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GIFs have been around for more than 30 years. Wild, right? As you can probably guess, there are billions of GIFs on the internet right now, just waiting to be sent in a message or shared to social media… maybe added to an email.

And, people love GIFs. More and more, consumers are using GIFs in their daily communications, both on social media and in messages. But why do we love GIFs so much?

For starters, GIFs let us easily react or share our emotions when the words just won’t come to us. But GIFs are also part of our (pop) culture. As such, they can create or strengthen relationships based on that shared culture.

Since GIFs are animated images, they can convey a lot of information faster than text or static images. Sure, you could type out “I’m having a great day!” But how will your friends know you’re having a “Brad Pitt happy dancing in Burn After Reading” great day?


It just hits different, doesn’t it?

GIFs can also give you additional insight into who the people creating and sharing them really are and what makes them tick.

For example, if someone is always sharing reaction GIFs from Broad City, it’s pretty safe to bet that they enjoy and relate to what happens in that show. From a marketing standpoint, that probably means that sports references aren’t going to hit home.

But enough words. Let’s dive into our 60 favorite GIFs that will change your life (or at least make your day a little better).

60 Best GIFs You Need to See:

Need a quick way to convey your feelings? There’s a GIF for that! Here are our favorite GIFs for all occasions. Let’s start with the top 10 GIFs for 2019 on both GIPHY and Tenor.

Top 10 GIPHY GIFs for 2019

Let's start with the 10 most used GIFs of 2019, according to GIPHY.

1. And I Oop by Jasmine Masters: 711.8M Views


Jasmine Masters from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 topped the list of GIPHY’s most used GIFs of 2019 and it’s well-earned. Jasmine Masters is all of us who have been confronted with blatant stupidity throughout our day and require just a moment to process.

2. Angry by Shameless: 555M views


When you want to let someone know in no uncertain terms that you are not pleased.

3. Hi by Nick Jonas: 584.9M views


A simple “hello” from Nick Jonas to whomever you want to greet without saying a word.

4. Happy Good Morning by Samm Henshaw: 282.3M views


If you’re happy and you know it, share this GIF and everyone else will know, too.

5. Great Job by Bounce TV: 331.5M views


This thumbs up GIF can be genuine or sarcastic… and you don’t have to say which.

6. Happy Cheering by Bluesbear: 661.2M views


There’s no doubt that the cuteness that is this GIF is the reason it’s so popular.

7. Keanu Reeves’ Thank You by Netflix: 477.4M views


How is it that Keanu Reeves was in Always Be My Maybe for about five seconds and in that time gave us an entirely GIFable vibe?

8. I Love You Hearts by Mia Page: 350.8M views


When you want to tell that special someone you’re there for them.

9. No Way SMH by Desus & Mero: 385.3M views


Kid Mero shaking his head is 2019’s “nope crab” GIF.

10. Happy Excited Dance by Khalid: 270.7M views


This snippet from Khalid’s “Young, Dumb, and Broke” music video is the positive vibe everyone needs.

Top 10 Tenor GIFs for 2019

Here are the 10 most used GIFs of 2019, according to Tenor (Google).

11. Grrr from Lilo & Stitch

Grrr GIF from Liloandstitch GIFs

Who can’t relate to Stitch’s exasperation, tbh?

12. So Frustrated from Liar, Liar

So Frustrated GIF from Frustrated GIFs

Are you sensing a theme with 2019’s GIFs? We’ve all been to this level of frustration, haven’t we?

13. Rain Sad from Lilo & Stitch

Rain Sad GIF from Rain GIFs

Another Lilo & Stitch GIF? For use when you’re having the worst of bad days and want to let your friends know.

14. Minion Spitting Out Popcorn from Despicable Me

Minion Spitting Out Popcorn GIF from Minions GIFs

When you’re waiting for the drama and it delivers.

15. No Elf from Elf

No Elf GIF from No GIFs

You can almost hear this GIF.

16. Wow from Ted

Wow GIF from Wow GIFs

Are you actually wowed or just pretending? Either way, this GIF will show it.

17. Oh Snap from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Oh Snap GIF from Snap GIFs

When you’re shocked that it happened but they deserved it.

18. Confused Castle from Castle

Confused Castle GIF from Confused GIFs

Sure, this GIF applies when you have no argument for something, but it’s more likely to be used in response to something questionable.

19. SMH from Tyler Perry’s Medea

Smh GIF from Smh GIFs

When you want to make it clear that you do not condone this behavior.

20. Creepy Smile from Toddlers & Tiaras

Creepy Smile GIF from Toddlersandtiaras GIFs

We all need a best friend who’s this excited to see us.

40 of Our Favorite GIFs

So, we’ve already covered 20 of the most popular GIFs on 2 of the most popular GIF platforms. What’s left? Plenty! Here are 40 of our favorite GIFs that you just need in your life.

21. Homer Simpson Backing Away


Found yourself in an awkward situation? This GIF helps you share your distress.

22. Can’t Toddler Today


Have you ever had one of those days when you have everything to do and it’s all just too much? Exactly that.

23. I Know You Did Not Just from Blackish


If this GIF had words, they might be “I feel personally attacked.”

24. I’m Sorry, What?


For those moments when you’re sitting there like, “Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

25. Realizing the Obvious


We’ve all had it happen. You’re minding your own business and suddenly you realize that pancakes are only called “pancakes” because they’re cakes that are made in a pan.

26. Cotton Candy Girl


When that sugar high hits…

27. That’s Not It


You know that feeling when someone says something you know isn’t going to age well? If that feeling were a GIF, this would be it.

28. Kombucha Girl


Is it good? Bad? Who knows. This GIF has become a wildly popular meme and it’s really no wonder.

29. Destroyed


No matter if you did the destroying or simply witnessed it happen, this GIF’s got you covered.

30. Think About It with Levar Burton


Can’t get anything past you, eh?

31. Spike Lee at the Oscars


Have you ever agreed with anything as emphatically as Spike Lee is in this GIF?

32. Confused Level: Winona Ryder


Sure, you’ve been confused before. We all have. But have you ever been Winona Ryder confused?

33. Sad Doctor Who


For those times when everything is terrible forever. Like, so bad you just stand in the rain, bad.

34. Baby Chloe


This GIF is versatile! Confused? Baby Chloe GIF. Entirely over it and everybody? Baby Chloe GIF.

35. The Oprah Shrug


When you’re not surprised and you want to make it abundantly clear, but low-key.

36. Wow from Parks & Rec


This is another beautifully diverse GIF. Excited? Happily surprised? Andy Dwyer has your emotional expression covered.

37. Crying James Van Der Beek


When you’re just as sad as Doctor Who in #33, but much less refined.

38. Wrap It Up from Judge Judy


Do you really need to tell folks that you just don’t have time for it? Judge Judy’s got you.

39. You Don’t Belong Here with Steve Buscemi


Are you trying really hard to act like you fit in or belong somewhere? Yeah, it probably feels like this.

40. I’m Just Here for the Drama with Michael Jackson


These popcorn GIFs are prolific. But, we’re pretty sure this is the one that started it all. Perfect for those moments when the comment thread just got real and you can’t wait to see where it goes.

41. Did You Just Come For Me? with Peter Alexander


Like “I Know You Did Not Just” from Blackish, but make it a middle-aged white reporter.

42. This is Not Actually Fine from KC Green


When the world is crumbling around you and you are certain that nothing is fine, never will be fine again, and maybe never was fine, this GIF created from KC Green’s comic Gunshow is the perfect response.

43. Fabulous Kid Dancing


If this GIF had a sound, it would probably be Jonathan Van Ness shouting “Get it, henny!” We’ve also seen this GIF used in comment threads with the word “THIS” on it to show support to the previous comment or original post.

44. Trash Fail


When you almost did something right. And, well, isn’t the effort enough?

45. Nervous from That’s So Raven


This is basically imposter syndrome in GIF form.

46. Eye Roll from Jessica Jones


Does a superhero like Jessica Jones get superhero-level frustrated? Because you can almost hear her eyes rolling in this GIF.

47. Discomfort with Jay-Z


This GIF is any introvert ever out among people.

48. James Harden Eyeroll from NBA


James Harden is all of us when someone asks just the wrong question or says just the wrong thing and you 👏 are 👏 not 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it 👏.

49. Nope Crab


Ah, yes. The original nope GIF. For those moments when you need to nope your way out of whatever is going on right now.

50. Slow Zoom Support with Robert Redford


When you want to show your support, but you’re also really dramatic.

51. Sniffing Out Drama with Kim Kardashian


This might be the best precursor to the popcorn GIF. You know that something might go down and you’re here for it if it does, but you don’t want to pop the corn for nothing.

52. 50 Cent Driving


You came, you saw, you lol’d.

53. Dumpster Fire


For those moments when the world is a dumpster fire, why not share a GIF of an actual dumpster fire?

The only thing worse? A traveling dumpster fire:


54. Oh, I Don’t Like This with Britney Spears


When you’re hearing something cringey, but you’re trying really hard not to hurt anybody’s feelings.

55. And on That Note, Bye with Rihanna


When someone says something so absurd that you can only roll up your window and roll away.

56. Wiggle with Shaq and that Kitten


Sure, you could use this GIF to show how excited you are, but do you ever really need a reason to watch this GIF?

57. It’s Been a Day from That 70s Show


When your day’s been so trying that you mix a double batch you don’t plan sharing.

58. Shrug with Lizzo


When someone compliments you and you can only be like, “Yes, that’s me.”

59. Close to Snapping


When you’re literally four, five seconds from wildin’.

60. Obama Out


Yes, it’s doctored, but who cares? This GIF is just right for conveying how fed up you are. With everything.

Wrapping Up

People love GIFs because they’re fun and entertaining. And using GIFs in your social media and content marketing can increase their effectiveness and engagement.

For instance, tweets that include GIFs are 34% more like to get retweeted than a plain text tweet. So, if you’re distributing content from your blog on social media, don’t just share the link with a blurb telling people what it’s about—include a GIF to help your post stand out!

Looking for more ways to boost engagement? Check out these content marketing tools that can make it happen.


Practicing idol choreography is thirsty work, but Kanan is just hot in general, so she better stay hydrated.

Kanan has taken charge of the dance practice replacing You. I suppose she is the genki senpai.

Everyone collapsed but Kanan and You. The first years  were the most tired.

You made sure they drank properly too.

The third years told Yoshiko (Yohane!) not to wear black, but she's got to be herself. Or her other self, or... she knows what I mean.

Riko tossed the water around too.

Gotta have You saluting in the last episode of the season.

Dia's "boo boo!" moment was a nice callback to the beginning of the season when she had to show off all her school idol knowledge.

Yohane can see the future Ragnarok. Oh, she's going to have a disaster alright.

Yohane's personal Ragnarok was losing rock-paper-scissors with her anatomically impossible version of scissors. It's pretty much the only physical proof Yoshiko is a fallen angel.

The first year's like hogging the fan. I didn't know that Ruby and Yohiko had their own catchphrases like Hanamaru's ~zura. Bihi for Ruby and yoha for Yoshiko.

This is obviously a private school that can upgrade its PC's to the latest operating system version.

Chika sure looked like she had tons of energy while she was running in slo-mo. Many hours later, not so much.

Riko's recurring scaredy-cat nature makes for great comedy.

That's no ghost! That's Chika's mom! She looks like she's more a handful of genki-ness than Chika.

Chika's mom called Riko beautiful and Riko belatedly realized she agreed out loud.

Hanamaru enjoys new things, obviously ~zura, but these steam thing at the train station is just enjoyable.

Having so many fellow students come to support Aqours at the regional finals reinforced why they became school idols to begin with: to save their school.

Yoshiko personally thanked Hanamaru and Ruby for being great friends and then the Fallen Angel Yohane descended for the performance.

The seniors felt the emotions of coming this far after a two year hiatus on being idols and close friends.

And then, it was time for Aqours to shine!

The first part of their performance was a modified fairy tale narration describing Aqours' school, town and a recap of the show's season.

They covered Dia rejecting the School Idol Club and dropping idol knowledge on them.

They retold how they found Riko the songwriter but she initially rejected them.

Yohane appeared with the other first years Ruby and Hanamaru.

The Seniors reconciled and joined the school idol project too.

But Aqours still had to contend with that annoying Zero. After regrouping from the Zero vote, they found they had Zero recruits for their school.

But that's what this whole performance is about. Assembling to save the school with their nine members. Ah, make that 10 when you include their cheering fans from school.

I'd like to know how the girls changed outfits so quickly. They've got a lot of accessories and "flare" on their performance costumes.

The first years made a nice comparison with their moms meeting. I got a kick out of Ruby's mom looking exactly like older sister Dia. And that's Hanamaru's grandma, which explains her unfamiliarity with recent technology.

The girls all looked nice singing and dancing and winking!

Chika's moment when she sang directly to the audience was when Aqours truly began to shine.

The hometown fans, with Chika and Riko's moms, really know how to shake those glow sticks. Even Shiitake the dog!

The girls put their own personality into their costumes and their dance moves.

I had been waiting all season for Aqours to emulate the spinning camera shot that Honoka always did in the original Love Live.

The Big Three. You has to have a hat on, doesn't she?

All the family members got glow sticks. We're just missing family from You, Mari and Kanan.

The CGI girls looked pretty good, but their faces still weren't quite the same as the hand drawn versions.

Uh oh. Where is Chika running off to now?

She ran straight out the door. We saw that recruitment sign go from 0 to 1, so mission accomplished for Chika. We don't even know how the voting went for the Regional Finals.

With how happy everyone was for this group shot of Aqours, maybe they did really well. Just maybe.
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