldn’t even log in my dashboard for the first time – lol! But I never lost enthusiasm and fire inside to keep me going!

#5 Many Starseeds are the natural Healers, the Reiki Masters (if you come from Pleiades).

#6 You are a workaholic.

#7 You are not interested in your looks. Practicality and simplicity are the codes to your wardrobe. You wear a minimum of make-up if you are a lady.

#8 Starseeds easily develop anxiety and depression finding it hard to master human emotions, feelings and generally to cope with the harsh Earth conditions. Star Children can be diagnosed with the Autism unable to deal with emotions and low vibrations of humanity.

#9 You can’t tolerate violence, it shakes you to the core.

#10 You like being at service and helping others.

#11 Despite always being ready to help, you don’t really make the close connections with people. They often perceive you as cold and distant and don’t understand you.

#12 Star People often have the special, captivating eyes – unusually shaped or beautiful and shiny.

#13 You are socially awkward and don’t enjoy gossips and small talk. You are above and beyond that having something much more important to do in your life. You are not playing the games of thrones, intrigues and politics, you’ve got the job to do – to make the world a better place!

#14 Starseeds can get married later on in their life or never get married. They often have no children or only one and through C-section. Starseeds are task orientated, not relationships orientated people.

#15 Your physical body is a bit different – you can have for example lower or higher than usual temperature.

Starseeds and their characteristics

I don’t want to say that Starseeds are superior comparing to Earthlings. No one is better or worse. Earthlings deserve a lot of respect in my eyes.

We all are One and Precious to God! 

We just walk the different paths.

The path of Earthlings is to learn the new lessons, repay karma and make their inner light to shine brighter.

The main mission of Starseeds is to support the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants spreading love and kindness in the world.

But Starseeds still would learn their own lessons and repay karma. Unfortunately when you touch Earth even once, you develop ego and start accumulating karma. No one is immune to the Earth conditions. Even the Great Illumined Masters who incarnated on Earth previously have a tiny little bit of ego.

Starseeds do not necessarily hold the high positions. They are: this kind lady on reception, the wonderful Nurse who goes beyond her duties, the shop assistant who said a joke and made you laugh…

Starseeds often prefer to work humbly behind the scenes.

All Starseeds have something in

They all receive a wake-up call at some point in their life and suddenly realize the truth about themselves, who they really are.

Starseeds originated from the Pleiades would understand why they always have been drawn to and have the special abilities for healing.

Sirius is renowned for advanced knowledge, education and learning, teaching of spiritual laws and technology. The spiritual learning establishments on Sirius are famous and attended by the beings from all over the Universe. So Starseeds from Sirius would be interested in education, advanced technology, spiritual laws and becoming a Teacher.

I have written two articles about Sirius Starseeds. You can read them here and here.

Orion is the Planet of Wisdom. Starseeds connected to Orion carry the Cosmic Wisdom in their energy fields and help to see things from an enlightened perspective. They too can be drawn to become a Teacher.

Star beings from Andromeda possess a gift of pure, transcendent Love. They enable us to see the world through the eyes of Love and God and the true Light of someone’s Soul.

Starseed as a child

Only Rainbow children feel comfortable and snug as they start their journey on Earth. Rainbows are so lovely and sweet that everyone likes them. There is no rejection, and the Rainbow children perceive themselves as an integral part of the wonderful world on our Planet.

But the typical Star child feels lost, confused, alien and doesn’t fit in here.

First it’s harder for a Star Spirit to connect to a human physical body.

As a child I would wake up every morning, and my body wouldn’t function! I remember myself going outside and sitting still for an hour or so just staring at the space and breathing until I could feel alive again.

Starseed’s body can give the strange reactions. Gradually as a child grows, it will function smoother, but some unusual traits will stay.

For example my body temperature is lower in the summer and goes up in the winter.

When someone is giving me a hug in the summer, they would always comment: “Oh… Your skin is so cold!”, – and vice versa: “Oh… You are lovely and hot!”, – in the winter.

I always thought that it is a part of the normal thermoregulation. You’ve got inside a sort of a fridge in the summer, cooling you down, and a wood burner in the winter, keeping you comfortable and warm. But obviously it’s not a case if everyone is so surprised…

By the way Star children often don’t want to be touched. They avoid hugs.

I couldn’t stand any physical contact apart from my nearest and dearest ones. I remember myself thinking: “Treat me as an exhibit in a museum! Look at me but DO NOT TOUCH!”

When I was a teenager, I forced myself to change this attitude, I thought: “One day I’m probably going to have a boyfriend. What a boyfriend will consider himself lucky if he can get a handshake from me?” So I started to accept people hugs.

Star children struggle to relate to human emotions and drama… These children seem strange. No one understands them.

These kids often turn into outsiders despite longing to belong. They can be refused to play with. Other children can tease them.

In the Golden Atlantean times everyone had arrived to Earth from the different Planets, Stars and Galaxies for the Atlantean experiment and gone through the veil of amnesia blocking memories of their real home.

Every child born at that time received automatically a crystal connecting them to the Home Planet. At night whilst the child (and later on adult) was asleep, the crystal would propel their spirit through cosmos to the Planet of their origin, and they wouldn’t feel homesick.

Unfortunately the Star babies don’t receive such a crystal anymore…

The Mission of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

If you are a Star Person and you were born in the late 50s, 60s and 70s, so you are now obviously not a child anymore, but 50-60 years old. You can remember yourself being strong-willed, stubborn and a rebel in your childhood.

Indigo energy is still in your blood.

The mission of Indigo children was to highlight to the world how unfair and rotten the existing social, economical, political, racial, religious etc systems were, fight against to bring them to the end and lay foundations for the new enlightened systems.

You probably are still acutely aware of any unfairness around you.

And you still feel like a Spiritual Warrior now, carrying the Indigo (Blue) Light of Archangel Michael in your aura.

If you were born in the 80s – 90s as a Crystal child, and you are now respectively 20-40, then it’s you that child – estranged, lonely, anxious and shy, very sensitive.

Nevertheless you started to blossom at some point.

You are a part of the program to start building the new world, the new home for humanity where the walls are Love and atmosphere is Kindness.

Your aura shimmers silvery white, and Archangel Gabriel accompanies you every step you take helping you bring clarity, purity and joy to the world.

Starseeds born after 2000, who are under 20 right now, have got a beautiful aura shining with all colours of rainbow. Of course they are called Rainbow children.

You are bubbly, enthusiastic, optimistic, artistic and creative, have healing abilities. You live in love and joy, very attuned to colours, are intuitive and psychic, comfortable in your own skin and live in harmony with the outside world.

Rainbows continue their predecessors – Indigo and Crystal children – mission.

They heal the Planet, re-balance distorted energies, open people’s hearts with a gentle touch of love, grace and compassion.

Starseeds and career path

Thousands of Starseeds work tirelessly everywhere where kindness is required, but there are areas they are especially good at.

Starseeds are often drawn to healing. Many of them are the Reiki Masters.

Those originated from Pleiades are blessed with the beautiful gift to humanity. They contain within their aura the sacred energy of Blue Rose that Pleiadians share with Earth. The Blue Rose heals, nurtures and soothes on the deep level all of the four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – leaving us healed, refreshed and re-energised.

Many Starseeds are Channels – from mediumship to channelling the Higher Spiritual Beings.

Starseeds connected to Sirius are interested in maths and computers. They will be pioneers of the unimaginable new technology when the Golden Age starts on Earth in 2032.

If you originate from the constellation of Orion, you carry inside your energy fields the Cosmic Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge, codes to Enlightening. Many Starseeds from Orion are the Spiritual Teachers spreading their light, knowledge and values with others.

It’s amazing what a talented, artistic, crafty and creative pair of hands Starseeds have got. They would do any job involving the nimble hands – for example hairdressing, landscaping, massaging.

Hands On + Creativity is the winning combination for Starseeds!

Starseeds are workaholics. They have to learn that life is not only about working hard and find a healthy balance between the work, quality relaxation and relationships.

Starseeds and relationships

A typical Starseed struggles with relationships. Often there is no gender difference on their Home Planet. Each individual has balanced the masculine and feminine energies.

Why should you be on the outlook for a partner if you perfectly contain both of the worlds – masculine and feminine – inside yourself?

Starseeds find difficult to understand human emotions and feelings.

They don’t get people’s drama: if it’s not enough to watch drama on TV, let’s create some good, old drama in our own lives!

Starseeds may not have families up there or it could be very different from our understanding of family.

Sex, pregnancy and childbirth are absolutely unheard of.

Their children are conceived when two individuals make a conscious decision to bring a child in the world and merge their energies together. The little one is grown and looked after in laboratory then.

Starseeds don’t bond like Earthlings do and often perceived as very kind, but at the same time cold, distant and aloof.

They are not relationship orientated. Starseeds came to Earth job to do, to fulfil their mission – not to get lost in people’s drama and all their nitty gritties.

Starseeds don’t need “another half” to feel complete. Also it may be the first time when they are assigned with the clear gender – male or female.

Deep down Starseeds are not comfortable in their body suddenly sporting all the ladies or men’s attributes. They can feel like the actors only pretending to be a female or a male and fooling everyone around.

Starseeds often stay on their own or form relationship later on in their life.

They are not really interested in children, maybe have one if any. The child will be born via C-section.

Of course if you are a Starseed and have visited Earth quite a few times, then things change. You couldn’t help but to be involved in relationships. Sometimes it’s just a curiosity. What is it all everyone is raving about – to find your true love and live happily ever after?

As a result being inexperienced with the Earthy stuff, I bet you were more a bull in a china shop than a sensitive lover in your relationship and stamped on someone’s feelings accumulating karma in your previous lives on Earth inevitably.

So Madam Karma can be calling on you asking to resolve the issues from the previous life.

If you are a Star Person

✨ You are a workaholic, but try to pace yourself allowing more time for relaxation, self-care and fun.

✨ All Star People attracted to the water. If it is not possible to live next to the water, at least try to come regularly, revive and re-energise by the sea, river or lake.

Install a water feature in your garden.

Take the long and nice hot baths with salts. Use the power of Aromatherapy indulging your smell buds with the beautiful scents of the bath products.

✨ You often think big and try to uncover your epic “purpose” and “mission” on this Planet. But every act of kindness counts, and every little helps. Spreading kindness on every given day can truly change the world!

✨ Embrace your uniqueness! Understand and honour yourself! You are not a loner. Loneliness and aloneness are two different things. I particularly love this book about love, freedom and aloneness.

Loneliness is a feeling of separation, a pain, a depression, a need, an incompleteness, a feeling that something is missing.

But aloneness means fullness, being happy with yourself, perfect balance of masculine and feminine inside yourself, overflowing love, aliveness, joy of being. You are enough! You are complete!

✨ Pursue a spiritual path. It will bring you peace and joy. Connect with the like-minded people, read the spiritual books.

✨ Apart of your “Star” mission, you’ve got the Earthy assignments too as a part of your Life Plan.

You are on your personal quest to explore the local traditions – relationships, money, leisure, fun and humour. Don’t take yourself and life too seriously – laugh often!

It’s not the end yet!

“But, Irina”, – you can tell, – “a lot of that applies to me. I think I am a Star Person. But something is not quite right. At the same time I feel that I am Earth Angel too. I’m confused…”

And you are absolutely right! You are a mix of a Star Person and Earth Angel. Your Light Body of the Starseed has been infused with the Angelic energy.

Depends on the proportions you feel more the Starseed or the Earth Angel.

I have been told that it’s technically not possible for an Angel to incarnate in a human body for the pure Angel’s Light body is not compatible with the human physical body. Even if there is built a crystalline light body as an addition to the usual carbon based physical body.

But Divine found a way around it! The Angelic energy can “stick” to the high vibrational Light body of a Starseed. You need the extra middle layer ( at least about 15%) of the Starseed energy in order for Earth Angel to be born!

The plans for your energy body are made before your birth.

But during your physical life your Light body can be corrected depends on your mission, what part of the spiritual path you are on, your vibration. You can get get an additional injection of your Higher Self or Angelic energy or any other energy you require.

If you are 50/50 Starseed/Angel you perceive yourself as a Cosmic Angel. You can read more about Cosmic Angels in this Doreen Virtue’s book.

Your consciousness embrace the whole Universe. You are responsible not only for Earth, but for other Planets and Stars, sort of a Guardian Angel of Universe. You feel oneness with the world and all beings inhabited it.

The Cosmic Angel likes to work on a bigger scale like blogging about the spiritual matters.

If you are for example 20/80 Starseed/Angel, the qualities of Earth Angel will dominate – love, empathy, compassion, endless patience, protection, and you can consider yourself the Earth Angel. Read more about Earth Angels here.

You can be Starseed + Mermaid. So your mission on Earth is to protect its waters which is as we all know a source of life on Earth.

You feel passionate about the oceans, sees, rivers, lakes etc.

Your dream might include to swim with dolphins and to see whales.

A job connected with the sea, especially protecting the environment, would be a natural choice for you.

Or you can be Starseed + Fairy.

Then your best place to be is outdoors, and your best company – animals, plants and nature.

You need the fresh air more than anyone else.

Even indoors your space is filled with plants, pets, crystals and ornamental figures of fairies.

You feel fiercely protective of nature and environment.

Even in your personal life you are as environment friendly as possible: recycling, going vegetarian or vegan, using products not tested on animals etc.

There are endless combinations of Starseeds with other energies. So if there is more to you than meets the eye, it only means you are more complex person than you think.

I love this book about different Starseeds.

Starseeds are an amazing gift to humanity

Every day they smile gently, performing their unselfish and kind deeds for others.

They are rarely thanked and often taken for granted. But Starseeds don’t expect anything in return.

Kindness is an essence of their nature.

And in the end of the day the simple kindness is the highest manifestation of Spirituality.

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